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A surprise at the party for Gerard.

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After Hudson’s departure Anna turned back to watch the dancing water spectacular. The hunger his presence had ignited was still strong and she needed time to get her emotions under control.

Gerard moved to stand behind her then placed his hands around her waist. He was shocked when he felt her body tense. “Sugar, it’s okay. I’m sorry about what I said but you know I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.”

“You did mean it and what he said was correct. Just as he is what he is, I am what I am and there is nothing that can change that.”

“You aren’t like him.”

Anna turned in his arms to face him. “Yes, I am. I will not lie, I can not. I know you saw what his presence did to me. It did the same to you and for that I am sorry.”

“You’re sorry because of the bond? Well don’t be. I went there that night having made up my mind I would do anything it took to be with you and that’s what I did.”

“But now you must face the consequences of that decision. You felt it Gerard, I saw it in your eyes. He has control over both of us and he can make you do things that will make you hate me.”

Gerard shook his head in denial. “No, nothing will ever make me hate you so just stop it. I get that you think submitting to Hudson’s whims will make me hate you because you are the one who brought me into this situation but that’s not gonna happen. You gave me a choice, Anna. I chose you and that includes every aspect of your life.”

“Life” Anna scoffed, “I have no life only existence.”

He refused to let her fall into despair again. “Sugar, stop it. We have a life together and if that means that Hudson is a part of it, so be it.” He paused a moment, “There is something though that I don’t understand. I know I should fear him, I get that he could fuck up what we have if he took the notion and yet I don’t hate him.”

Anna shook her head sadly; “You feel that because of the bond.”

“Maybe.” Gerard said softly, “But I don’t think that’s entirely it. He’s not evil and I get that. I think maybe the part of me that knows it somehow hurts him that he believes that’s what I think makes me almost like him. I understand being different and misunderstood.”

Anna leaned foreword and rested her forehead against his chest. “You may feel differently about him in the morning.”

A chill ran down Gerard’s spine, which he tried to ignore. “Don’t suppose we could just not go?”

“That would be a mistake.” Anna whispered. “But perhaps I could go alone.” She stated to say more but Gerard silenced her with a kiss.

When they broke apart he looked into her eyes, “There is no way I’d let you go alone, you gotta know that.”

Anna nodded blinking back tears.

Gerard hugged her tightly, ‘Now come on lets enjoy this fuckin’ party.”

She shook her head.

“Hey come on. I’m gonna enjoy it. I’ve got my girl by my side and I get to show you off. And there are people here I want you to meet.” He saw the nervous look in her eyes, “Nothing to be scared of, Anna.”

She tried to smile for his benefit but knowing that they would have to face Hudson again when the party was over had taken any happiness she’d felt away.

Not long after they ventured back inside Frank found them.

“Dude where have you guys been?” He asked excitedly.

“We were outside watching the waters.” Gerard explained noting that Frank had obviously been drinking judging by the look on his face.

“Watching waters when a party like this is going on? Fuck, you’re crazy.” He giggled. “Anyway I talked to Hudson about the project he’s putting together and I’m really psyched.”

Anna and Gerard exchanged a quick look. Obviously Hudson had honored Anna’s request.

“So what do you think?” Frank asked Gerard.

“Sure, if we’re all in agreement.” Gerard answered.

Frank smiled, “Man I have to say I’m pretty stocked Hudson is such a fan of ours. Shit, he even got a hold of a copy of the attic tapes.”

“Our attic tapes?” Gerard asked.

Frank nodded, “Yeah, our attic tapes. Don’t know how he did it but he did. He’s really fuckin’ impressed with your voice.”

When Jamia joined them Frank threw his arm around her happily almost spilling his drink.

“Anna, Claire asked me to tell you that she and Bob decided to head back to their villa.” Jamia said smiling over at Anna.

Frank shook his head, “What the fuck? The night is young and they already left?”

