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Bob and Claire share their news.

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Anna slipped beneath the sheets but did not close her eyes.

“Sugar, are you okay?” Gerard asked softly.

She turned to face him, “I am sorry. I did not mean to wake you.”

He moved closer then pulled her body to his, “I woke up and you were gone.”

“I was concerned about Claire so I took a walk trying to clear my mind.” Anna explained.

“So do you know what’s going on?”

“Yes, I spoke to her and Bob just a few minutes ago.”

He believed by the sound of her voice something had upset her, “Shit, they were still awake?”

“They were just returning to the hotel.”

He leaned up on his elbow to study her face in the dim light, “Where did they go?”

Anna smiled slightly, “They are now married.”

“What?’ Gerard sat up then leaned over to switch on the bedside lamp. “Married? They ran off and got married?”

Anna nodded.

“Well why the hell didn’t they tell us?”

“I am not sure.”

Gerard studied her face closely, “How do you feel about it?”

She was touched that he understood her emotions were in turmoil, “I am very happy that Claire has found someone she can share her life with. But I would be lying to say there is not a touch of sadness in my feelings.”

“You two have been together for so long.”

Anna sighed, “To you it is a very long time. For me the span of time I have been with Claire is not terribly long.”

The sadness in her voice touched him. “But she is almost like a daughter to you.”

“Yes.” Anna whispered, “That is true.”

He gently kissed her cheek, “Well I think it’s great. I mean you and I are together and since I’m always with Bob..” He laughed, “This just means you’ll still be able to be with Claire.”

“For now.” Anna said softly.

Gerard understood that her immortality weighted heavily on her mind. The fact that she was surrounded by those she loved, who would one day die and leave her had to be heartbreaking. “Anna I know how hard this is for you but we need to live for today. We have to live for the here and now.”

Anna blinked back tears, “Yes, the here and now.”

Bob opened the door of his villa and smiled, “About time you guys got here.”

Frank and Jamia walked in to see that the other couples were already gathered around the dining table enjoying breakfast.

“Well we were both still sleeping when we got your Royal Summons.” Frank grouched. “So what’s up? I thought we were all supposed to sleep in before heading to the airport this afternoon.”

Jamia brushed past the men and walked over to Claire. She looked at her a moment then smiled, “I think they have some news to share.” She guessed.

Bob walked over and put his arm around Claire, “Well since everyone is here now we do have an announcement..” He paused and looked at Claire, “You want to tell them or should I?”

Claire smiled, “You should.”

Gerard reached over and took Anna’s hand in his then gave it a tight squeeze. They of course already knew what the news was but had remained silent so Claire and Bob could make their announcement.

Bob nodded, “I’d like you all to meet Mrs. Bryar.”

“Holy shit.” Alicia jumped up and ran to hug Claire, “Congrats.”

“I knew it.” Jamia said laughing.

Claire welcomed Alicia’s hug and then Jamia’s.

Gerard and Anna both stood and walked over to the happy couple. “Congrats.” He said to Bob slugging him on the shoulder, “Don’t know what she sees in you but there must be something.” He teased.

Bob rolled his eyes, “Thanks.”

Anna moved to hug Claire, “I am very happy for you.” She whispered.

Claire hugged her tightly wishing the others were not present so she could speak to Anna alone. There was so much she wanted to say.

“Hey, my turn.” Christa said softly understanding the bond between Anna and Claire was more than the others except for Gerard understood. When Anna stepped back she hugged Claire.

“So you’re an old married man, now.” Frank laughed slugging Bob in the same spot Gerard had just struck.

Bob grimaced slightly in pain, “Yeah, an old married man.”

Ray had stood and joined the others, “Why the fuck didn’t you tell us you guys were gonna get married?” He asked Bob.

“Well..” Bob grinned at Claire, “Because it really wasn’t planned. I mean I knew Claire was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and all but I guess suddenly after the party last night I just thought well hell we’re in Vegas, why wait?”

Jamia nodded then kiddingly asked Claire, “So you took pity on him and agreed to marry him?”

“Hey.” Bob objected good naturedly, “I’m not that bad of a catch.”

Claire slipped her arm around his waist, “I have never done anything in my life that was impulsive but when he asked me to marry him I knew in my heart it was time.”

“So where’d you go?’ Alicia asked. Before they could answer she added, “Did you have an Elvis impersonator marry you?”

