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it talks

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gerard gets to know evaline ps dont know if you know this but this is my first fanfic

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"right class setle down" gerard yelled at the class, they became silence inmedatly "today we will be drawing our hero's so people we look up to and admire"
as soon as he said that eve cluchrd her stomack
"you cn begin"

gerards pov
i watched as the girl worked at her masterpiece, i began to move about the class and see what was happening. some drew jonhy deep or lady gaga (god i cant stand her) but as i walked by miss draven i saw some one different. a man with a long black coat white make-up with black eyes and lips. this man also held in his hand a volin.
"and who is this?" i asked and she froze she opened her mouth as if to speak but then closed it again
"its propilbe the devil sir" some one shouted
"thats engoh" i said turing around "see me after class" i said to her

After clas she sat there
"well who is this?" i asked
she sat there
"i asked you a questioin"
still nothing i didnt care if this girl didnt speak i wanted to know
i sihed "fine how about a detension"
she looks at me this time she says something but i cant hear her
"what was that?" i asked raising an eyebrow
"he's my fucking father" she said " there happy i spoke you have just sucfessfully done something that my family have been trying to do for year"
"it speakes" i said
she looked down and i saw a few tears slide down her face
"how did he die?" i asked
"m... murderd" she said
"did they catch them?"
"no......and i saw it happen"
"i'm so sorry"
she scopped up her bag and left i had done othing to stop her
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