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I don't want you to get hurt

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“1 minute, what?”
“You with a gun?”
“Yeah me with a gun, got a problem?”
“No, just”
“Just what?”
“I...I hate my life” a tear fell from his eye.
“I just do, no one like me, they all wish I was dead”
“I don’t, you’re my best friend”
“Thanks” he said rubbing his eyes.
“You’re my best friend too” he smiled.
“Cool” I put my arm around him. “Do you want to go and get something to wipe your eyes with?”
“No its cool I have a hoodie sleeve that will do”
“Ok well, if a teacher asks you anything”
“I no what I’m doing”
“Ok so what are you going to do?”
“Just say something has happened to my brother”
“You have a brother?”
“What’s his name?”
“Do you have a brother or sister?”
“No but, I want one”
“You can have Mikey”
“No I’m good” I laughed.
“Why not”
“I think you need him”
“Yeah I guess I love him”
“So do you live with?”
“Just my mom” the bell rang for the end on lunch.
“Well we better move”
“Is it this why?”
“No but you can go that why if you want”
“Ok I’ll just go the way you’re going”
“I’m not going to answer till you called me Gee”
“But you just answered back, Gerard, Gerard, GEE!”
“Do you want to come to my house later?”
“Ok Cool, shit”
“Ok, I was sick so my mom said that I couldn’t come in”
“You sneaked in?”
“Yeah but to see you”
“I mean you’re my best friend”
“And your mine”
After school I stood outside Gee’s class hoping he was still there and didn’t go home but after 2 minuets there he was.
“Sorry I was half asleep, I didn’t hear the bell”
“Its ok I’ve done it myself” I laughed.
“Well show the way”
“Ok this way” I put my arm over his shoulder and we started to walk to mine. We where half way there when it started to rain so we had to run home and that was fun, me and Gee running as fast as we could didn’t really work because Gee fell a couple of times but that’s what made it so funny I could just see the smile on his face every time he fell, he is the tip of guy that loves the rain and he look really hot in it as well. His hood fell off so his hair was as wet as ever and his eyeliner was all down his face but that’s why I love him he doesn’t care what he look’s like its all just inside. Every time he fell I would look at him and laugh and help him up and I don’t no if it was because I was laughing or if I had makeup all down my face but he would just start laughing and his loud, waking the dead laugh just made me laugh even harder.
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