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Gerard and Anna's evening with Hudson ends and Bob and Claire have their own special evening.

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Anna’s eyes were bright topaz and her fangs exposed. Gerard smiled, “You are so beautiful right now.” He pulled her on to his lap completely then kissed her lips.

Hudson watched them closely with a smile on his face.

“Annabelle love him.” Hudson urged gently.

Gerard looked over at him, “Uh, maybe I should wait.” He glanced away slightly embarrassed, “I mean uh…I don’t want this evening to be rushed and I don’t think I can really keep up with you guys.”

Hudson laughed softly, “Oh believe me with a little help you’ll be able to enjoy this with us.”

Gerard gave him a puzzled look but believed his words.

Anna shifted off Gerard’s lap lowering herself to the floor. She gently pushed his legs apart then reached up to part his robe. Gerard watched her through desire filled eyes as she ran the palms of her hands over his chest then leaned down and took his hardened penis in her hands. Slowly her fingers began to stroke and caress him with light, teasing touches. Gerard leaned his head back allowing himself to become lost in the feeling while still keeping his eyes trained on her face. Her eyes were locked on his and she smiled seductively licking her lips as her fingers continued to work their magic.

When she slowly lowered her head Gerard moaned waiting for the feel of her mouth.

Hudson had turned his body so that he could enjoy watching them. He grinned when Gerard turned his head to look into his eyes. He was pleased to see that there was no shame in the look.

Gerard looked deeply into Hudson’s topaz eyes and felt himself being pulled to the man. He realized Hudson was keeping his hunger under control so that he and Anna could enjoy each other. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and touching Hudson’s cheek.

Hudson smiled softly at Gerard. He understood the blood bond was drawing him in but he realized that wasn’t the only reason. Gerard was letting his own beliefs go trying to be a part of Hudson’s world. He was surprised when Gerard reached over and grabbed his head pulling it towards him. When Gerard’s lips pressed against his it was hard for him to control the hunger.

Still licking and sucking Gerard’s rock hard dick Anna’s eyes saw Gerard and Hudson kissing and her hunger erupted. She began to suck harder feeling Gerard dick throbbing. Her fingers found his balls and caressed them in tempo with her tongue.

Gerard moaned against Hudson’s lips as he felt himself exploded into Anna’s mouth. She greedily sucked every last drop then slid her body up his licking a path to his neck where she nuzzled the soft skin. She needed his blood but forced herself to wait.

Moving his head Gerard broke off the kiss still looking into Hudson’s eyes.

Hudson’s voice was low, “Thank you.”

Gerard smiled but couldn’t find words to explain how he felt.

Anna was shocked by this tender side of Hudson. When Gerard gently urged her towards Hudson she didn’t resist, she couldn’t. Hudson’s blood was calling to her. She settled herself on his lap and kissed him deeply. Gerard sat back refusing to give in to the feeling of jealously that threatened his mind. Anna’s love belonged to him and nothing would change that fact.

Hudson kissed Anna passionately. This was nothing like the night of his private party. Her mind had hated him only her body had needed him. Now he could sense she was allowing herself to embrace her true nature. No longer was she afraid that Gerard would turn from her if he saw into her world. He reluctantly broke off the kiss intending to do something alien to him, he would give her back to Gerard.

Anna looked into his eyes and smiled. She knew what Hudson planned but she refused to allow it. Before he could speak she pressed her lips to his chest while her fingers worked on the belt of his robe. Once it was undone she ran the palms of her hands down his body. She felt his body tremble under her touch. As she had done with Gerard she lowered herself to her knees.

“Annabelle you may stop.” Hudson ground out using ever ounce of willpower to fight his hunger.

Anna smiled, “I do not wish to stop.” She said before opening her mouth to take in his length.

Gerard watched them feeling his body respond. Without thought he reached down to take his limp dick into his hand. He stroked it as he watched Anna suck Hudson’s dick in and out of her mouth.

Hudson’s fangs extended as he watched Anna labor over his hardening dick. He tore his eyes away from the sight and looked over at Gerard. He saw that the man was stroking himself but it wasn’t enough. Hudson once again bit into his arm then offered it to Gerard.

Gerard paused only a moment then took his arm raising it to his lips. When Hudson’s blood hit his tongue he was monetarily blinded by red images but it passed quickly. In its place he suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of strength. Beneath his fingers his dick grew hard and throbbed.

