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Just The Beginning

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Anna and Gerard meet with Hudson.

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“Please make yourselves comfortable.” The man said without a smile, “Hudson will be with you presently. Would either of you like a drink?”

“No thank you.” Anna answered for both of them.

The man nodded then left the room as soon as they were seated on the sofa.

Gerard reached out and took Anna’s hand in his. “Why the big hurry if he’s not even here?”

Anna lowered her voice, “Gerard please remember your place. Do not question Hudson.” She looked directly into his eyes, “Or me.”

“Sorry.” He muttered.

“And he is here.” Anna said softly. “I can sense his presence.”

They sat in silence both feeling a growing feeling of uneasiness. Ten minutes later Hudson walked into the room wearing a red satin robe. He grinned, “Hey guys. Thanks for coming by.”

Gerard bit his tongue to keep silent the remark that popped into his head.

The man who had brought them to the villa followed Hudson into the room. Hudson turned to him, requested a drink then took a seat in a chair across from the sofa. “You guys didn’t want a drink?”

Gerard and Anna both shook their heads.

Once Hudson was handed his drink he dismissed the man saying he did not want to be disturbed until morning. The man nodded before retreating from the villa.

“So.” Hudson took a long sip of his drink, “Gotta say Gerard you’re doing great holding your tongue.”

Gerard glared at him but remained silent.

Hudson grinned, “Well anyway Annabelle go on and take a shower. I know you two came here as soon as you left the party and I’m sure you’d like to freshen up.”

“Not really.” Anna answered.

Hudson sighed, “Annabelle don’t be impertinent. Now go and take a shower. There are robes for your use. And don’t worry I’ll keep Gerard company while you’re gone.”

She looked over at Gerard but made no move.

“Annabelle.” Hudson’s voice lost its playful tone. “Now.”

Gerard leaned over and kissed her lips quickly. “Go.” He whispered.

She nodded then stood. Both men watched as she walked away.

“So have a good time tonight?” Hudson asked.

Gerard turned his attention to the man. “It was fine.”

“She has a beautiful voice, doesn’t she?”

“Yeah.” Gerard answered trying not to let the anger he’d felt earlier show.

Much to his chagrin Hudson laughed, “Shocked you, didn’t it? Guess she never told you back in the 20’s in Paris she often sang on stage.”

Gerard blinked in surprise, “No she didn’t tell me.”

“There is so much about her you don’t know. Think about how long she’s walked this earth. Annabelle has a rich history. Sad really she doesn’t feel she can share it with you.”

“I’m sure I’ll know about all of it sooner or later.” Gerard said holding back his anger. “She and I are together for good so there’s time.”

Hudson’s smile faded, “Time. You mortals really have no concept of time. Cherish the years you have with her my friend.”

“I’m not really your friend.” Gerard ground out finally losing it. “More like your plaything.”

Hudson gave him a surprised look, “Is that really how you feel?”

The question and the look on Hudson’s face caused Gerard’s anger to fade. “Yeah, sometimes.” He admitted.

“Just sometimes?”

“Well yeah.” Gerard decided to be honest with him. “I mean you confuse the shit out of me.”

Hudson nodded, “I suppose I do.” He took another sip of his drink, “But you mortals confuse the shit out of me too. I try to understand the way you think but it’s impossible. You look at life so differently and I understand it’s because each day you face the possibility of an end. We do not deal with that fear. We do not worry about living our life to the fullest before it ends.” He sighed, “But I must admit at times I almost envy you mortals.” He laughed mirthlessly, “It is like you have a goal, to make it happily to the end. We have no such goal, we simply exist.” His voice lowered, “At times a lonely existence.”

His words shocked Gerard, “Lonely? Fuck you’re one of the most popular recording artists in history, you’re surrounded by people. You can have or do anything you want.”

Hudson smiled sadly, “I am surrounded by people because I am a recording artist. I am surrounded by mortals who know nothing about who I truly am. Other Pures avoid me because I am powerful and unpredictable. Tell me does that sound like a happy existence to you?”

Gerard thought a moment, “Other Pures avoid you?”