Jamia laughed, “Yeah, think they wanted to spend time alone in their villa. Too bad we have to leave tomorrow. Hudson told me we were welcome to stay a few days if we wanted.”

“We can’t.” Gerard reminded them. “We’re on tour.”

“Yeah, that fuckin’ sucks.” Frank said talking a drink before adding, “Not that I don’t like touring but man those villas are sweet.”

Suddenly Jamia’s eyes grew wide when she spotted a well-known actress and her husband. “I wanna meet her.” She whispered to Frank.

He grinned, “Well let’s go.” They took off nudging their way through the crowd.

Gerard turned to Anna, “Do we have to stay any longer? I mean really with all these people here I don’t think anyone will miss us.”

“Hudson will.” Anna said softly.

“He’d really know if we went back to our villa?”

Anna moved closer to whisper in his ear, “Close your eyes a moment and concentrate. Think about Hudson.”

Gerard gave her a puzzled look but then slowly closed his eyes. He tried to block out all the laugher and conversations going on around him. In his mind he pictured Hudson and then he felt it. He could literally ‘feel’ Hudson but it was a feeling he couldn’t put into words. “Shit” He muttered.

Anna sighed, “That is the bond. However he is much stronger so it is extremely easy for him to feel our presence. If he leave he will know.”

Gerard opened his eyes, “Fine then we’ll stay but I’d much rather be alone with you in our villa.”

“Yes, I feel the same.”

Several hours later Gerard was beginning to feel nervous that the party seemed to be winding down. He’d introduced Anna to quite a few fellow artists and had tried to relax and enjoy himself but the fact that he and Anna would be meeting with Hudson soon was weighing heavily on his mind. He and Anna were talking to Pete and Ashley when he suddenly excused himself to get a drink.

The open bar served anything a patron requested and for a moment as he stood waiting for one of the bartenders he was torn. He wanted a drink but knew he had to keep up the pretense of being a recovering alcoholic. Still he wanted a drink.

When he returned to Anna’s side he noticed she gave him a sideways glance but ignored the look. Sipping on his rum and coke slowly he tried to concentrate on the joke Pete was telling. He even laughed at the appropriate time.

“Hey” Frank greeted the couples as he and Jamia joined them. “What’s up?”

“Hey good to see you guys but we’re just getting ready to take off.” Pete said grinning.

They said their goodbyes then left.

Frank looked over at Gerard then suddenly narrowed his eyes, “What are you drinking?”

“Coke” Gerard answered quickly.

His answer was too quick for Frank, “Just Coke?”

Jamia tugged on her husbands arm, “Leave him alone you’re not his mother.”

Frank shook her hand off, “Hey, chill. I just asked a question.”

Anna smiled, “Gerard let him have a drink.”

Gerard gave her a shocked look, ‘He can get his own drink.” He said frowning.

Frank reached over and before Gerard could object took the glass from his hand and downed the liquid. He looked shocked but only for a moment.

Anna moved slightly in front of Gerard and looked directly into Frank’s eyes, “See it was just Coke.”

Frank stared not blinking then smiled, “Yep and it was good.” He handed the empty glass back to Gerard.

“Thanks a lot Frankie. Now go get me another one.”

“We will” Jamia said grabbing her husband’s arm embarrassed by his behavior.

As soon as they disappeared in the crowed Gerard turned to Anna. “How did you do that?”

“Are you drinking because you are upset?” She asked ignoring his question.

“No.” He lied, “I just felt like having one and how did you do that?”

Anna sighed, “I have explained I can put ideas into people’s minds. The fact that he is intoxicated made it extremely easy.”

Suddenly Hudson’s voice over the loud speaker interrupted the conversation.

“I want to thank all of you for coming.” He said from his place on the small stage. He waited until the applause died down. “It’s always great to see so many of my friends and as you all know I’ll be leaving on tour in a few weeks so it might be a while before we can get together again.”