Hudson gently pulled his arm away and smiled at Gerard. “You see you can keep up with us.”

Gerard continued to pump his dick as his gaze fell to Anna. Her beautiful hair had fallen across her face so he leaned forward and pushed it back.

Hudson grinned as he leaned over to place his hands under Anna’s hips forcing her up on all fours. He nodded to Gerard.

Getting off the sofa Gerard moved to stand behind Anna. He let go of his dick and ran his hands over her smooth, pale ass. Anna moaned in anticipation when she felt his fingers kneed her soft skin. Getting on his knees Gerard took his dick into hand and moved the head to her hot, wet opening. Teasingly he wet the tip with her juices but did not thrust inside. He heard Anna moan again.

Hudson was watching Gerard closely. “She wants you.” He said softly.

Gerard’s heart was pounding in his ears. He ran one finger down her dripping slit to rub her hardened nub. He wanted her to cum for him. Slowly he spread her lips apart and with one thrust buried his dick inside her.

Anna sucked Hudson harder as Gerard pumped in and out. She felt her orgasm building as Hudson leaned back finally letting go. A growl escaped his lips as he filled Anna’s mouth.

Hearing Hudson’s growl spurred Gerard on but when he felt Anna’s muscles tighten around his dick he thrust once more filling Anna. When he was spent he fell back on his heels trying to catch his breath. Anna turned and pushed his body down to the floor. She was on him before he realized what was happening. He closed his eyes as her fangs sank into his neck. His arms pulled her body to him while she drank.

Smiling at the sight before him Hudson stood, watched a moment then left the room. A feeling of satisfaction filled him. Annabelle had finally embraced who she was and Gerard had accepted her without judgment. Bonding himself to the man had been a wise choice. He planned on enjoying the closeness of the man until death took him. He planned on enjoying Annabelle for all time.

Anna’s tongue licked the wound on Gerard’s neck to stop the blood flow. He hugged her to him and sighed, “I love you.”

“I love you.” She said laying her head on his chest.

For several minutes they held each other close. Finally Anna spoke. “We should go back to our villa.”

“Yes, he’s gone.” Gerard could ‘feel’ that Hudson had left.

They dressed then left together holding hands. Once they were back in their villa Gerard smiled, “How about a late night swim?”

Anna nodded and they made their way to the pool. The water was warm as it welcomed their bodies. Gerard leaned against the edge pulling Anna to him.

“Gee?’ Anna whispered.

“Yeah, Sugar?”

“How do you truly feel about tonight?”

Gerard grinned, “Fuck it’s hard for me to admit this but I like Hudson and I’ve got no regrets about anything we did and you shouldn’t either.”


He silenced her with a kiss. “Anna he asked me to try to look beyond what I know, he asked me to try to see things as he does. I did that. There was not one moment tonight that I doubted your love for me. But I have to tell you I feel sorry for him. He wants what we have, I heard what he said to you.”

Anna sighed, “I wish he could experience what we share.”

“You know the funny thing is that I understand sex is just sex to him. It’s not love cause he can’t feel love. It’s just an act he enjoys but I think if he was honest with himself tonight was different for him. He deeply cares for us and I think it goes beyond just the blood bond.”

“I believe that is true.” Anna said softly.

Gerard grinned, “And hell the guys a great kisser to boot.”

Anna laughed, “Gerard Way are you not shocked by how your world has changed?”

“My world has gotten better than I could ever have hoped for.” Gerard said caressing her arms. “That’s because you are my world, Anna.”

“As you are mine.” Anna whispered.

Bob nervously tapped his fingers on the marble counter. He glanced over at Claire. “I love you.” He said softly.

Claire smiled, “I love you.”

“Are you sure about this?” He forced himself to ask.

“Are you?” She asked looking into his eyes.

“It’s what I want more than anything.”

“It is what I want too.” Claire said, “I am sure.”

Gerard felt Anna’s body tense, “What is it?”

Anna closed her eyes and moment, “Claire.” She whispered.

“Something’s wrong with her? Want me to call Bob and see what’s going on?”

“No” Anna said opening her eyes slowly, “She is scared but more than that she is very happy. I do not know exactly what is happening but it is not bad.”

“Wonder what it is? She and Bob left the party so early.”

“Yes. Claire did not want to run into Hudson.”