“Yep.” Hudson laughed, “I’m sorta a lose canon but I am old so they don’t fuck with me. You see with age comes power. Didn’t you kinda wonder how one of my kind who generally avoids drawing attention to themselves could dine with royalty and play for tens of thousands of people?”

“Yeah, I sorta wondered about that.”

“I get by with it because no one dares challenge me. There are few older than I.”

“What about Jacob?” Gerard asked.

“Jacob? I assume Anna has not told you a lot about him?”

“Not a whole lot.” Gerard shrugged.

“Well Jacob is a very respected Pure but unlike me he keeps a very low profile. He plays by the rules so to speak. But make no mistake he is powerful in our world. He did however shock a lot of us when he turned Annabelle.”


“Because he had moved through the centuries never bonding or turning. I suspect it has something to do with a woman.” Hudson paused and laughed, “Oh doesn’t it always have something to do with a woman.”

Gerard was curious, “So why Anna?”

“Good question. I’m sure he had his reasons and those reasons will never be questioned. Still the fact that he never even bonded a human is strange but then again I’m sure he never had a problem finding someone to share his bed.”

“So he’s good looking?”

Hudson threw back his head and laughed “Oh hell you’ve never seen him. Yeah, Jacob is good looking. Better than me if you can imagine that.”

Gerard had to smile at Hudson’s comment.

Hudson grinned but forced himself to get back to the topic he wanted to address before Anna returned. He took another drink then sat foreword in his chair. “I would like you to do something for me Gerard.”

“What?” Gerard asked slowly.

“For just tonight I’d like you to try not to think as a mortal. I want you to open your mind and share my thoughts. Share my world so to speak.”

Gerard gave him a nervous look, “What exactly do you mean?”

Hudson sat back, “I am drawn to you and Annabelle. Drawn enough that I have pledged to keep her secret and in turn protect you both.”

“And what do you want in return?” Gerard asked.

“Just what I said, I want you to share my thoughts. I want you to understand what it is to be what I am, what Annabelle is. Do not think about things in mortal terms. Understand that to me there is no shame between those bonded.”

Gerard’s body tensed, “You want to have sex with Anna.”

Hudson rolled his eyes, “See what I mean? You refuse to look at it through my eyes. You are thinking in your terms. To you Annabelle is the one you love and so that means she can be with no other. But Gerard do not let yourself forget she is not like you. I know that night I took her was brutal for you because of the circumstances. I understand you have a problem with others watching the act. But for once look at it from my eyes. We do not feel anything is wrong with the way we couple. Sex is natural to us, it is not shameful, it is not something we hide. All I’m asking is for you to try to let go of your mortal beliefs and allow me to share my beliefs with you.”

“What if it’s not what she wants?” Gerard asked.

“But it will be what she wants if she lets her true nature free. Do not forget what you saw that night. I made her cum Gerard but she refused to allow herself to admit the fact only because she knew in doing so would, in your mind, lessen her feelings for you. That is far from the truth. I understand she loves you and I accept that. But you are making her live by the rules of your kind. You make her feel that our ways, her ways, are wrong.”

“I’ve never tried to make her feel that way.” Gerard said softly.

“Perhaps you haven’t meant to but the she tries so hard to play by your rules.”

Gerard sat back reflecting on Hudson’s words.

Both men looked up when Anna walked back into the room in a short blue satin robe. Her long hair as pulled back into a long braid and was wet from the shower. She wore no makeup and looked young and innocent. She sat back down by Gerard but kept her eyes lowered.

“Okay you’re turn.” Hudson said to Gerard.

Gerard nodded then stood but before he moved away he leaned down and brushed a quick kiss on Anna’s lips. As he headed towards the shower Hudson’s words echoed in his mind.

Hudson finished his drink then walked out of the room. A moment later he returned holding a fluffy white towel. He sat down next to Anna then gently took her shoulders to position her body facing away from him. Gently he removed the band from her hair then unbound her hair. Anna sat with her eyes closed.

“You hair is too beautiful to be bound.” He whispered, “As are you.”

Anna fought for control but the hunger was building as Hudson gently began to towel dry her hair.

Hudson hummed to himself as he stroked her hair. He smiled knowing that Gerard would reappear soon. He set the towel aside then leaned down to gently move the hair over her shoulder to bare the delicate skin of her neck.

