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"i need help" i said to mr way
"with what" he said with consern in his face
i slide up the slives of my top to see the over laping scares.
"holy fuck" he said
"i got hard so i got a knife"
"what help do u need"
"i play volin well i havent played since..."
"oh i can help" he said
gerard pov
I tied up the house gettin rid of mikeys crap
any minute now
ding dong
"hello evaline"
"hi mr way" she said abit nervous
"please call me gerard"
she nodded mutely "is this your volin"
"yeah" she opend the case to revile a black wood volin with siver roses with an enscription on the back
"what does it say" i asked
"its in french it says'my love will travel with this wood and hope with the strings'" she said "play me something" i said i saw her fight back the tears as she drew the bow across the strings and the most buetiful song creepy yet safe but then she broke down knees on the floor i jumped down wrapping my arms around her
"shh shh shh" i calmed her she kissed me i kissed back and that afternoon was magical
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