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Power in kindness

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the start of some Gerard-Frank action ;)

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MIKEY: Gerard was in his room when I got back from school. He grinned when I entered but something in his eyes looked dangerous, but it was nothing compared to his obvious happiness.
"Mikey! Guess what!" I dumped my bag on his bed.
"What?" I strode over to where he sat on his small, tattered loveseat.
"I passed my driving test! Getting my license soon!"
"Really?! That's awesome Gee!" I cooed happily, genuinely surprised and pleased for him. He pulled me down to sit on his lap. I noted this meant Gerard could be in a forceful mood.
"Yeah, it is! So soon we can go anywhere, whenever." Gerard slung his arms around me and I felt a wave of embarassing feelings and blushing crash down on me, already crushing me beneath it's weight. He swung us from side to side, arms locked tight.

"I'm so proud of you Gee." I tried to pry his hands off me, but they didn't budge. I let him be, happy enough sitting there. It wasn't anything wrong.
"You making us dinner tonight? Because I gotta be out by eight to see Frankie." Gerard nuzzled my back.
"Yeah. I'll make omlettes or whatever." Gerard rested his head on my shoulder. I was letting myself get comfortable, even though I know he doesn't love me the same way in return. He wants to hurt me when he kisses me sometimes bit other times it's so real... If only I couold distinguish the two.
"Good boy..." His arm repositioned suddenly, pressing against my neck in. I could still breathe, but not without a little more difficulty.
"Mikey - I love you." True, these words weren't empty, but with Gerard, the meanings can vary.
I twisted around, pushing him into the loveseat in panic, kneeling with his legs between mine. His arms were still around my neck and his smile scared my slightly.

I closed my eyes in a more cringing way and Gerard's hands gripped either side of my face, to pull me in.
Another kiss. But it wasn't painful, it was more soft and gentle... Real. And this kiss wasn't his lips crushing mine in an un-co-ordinated struggle. I let myself enjoy it, played my part too. Sure, it wasn't long, it wasn't full-blown but it was something to smile about later on my own. G bit my bottom lip, scowling, then pushed me back to separate us. I kept my eyes from locking onto his. I sat back on his legs, slouching a little, unsure of what that meant. Gerard's expression changed slightly again.

"So, when's dinner?" So very anti-climatic... I started to leave his room to cover my face, getting up hastily.
"Whenever you want. You want it here?" I checked, already at the door.
"Now, with you. "

GERARD: That should have done it, he enjoyed it but I couldn't get that image of Shane grinning at me out of my mind, intruding on my more important thoughts. Mikey scurried off to make dinner for us. I'm not lazy - he offered and I make my fair share of food for us. But I think he likes preparing dinner for us somehow.
Mikey came back in holding two plates, pushing the door open with his hip with a quick little swing. He sat on my bed as I sat next to him.

"They're good Mikey. Like always." I remarked, swallowing a huge forkfull.
"Thanks, Gerard."
I was worried inside. I'm sure if I beat him it'd be like the 'good old days', meaning shitty old days... It's too late to change now. Either way, both methods seem to work yet still hurt me the same. I just don't know how else to keep him mine, that's what scares me the most. The only thing that kept us together was fear at one point. I know love does now but do we still depend on fear? Should we? Should I stop the pain for both of us? I just want to love him without thinking he'll want to get away from me.

Those thoughts soon filed away to the back of my mind, into the darkest corners becasue all day I had been relishing the thought of what me and Frank were going to do that very night. It had been quite a while since we last did anything, which is odd in itself. And I had promised a little something. Not sex, but I told him that we'd get up to 'something'.

FRANK: Gerard knocked on the front door loudly and I was waiting eagerly. I made sure Dad was nowhere in sight before opening the door and smuggling my prize inside. His smug smile told me something was on his mind as he had informed me earlier, telling me to prepare myself.
"Gerard!" I squeezed him tightly after he shut my bedroom door.
"Frankie -"
"What're we doing tonight?" I asked, excited, pulling his jacket off for him, unconcious of my actions at the same time.
"We should book into a fucking motel."
I looked up at him at the strange statement.
"Wha - Why?"
"You wouldn't wanna do that? C'mon, in a motel there's no way your parents will walk in on something nasty."
"We're having a 'nasty' night are we?" I grinned at the very thought.
"Oh, very nasty." Gerard's cool hands pushed up my T-shirt to rub my back. "I can be whippy-cream, chains and handcuffs nasty." I let out a squeel-ish giggle of pleasure.

"I bet you can." I whispered, pulling myself up higher to peck Gee on the lips. You really can't neglect his horny moments. I mean, they're so breathtakingly sexy and everything!
"Wanna do something like that: cuffs or cream or something?"
I nodded vigorously.
"Okay, one night, I promise."
I whined in fake annoyance and was swept off my feet to be landed onto my bed. Gerard kneeled on the floor between my legs.
He whipped his shirt off and I copied. Gerard laid his head on my stomach for a second, breathing heavily onto my skin as I shuddered happily, already feeling warm inside. I saw Gerard was blushing too, which was pretty sweet. He then nudged me to lie down so he could crouch over me. Gee chewed at his lip.
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