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Need I say more?

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(unfinished - just a quick update, to be completed tuesday/wednesday night so check back - only 2 3rds done at most! I wouldn't read this version if I were you :/)

FRANK: "What is it Gee?" I asked, stroking his shoulders absentmindedly. I pulled him closer, kissing his jaw lightly.
He blushed an even deeper red. Gerard undid his jeans and slid them off slowly, then throwing them onto the floor behind him. I eyed him up once more, anticipating taking my own clothes off. He was thinking of what to say, I could tell from that look on his face.

"Frank...I want us to try 69-ing. I mean, that way we both get some." His lips twitched and Gerard wore a dark expression. I stared blankly, wondering how to react in a sexy sorta way.
Instead, I blurted out: "Hell! Let's fuck!!" enthusiastically, but not fully expressing my excitement or showing it in any tempting way. I had waited for Gerard's nastier side to really show up, and I already know he's pretty capable of such things.

Gerard laughed at my reaction, then motioned at me.
"Strip then, Frankie." He demanded. I wriggled off my jeans obediently then we both got our socks off. It may sound weird but really, socks and sex... Socks stink and sex is all about the pure naked-ness. It'd be weird, as if we'll fuck but not show each other our feet!
I had to stop that nervous, ecstatic laughter bubbling up inside of me again, I always feel that way when we're about to do something like that. It's so rewarding too.
Without a word, Gerard positioned himself above me at my feet and I shoved down my boxers with no shame, hands shaking from excitement before yanking down Gerard's own with both hands.

I looked at his length, wide-eyed to his obvious delight when I heard his little self-satisfied 'hmph' in reply to my shocked, 'woah'. To be honest, I was drunk the last time I properly saw his dick. Suddenly, Gerard lowered himself onto me and I had no choice but to take him into my mouth. I inevitably gagged at first. My god, Gerard is very well endowed down there and it was hard for my mouth to adjust at first, taking steady licks and overcoming my gag reflex.
I almost stopped breathing when I felt a cool tongue trace sweet lines around my tip, sending echoing ripples of pleasure through me. I groaned and got back to what I was meant to be doing. It was so distracting though, being played with, it was so hard to co-ordinate anything.
I licked up Gerard's length slowly, then kissing the tip lightly. I felt Gerard shudder and let out a deep moan. I bucked my hips while trying to control my actions. I don't know how Gerard did it but god, could he suck me off good. Even his hot breaht sets me off, so when he's using his whole mouth on me it's infinately intensified. Each time I was taken into his eager mouth my hips were out of control and I couldn't hold in gasps any longer, despite my parents being in at the time.

I made a stifled moan, then enveloped the end of Gerard's cock with my mouth, licking it slwoly with a hard tongue, trying to copy his actions. Gerard lowered himself further onto me as I needed to reach up to his erection now.
I took his cock with both hands and gave it a quick squeeze and pumped one hand up and down quickly as I might do to myself in a darkened room, or hell, public toilets if I was being dirty. Gerard sighed deeply while sucking me off. He shuddered again when I licked all the way up his cock, kissing lines up and down.

GERARD: Unlike Frank, my actions were fast. I'd wanted to try stuff like this for a while. Fantasised about it, done 'bad' things while thinking of it. Frank was also extrememly sublime at such things, he didn't know it but Frank was somewhat godly at such things. The best thing is with him is that every time we kissed, he seemed to get better. And that's just his kissing I'm talking about! But this... This was fucking heaven! I hissed when I felt that familiar feeling build up inside me. That red-hot flash of excitement, sending spasms down my aching legs and I decided to be kind and give Frank a head's up.

"I'm gonna cum...!" At the last second, Frank's lips left me before I had the chance to explode in his mouth. I let out a short sigh of relief, growling afterwards unintentionally.
I heard a little cry of shocked enjoyment and carried on trying to make Frank do the same. Maybe I cum easy or something, because I'm not a turn-off to him at all. Well, I'm guessing I'm not.

I pulled out all the stocks while still shaking all over. I could feel sweat bead on my brow and droplets roll down the inside of my arms, sticky and warm. This could be the most amazing orgasm known to man if I kept up like this. It was so hot, half of me needed a break but I couldn't stop, that would ruin it all even if I stopped for a second.

"Gee!" Frank groaned in warning. I kept my mouth firmly on him until I felt Frank's release hit the back of my throat. "Oh shit..." Frank moaned.
"Keep going!" I demanded in a somewhat crazy tone.
I licked at him, taking as long as possible to go from base to tip in a taunting sort of way.
"Frank! Where's my fuck?" I whined, still licking him crazy.
All I got in reply were groans and his hips writhing. I simply forced myself right onto his face to show what I meant.
"C'mon, lick it." I said in a coaxing way, but not really thinking much about what I was saying. More like I was talking to myself in a low mumble.
When Frank started sucking me again it felt like he was tired. He was slower, but in a sluggish way.
"Gerard!" He moaned. I ignored him, bathed in the powerful hold of yet another orgasm.
Frank didn't start begging for us to stop for another 30 minutes or something. I gotta admit, it was getting hard to keep going for so long, especially when you get so distracted from what you're doing. We were utterly washed in sweat, only 5 minutes in I could feel it running down the back of my legs, and I came more than once as well and I didn't want to try counting. We were so messed up by time we had to call it a day.

FRANK: "You messy boy..." Gerard remarked, lying beside me once more. He looked up at me as he licked what he left on my face and chest off, taking it slow and creating yet more hot lines across me, making me shudder all over again. My eyes were rolling back in my head at just this.
I held him close to me, his warm skin comforting on mine. I wished everything would feel like this all the time. Even all the sweat and the crazy heat was so good, to know how it came to be.
I leaned over the edge of my bed to pick up our underwear.
"What are we doing with them?" Gerard asked. I threw his pair in his face.
"I thought we were gonna do something else, that involved wearing clothes."
Gerard rested his head on my chest again, breathing heavily in a way he knew made my heart trip over itself. He could also feel that I enjoyed it too, damn it.

"Are you sure you'd rather do something else?" He pulled an innocent grin and drew lines along my body in a careless way, tickleish almost.
"Damn it, Gee-" I panted.
He lightly bit one of my nipples, that naughty grin never leaving his face.
"Re-ally?" He's so good at stuff like that, but I didn't want to disturb the neighbours with my noises once more.
"Yes! I'm gonna have a permenant orgasm for hours as it is."
"Hours?!" Gerard linked his arms around me, pushing himself into me persuasively.
I laughed,"Hell yeah!" I kissed him. It was weird, being sort of the same just then. I mean, Gerard not being the crazy dominant one as much. I liked it but it was also so demanding as well, that's why I loved it so much. I could feel he was enjoying it as much as me.

MIKEY: I wondered what they'd be doing that night. It caused me to stray from my work yet again. Lost in indulgent but uncomfortable thoughts. Would Gerard be as rough with Frank as he hinted? I couldn't be sure. I can imagine Gee being crazy rough but this is Frank he's with. Not me...

With me...
I'd imagine it to be scary. For Gerard to trap me in a deliciously odd situation, like in that hearse. I'd quickly give in though. To his touches and actions. It would be less fair on him though, and that sucks in a way.
With Frank I'd imagine us to be maybe more equal. He'd be really lusty and moany and... plain bad. That was an appealing concept. Frank just being bad. Going all out on me to go all out against Gerard.
But then, that'd only bring pain, for all of us. Especially my G.
It's so hard deciding what fantasiies to follow! Because if you get too drawn into one, you'll never get out. That's part of my problem, I feel as if I never did get out.
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