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you have to stop listening to him

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who is evaline

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Eva pov
He is so hot was all I could think to myself, but I cant talk to him he’s a teacher and a father for that matter. That whole Sunday when the people where at church all I could think about was him and what he looked like under those cloths. God I am dirty minded.
Its now Monday morning and holy shit I am so nervous I mean I don’t want to make friends or anything but I want to leave for unit in a year or so and I NEED an good mark in art. It’s a good thing I have father way
As we sit in the car (David’s car he’s driving) I can help but let the music of my iPod take me somewhere better without judgmental people and school girls that cant keep there legs shut.
Suddenly my earphones are yanked out my ears,
“End of the line” David said and kel’s already out the car David puts the earphone to his ear and sighs “eV you can’t keep listing to him I know its hard but please” he looks at me you see my father was a rock star
I say nothing as usual and David hands back the iPod
“Have fun” he‘s a good bro David but he can be a bit over protective
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