“Fucker likes to be the center of attention.” Gerard muttered.

Hudson smiled, “Anyway I was asked earlier if I was gonna sing tonight.” He grinned at the loud roar of the crowed. “And to be honest,” He continued “I wasn’t planning on it but….’

“Can we leave now?” Gerard whispered to Anna.

Before she could answer Hudson continued.

“But I don’t wanna sing alone.”

The crowed quieted anticipating who Hudson had chosen to sing with him.

On stage Hudson smiled, “So I’d like to ask a friend of mine to join me. Oh but first off I have to offer congratulations.”

Anna braced herself.

“My good friends Gerard Way and Annabelle Lewis are here tonight and they’re engaged.”

Applause broke out and those around them in the crowed turned towards Anna and Gerard.

“Smile,” Anna whispered in Gerard’s ear as she hugged him tightly.

“What the fuck is he doing?” Gerard whispered back.

Anna didn’t have time to explain before Hudson continued. “They make a great couple don’t you agree?”

Once again the crowed roared with approval.

By this time Mikey and Alicia had pushed through the crowd and were now standing by them. Alicia laughed then hugged Anna thinking how fantastic it was to have Hudson Evans announce their engagement to the crowed.

Hudson waited until it quieted down. “Anyway I’d like to impose on the happy couple.”

Gerard continued to smile wondering where this was going.

“I hope it’s alright but since I don’t feel like singing alone,,,Gerard can I borrow your beautiful fiancée for one song?”

Anna saw the shock on Gerard’s face a moment before those around them started clapping and urging Anna to move towards the stage.

Gerard leaned down speaking directly into her ear to be heard over the commotion, “He wants you to sing with him?”

Alicia was tugging on Anna’s arm, “You sing?”

Hudson was watching them with an amuse grin. “Well Gerard is it okay?”

Anna felt trapped. She moved out of Gerard’s arms and slowly moved towards the stage.

Gerard stood frozen in place watching as she walked up the few steps and joined Hudson. He greeted her with a hug.

“Most of you don’t know this but Annabelle has a beautiful voice and if it’s okay with all of you we’re gonna sing “Before It Was.” Hudson said naming one of his best-known songs he’d recorded a few years earlier with a famous female recording artist.

Mikey leaned over to his brother, “How come you didn’t tell me Anna sang?”

Gerard ignored the question. How could he have told his brother if he didn’t know himself?

On stage Hudson whispered something to Anna and she was handed a microphone. Soon the music began and Hudson’s voice filled the room. Gerard held his breath waiting for the moment Anna would sing. When she did he was in shock. Her voice was pure, strong and beautiful. He stood watching her unaware of anyone around him. He was amazed at the range of her voice but more than that he was in awe of her stage presence. She looked completely natural as she sang; there was no hint of nervousness.

“Fuck she’s good.” Alicia whispered in his ear.

Gerard could only nod.

As the last notes of the song died away the place erupted in applause. It spurred Gerard into action. He pushed his way through the crowed until he reached the stage. Anna and Hudson came down the stairs together.

She immediately went to him and he pulled her close. “You were amazing.” He whispered in her ear.

Keeping a smile plastered on her face she whispered, “I want to leave now.”

Hudson clasped Gerard on the back mindful of all those surrounding them, “Thanks for letting me borrow her, man.”

Gerard nodded not trusting himself to speak. A sudden wave of anger course through his body as he realize by the amused look on Hudson’s face that the man understood Gerard was shocked by Anna’s talent. He took Anna’s hand and turned to lead her out of the crowd.

“Catch you guys later.” Hudson said loud enough for them to hear.

Gerard tightened his hold on Anna’s hand then turned without acknowledging Hudson’s words.

They had almost reached the doors when Ray and Christa caught up with them.

“Anna that was fantastic.” Ray said smiling.

“Thank you.” Anna responded forcing herself to smile.

“It really was.” Christa said softly.
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