“Please.” She whispered brokenly.

He wondered if she was begging him to stop or to begin. “Annabelle we will wait for him.” He whispered, “But there is something I must say before he returns.” He paused a moment, “If I had the capability to love..I would want to feel that for you.”

Anna slowly turned to face him in shock. The look on his face was so pure and honest she reached out to stroke his cheek unable to find words. Still it was not enough; she leaned foreword and kissed his lips.

Suddenly she was aware that Gerard was standing beside her.

“Gee.” She whispered brokenly knowing he’s witnessed the kiss.

Gerard knelt down beside her. “It’s okay, Anna.” He smiled, “It’s okay.”

Hudson smiled at him, “You are willing?”

“Yes.” Gerard answered. “I am.”

“You are sure?” Hudson asked watching Gerard’s face closely.

“I’m sure.” Gerard said rising to his feet. Looking into Hudson’s eyes was causing him to experience feeling that shocked him.

Hudson nodded, “Good.” He spoke to Anna, “Gerard has agreed to put aside his beliefs and be with us.”

Anna shook her head, “It is not what he wants.”

“It is what I want, Sugar.” Gerard said putting his hand out to her then pulling her into his arms for a tight hug. “It is what I want.”

The feel of his body against hers was intoxicating. She moaned softly.

Hudson smiled, “Gerard sit beside me.”

Giving Anna one more kiss he released her then sat down on the sofa. Anna stood looking at both men still trying to fight the hunger.

“Annabelle, there is no need to fight the feeling.” Hudson said softly. “Please undress.”

Gerard felt himself harden as he watched her fingers fumble with the satin tie. When the robe dropped to the ground he felt a wave of desire wash over him.

“So beautiful.” Hudson whispered as his eyes roamed her body. “Annabelle” He breathed her name as he held out his hand.

As she took his hand her eyes flashed then turned topaz.

Hudson pulled her towards him then carefully positioned her so that her body was laying across his and Gerard’s laps. He placed a small pillow under her head then smiled down into her face. “Close your eyes and let Gerard and I enjoy your beauty.”

Gerard stroked her legs as Hudson’s fingers caressed her breasts. Anna’s body shuddered at the touch of their fingers. She moaned when she felt Gerard’s fingers move up her thigh to her soft curls. He smiled when he heard her moan again as he gently caressed her hardened nub.

“Oh” Anna let go and allowed herself only to feel. There were no thoughts in her head, her body was in control, and the hunger was building.

Hudson continued to caress her breasts while watching Gerard’s hands. His hunger was building but for now he could control the feeling. He smiled when he saw Gerard’s eye on him.

Gerard stroked her nub increasing the pace. Seeing her so hot and wet caused his breathing to increase.

“More.” Anna pleaded.

Hudson smiled then began to gently pinch her nipples.

Gerard used one hand to part her curls to expose her core. He moaned as her juices wet his fingers. “Oh Sugar.” He ground out as he inserted a finger into her hot core.

Anna’s hips bucked up to meet his hand burying his finger deeper inside her.

Hudson removed his right hand and bit into the skin above his wrist. As the blood began to flow he lowered his arm placing it over Anna’s lips. She smelled the blood and her lips closed over the wound. Greedily she began to suck.

Gerard watched in fascination. He inserted another finger and felt her muscles tighten with the coming orgasm. Anna pulled her mouth away from Hudson’s arm as the feeling hit. Gerard continued to pump his fingers in and out until her body while she climaxed. When finally her body stilled he removed his fingers,

Anna opened her eyes and looked into Hudson’s face. He saw the fear in her eyes. Slowly he pulled her up into a sitting position so that she was looking at Gerard. He looked into Gerard’s eyes hoping the man understood.

Gerard smiled then reached out to stroke Anna’s cheek. “That was beautiful, Sugar.” He said softly.

Anna blinked but remained silent.

“It was beautiful.” Hudson said caressing Anna’s bare back. “And that was just the beginning.”

Gerard tore his eyes from Anna to look at Hudson. He nodded, “Yeah, just the beginning.”

AUTHORS NOTE:Hey guys tomorrow night I'm going to see MCR. I'm totally doing the happy dance in my head right now! LOL Hope all of you get to see them soon, too.
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