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father way

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gerard is a teacher at a school a very relgoius school what happens when two girl who are supost to be devil worshippers go to the school

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“Father Way, Father Way are you listening?" Father Mike said.
Gerard snapped out of his dream "yes, yes I am"
"So what will we do about the Draven children? They have to come here, there are no other schools"
"I think we should leave the devil children and that whore alone if you ask me" Father David said.
"Gerard will you go out and see them?"
"Yes, I shall" I said.

I knocked timidly on the door of the old house; soon a woman appeared at the door.
"Can I help you?" she said
"Yes, I'm Father Way - from the school"
"Oh yes, do you want to meet the children?"
"Yeah...yes please"
"I'm Mrs. Draven"
“And your husband?"
"Gone, I am a widow"
"I’m sorry"
"She doesn’t need your sorry" said a man with blonde hair
"This is my oldest son, David" she said
"Hello, nice to meet you"
David just sneered and walked away.
"I'm sorry about him" she said
"That’s fine" I said "can I ask how many children do you have?"
"I always wanted a big family"

She lead me down the dark hall way to a small sitting, as we entered the room I could hear the sound of rock music, more specifically stone sour
“I’m looking at you through the glass don’t know how much time has past” came an angelic voice
It was one of the girl’s two twin girls both with long dark hair, the one who was sing was skilfully strumming her guitar
The other was reading a book.
“Girls” ms draven said “this is father way from the school”
“Nice to meet you I’m Kelly” said the girl with the book
I looked over at the girl with the guitar
“that’s my younger sister Evaline” said the girl
“she hasn’t talked since he past away just sits there plays guitar and sometimes sings” said ms draven
“Oh, I’m so sorry” I said “shall we get started on the paper work to get them into school”
After an hour of planning Kelly and Evaline where ready for school
“Mr. Way” Kelly stopped me “what subjected do you teach”
“Art why?”
“Eva wanted to know”
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