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Famous First Words

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Hi, my name is Frank Anothy Thomas Iero Jr and yes I am a Jr but that’s not why I am here. I am 16 (turning 17 soon!!) and, well how can I say this, I am having problems. Not big problems, well probably not to you, but it is to me. Some people are special in the world and I guess i am one of them. I'm gay, but I haven't told anyone... well, except you. I don’t know why i am telling you, I just am. Anyway, back to the point .I am gay, I like boys. Well, since 3 weeks ago it has just turned into boy. His name is Gerard Arthur Way, but people call him Gee. Well, I don't. I call him Gerard. I don’t think Ii should call him Gee because I have only just met him and I don't think he has noticed me. I know what you are thinking, "stupid 16 year old boy likes a boy that he has just met and the boy hasn't even noticed he is alive how sad is that" but fuck it, I can dream can't I?
I first met Gerard in science he just came into class 10 minuets last it was raining I could tell because his hair was all wet and all over his face. Mr Lee aka asshole “welcomed” him into class by telling him to take his jacket off and all that shit and then said.
“We are doing a task right now Gerard but you could join in with someone” “Frank! Your not working with someone maybe Gerard can join you for today tell him what to do”.
My heart stopped for a bit I could not speak I already felt sick and this just made it worse.”Yes Sir” I said like I was a shy puppy or something. “I will tell what to do Sir”
“Good lad, Frank is one of my top pupils Gerard so no messing around you got that”?
“Yes” he said under his voice.
“Good now go and do some work but before you go are you feeling ok Frank you look a bit on the ill side today”?
“Ye...yes...Sir I am...fine” I said I was fine but I did not feel it.
“Ok Frank I believe you”
“Thank you for asking Sir” I suddenly felt all weird, I felt weird already but this was different. The world was spinning in my head and I felt really sick then well, I can’t remember what happened.
“Frank, Frank its Mr Lee can you hear me, hello Frank”
“Yes Sir I can hear”. I opened my eyes to see me on the ground with Gerard wet jacket under my head with him and Mr Lee looking at me.
“Good your up, you got me worried for a minute there I will have to go and get a nurse”
That just lifted me and Gerard looking at each over. I just kept looking into his greenly/brown eyes and water running down his face then he said to me.
“ That was a great welcome, I’m Gee and sorry my jacket is wet”.
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