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Welcome home

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At dinner i was happy i mean a hot i kissed the hot teacher yeah
"i have news" my mother said "jimmys coming for a vistit"
yeah jimmy he is so funng i love him he never forced me to talk like some of my other brothers did althought when he joined the army i got pretty pissed but when he's home it amazing. we'll problely goto paris for the weekend or something

as i walked to school i couldnt stop smiling as art rolled round i saw mr way after school
"why so happy?" he asked
"one of my bothers is coming home i cant wait" i said
"how come you dont get to see him much?" he ask
"he's in the army"
"wow" he said snaking him arm around my waist he kissed my neck then finly meet my lips god he was a good kisser
He lifted me on to his desk not breaking the kiss.
"stop we cant do this" i said "you could get in alot of trouble"
"your right" he cleared his throght "you should go and here" he gave me the drawing of my father
i looked on it with pride
i missed him but it shouldnt stop me
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