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darren von crell

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town great what fun
i hate the place i live it sucks theres no hmv or hot topic
siting in the back of davids crap car i look over at him
ciggert in his mouth
i havent talked to anyone exepted mr way. he is such an ass hole i cant stand him
i look over at david again
go on do it a voice in my head says go do it do i
"fall out boy" great that was all i could think of
"what?" david says dumbfolded
"can you put some fall out boy on?"
"yeah sure" he says and thks fr th mrs omes on
"um.....ok what the fuck no talking and now talking"
"i guess i need someone to talk to dav"
"god do you want to ytalk to mom kel i mean your twins so why talk to me?"
"cause i cn trust you and dont tell any one please"
"no prob your own time talk when ever" he said as we pulled up to the house

gerards pov

Who the fuck is this i recisn him but from where? fuck this i'll piss me off for ages
"who's that" mikey asks
"i dont know some kid in my class drew it and the guy looks formalilar but i cant think for where"
mikey looks at the drawing before
"oh my god ... d..dude do you know who this is?"
"no who?"
"darren von crell that rockstar that got shoot 7 years ago"
i was teaching darren von crell kid no way
yeah it ade sence he had 13 kids
a wife
a his daughter saw him killed
holy fuck no wonder she didnt talk

after class on monday

"how did you figure it out?" she asked
"my brother helped" i said "you saw him killed"
"yeah i saw him fucking killed i saw the life leave his eyes and that of the four best men you could ever meet" she was crying now
the class was empty
i hold her close

and then i kiss her
at first she restists but then she melts into it my tough expos her soft mouth
and we broke apart
"you can not tell anyone" i said fermily
"who will i tell i dont talk remeber" she said leaving the room
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