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Scared of the truth

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Walking home, it was not bad in anyway Gerard walked me home I think he was scared just if I faint again anyway it went kinda like this.

We were walking down one of the old dirty street when we both stopped.
"Thanks for walking with me Gerard but you didn't have to"
"It's cool, it's cool and it's Gee plus I just live down hear anyway"
"Oh ok" I paused and started walking again.
"Hay, What's up?"
I stopped."Nothing just"
"Just what come on I can keep secrets, trust me"
"I do you helped me when I fainted, it’s just something I what to keep to myself".
"Ok cool”. He started to walk.
"I'll tell you later in life I promise you"
"Cool, now come on it's going to start raining"
I could tell by the way he was talking he was still a bit upset plus he walked faster.
"Slow down my little legs can't keep up with yours". I saw Gerard stop and then I could hear someone laughing. It was loud really loud and that just made me laugh, and I hate my laugh.
"Sorry" he said trying to keep the loud sound called a laugh in.
"It's ok" I said trying to keep a straight face.
"Oh this is my house thank again Gerard"
"It's Gee and it's cool again" he smiled and started to walk them stopped "See you in school and please don't faint on me"
"I won’t" I said opening the door into my house "I wont".
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