“How come?”

Anna laughed, “He makes her nervous. It is very hard for her. She loves Bob but there is so much she must keep hidden from him. The same can be said for Christa. Being blood bonded presents many problems.”

“Not for me.” Gerard said nuzzling her neck. “Best thing that ever happened to me.”

“Welcome to the Little Chapel. I’m Reverend Clyde.”

Bob took Claire’s hand in his, “I’m Bob and this is Claire.”

Reverend Clyde smiled, “And you wish to get married?”

“Yes, sir.” Bob nodded.

“Do you have witnesses or do you need us to provide them?”

“It’s just us so I guess you need you to provide them.” Bob answered.

“Not a problem.” He pulled out a folder then removed some papers, “Just need to fill out a few forms.” He said sliding them across the counter. “We offer several different wedding packages.” He looked at Bob, “Do you have rings?”

“Uh, no.” Bob said looking up from the paper he was filling out. The fact that he and Claire had decided to get married an hour ago was becoming more apparent.

“We do not need them.” Claire said softly.

“Sure we do.” Bob grinned. He looked over at Reverend Clyde “Do you have rings we can buy?”

“Sure do.” He pulled out a tray of rings from a locked case under the counter. Placing it in front of them he smiled, “See if you like anything.”

Claire nervously glanced at the shiny rings but remained silent.

“Honey, pick one out. I’m just gonna go with a plain gold band but I want you to pick out any ring you like.”

Still Claire remained silent.

Bob smiled, “Okay then you tell me what size and I’ll pick one out for you.”

“Bob, a plain gold band will be perfect."

“Perhaps matching bands?” Reverend Clyde suggested.

“Yes.” Claire nodded, “That would be perfect.”

Bob was concerned she was worrying about money, “Honey don’t you want a diamond?”

Claire shook her head, “No, I want our rings to match.”

Reverend Clyde picked out two gold rings. “I always thought this was a nice ring and these two are the last one’s we have of this pattern. What do you think?”

Claire took the women ring from his fingers and looked at it closely. It was a plain thick gold band.

“Look inside.” He urged.

Peering closely Claire saw what engraved inside the band was a small heart with the word “Forever”.

“Oh” She whispered, “Perfect.”

“See if it’s the right size.” Bob said having taken the men’s version to see what was engraved inside that had made Claire’s face light up.

She slipped it on and exhaled when it fit perfectly.

Bob prayed the ring he held would fit his finger. In truth it was a bit tight but there was no way he’s admit that fact. Claire loved the rings so these would be the rings they would buy.

After the paperwork was filled out Bob insisted Claire choose a wedding bouquet from the refrigerated case that held the fresh flowers. She picked a small, delicate bouquet made up of white roses and baby’s breath.

“I’ll just go and get things ready.” The Reverend said moving towards the front of the chapel.

When he was gone Bob smiled, “Boy is everyone gonna be surprised in the morning.”

“I am afraid your family will be upset.” Claire worried. “I am sure this is not the type of wedding they had hoped for.”

“Well this is what I hoped for. I’m marrying the woman I love. That’s all that’s important. All we need is each other.”

Tears of happiness sprang to Claire’s eyes, “Yes, that is all we need.”

“Bob time for you to take your place up front so your lovely bride can walk down the aisle.” Reverend Clyde announced.

Claire handed Bob the ring. “Guess you need this.”

“Yeah.” Bob said softly holding it tightly in his hand, “And when I slip it on your finger it will be forever.”

Bob and Claire walked hand in hand towards the Bellagio completely lost in their own world. Neither saw Anna who was standing in the shadows until she softly called out Claire’s name.

“Anna.” Claire stopped dead in her tracks. “Why are you not with Gerard? Has something happened?”

“He is asleep.” Anna said taking a step closer to the couple.

Claire looked down nervously unable to look Anna in the eyes.

Bob put his arm around Claire and smiled, “Uh we have some news we’d like to share.”

“Congratulations.” Anna said softly.

Bob gave her a shocked look, “How’d you know?”

Before answering him Anna walked up to Claire and hugged her tightly. She stepped back and smiled to Bob, “I could tell by the looks on your faces.” She moved to hug Bob then said looking him directly in the eyes, “Promise to always take care of her.”

“Always.” Bob answered without blinking.

“Thank you.” With that she turned and walked back inside while blinking back tears.
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