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I'll do anything for you

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I felt sick the next day but I had to go to school, Gerard needed me but my mom heard me lasts night so I had no chance of getting out. I just feel really bad, come on Gerard is new and he has no idea where to go. Ok, I have to go but the thing is how and I only have 5 minutes 10 top’s so I guess I just have to run.
“Frankie, what are you doing up there?”
“Nothing mom” I said trying to put my shoe on then seeing I have no trousers on so I had to take them off.
“Ok sweetie, if you feel ill again just call me”
As fast as I could I brushed my hair, grabbed my jacket and jumped out my window. Don’t worry my window isn’t that high plus I landed in a bush so I was ok the thing is I was late by, I don’t no, 15 minutes so he is probably there by now, so I just ran.
I got there and I was the only person in the playground so I quickly ran to class hoping they are still there and not out on a trip or something. Ok I was lucky they where still in the classroom and when I walked in to say sorry to the teacher I saw Gerard smiling at me, and yes I did smile back, why not he is cute and a mate.
“Frank why are you late? That’s not like you”
“Emm sorry Sir I slept in”
“That’s the first time Frank so I’ll keep it quiet but again and I’ll have to say on the computer”
“Thank you Sir” I said then going to my seat.
“What’s up? You feel ok?” Gerard said when I sat down.
“I’m good just slept in” I smiled and he smiled back.
“So what’s next, don’t tell me a shit class”
I laughed “No art, I think that’s a good class”
“Yeah I guess”
“You don’t like it?”
“I do”.
The bell rang.
“Well come on” I said grabbing his arm and dragged him out of the class. We got to art and Gerard’s face just lit up.
“Well this looks cool” he looked around.
“Yeah I guess you can say that but, I’m shit at it”
“No one is shit at art just not the best but you can get better”
“You think?”
“Yeah I promise you”
“Cool but you have not seen my work”
“Well can I see?”
“Well take me to your seat”
“Ok” When we got to my set he asked
“Why does no one sit with you?”
“Don’t know. People think I’m a bit weird”
“What the fuck?” “You’re one of the coolest little guys ever”
“I’ll sit with you, we can be weird together”. He smiled; his smile can make you cry. I gave him a chair.
“So, what are we meant to be doing?”
“Just draw our art teacher is off so what ever you want”
“Oh yeah your art work lets see it”
“I promise you, you won’t be happy with it”
“So give it here”
“Ok”. I gave it to him thinking that he was going to laugh in my face but instead he said
“This is great”
“What? You’re joking right?”
“No I’m not I don’t joke about art”
“Ok but what’s good about it come on it’s a bit of shit”
“Don’t say that!"
“Sorry” I said trying not to laugh.
“What you laughing at”
“You’re just funny”
“Ok I have never had someone laugh at me for being funny”
“Well people kinda well, didn’t like me”
“Too Goth or Emo something like that”
“That’s shit; you can’t hate someone because of the way they look”
“Well they did”
I saw he was upset so I didn’t say anything else and I just looked at his drawing. It was, well, there is no exclamation to describe how good it was. I loved it. He was drawing a young boy sitting in the rain with eyeliner all over his face and I think a gun in his hand but he was still drawing it still so I don’t know.
After art it was the best part of the day lunch. Me and Gerard sat at a small table well, the smallest table and just talked about things like his artwork and food.
“What the hell is that?”
“Pasta and sauce”
“That’s pasta and sauce?” he said with a weird look on his face.
“Yeah, why?”
“Sorry but that looks like sick or something”
“And what are you eating?”
“Can’t tell what it is”
“Well want did you ask for?”
“Can’t remember”
“Ok well try it and find out”
“If I died of shit school food poising you’re getting the blame”
“Ok” he put it in his mouth and in a second his face turned green. “So I guess you not like it”
“Hell no”
“Ok well put that shit in the bin and we can start walking to our next class, Spanish I think”
“I hate Spanish, can’t we just go home?”
“Soon but not yet”
“I only come in to see you”
“What?” I said trying to still drink my coke.
“Nothing just show me where this class is”
“Ok” I said with a smile “This way”
I tried to change the subjected “So you’re drawing?”
“Yeah, what about it?”
“It’s good but...but how is it meant to be?” I didn’t want to ask just if it was a guy out a movie or something but I had to I didn’t have a clue.
“No one”
“Come on tell me please”
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