Claire giggled, “No Elvis impersonator but after the ceremony on the way back to the hotel Bob did sing an Elvis song to me.”

The men all groaned.

“What song?’ Jamia asked over the racket.

Claire looked deeply into Bob’s eyes, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

After the get together in Bob and Claire’s villa was over Gerard and Anna returned to their own villa to spend the remaining hours alone before they would have to leave for the airport.

As soon as the door was closed Gerard pulled Anna into his arms and kissed her passionately. He’d been overwhelmed with desire the past hour and was relieved they were finally alone.

“I want to make love to you” He whispered against her lips.

Anna who was still feeling a mirage of emotions since learning of Claire’s marriage tried to put those feeling out of her mind and concentrate.

It didn’t take long for Gerard to realize she was not as into the idea. He took a step back then took a calming breath. “Sorry.” He muttered.

Anna looked down at the ground, “No, I am sorry.”

“Don’t be.” He said fighting to keep his emotions in check. He knew she was upset about Claire and he was trying to keep that in mind. Still the overwhelming lust he felt was difficult to fight. He walked across to the sofa, took a seat then lit a cigarette.

Anna followed him taking a seat next to him on the sofa, “It is not that I do not want to make love with you.” She said softly.

He nodded, “Hey, I get you’re still sorta upset about Claire.” He took a deep drag off the cigarette, “Fuck, I really thought the effects of the bond had sorta worn off.” He hoped she understood.

“Gee, you are feeling the effects renewed because of last night. His blood is running through your veins right now.”

Gerard thought a moment, “Yeah, I never thought of that till now. That must be what’s going on. I mean my mind knows you’re upset but fuck a minute ago all I could think of was getting you back to the villa and ripping your clothes off.”

Anna smiled, “Ripping my clothes off?”

He nodded, “Oh fuck yeah. When the desire hits me it’s just…” He struggled to find the words, “Fuck, it’s unbelievable. In my mind I just these vivid images.”

She tilted her head to study him, “What kind of images?”

“Oh shit, I don’t wanna think about it.” He said shifting uncomfortably. Just speaking about the images was making him hard.

“Perhaps you should tell me.” Anna said softly.

He looked over at her, “So it would get your mind off what’s bothering you?”

Anna didn’t want him to believe she was using him. “That is not why.”

“Yeah, it is. Don’t lie to me, Sugar. You are upset about the changes that are happening. I get that, I really do. Please just let it out.”

Tears immediately filled her eyes, “I hate some of the things I am feeling.” She hung her head.

Gerard snuffed out the cigarette then moved to put his arm around her. “Just tell me.”

“I hate that I am jealous of Claire.” She whispered.

He was surprised, “Jealous?”

Anna took a moment then tried to explain, “I am jealous that she has a man who loves her so much and I hate that about myself. I love Claire and want her to be happy.”

“But still you can’t help but feel jealous.” Gerard said struggling to understand, “But you have a man who loves you with his whole heart.”

Tears began to fall from her eyes, “But sometimes I can not help but think you love me because you feel you have to.”

Again he was shocked, “I have to? Anna, I love you because I love you. I don’t think I have to. I don’t love you because you saved my life from that fuckin’ tumor. I don’t love you because of the blood bond. I love you because you’re you.”

She wanted to believe him.

He gently placed his fingers under her chin and raised her face to his, “That’s the truth, Anna. Now what else are you feeling?”

She blinked several times before answering, “Jealous that she has the kind of relationship I want. She has someone to love that she can grow old with.”

He closed his eyes, “Oh.” A moment later he reopened his eyes, “But you have that too. I won’t lie to you I’ve thought about this. I want to be with you for all time.”

She shook her head, “No, we can not speak about this. Not now.”

“Because the bond is still too fresh?”

“Yes.” She looked down again, “And because you can not begin to understand what that really would mean.”

She was right he didn’t understand. “I would be with you. That is the only thing that matters.”

Anna shook her head sadly, “There is so much more to it than that. Gee just because I was turned wrong would not guarantee the same thing would happen to you.”


As much as she didn’t want to talk about this she knew he needed to understand, “Gee if you were turned correctly you would not be the same person you are now. Imagine not feeling love for your parents or Mikey. Imagine not feeling the close friendship you have with your friends.”

He hadn’t considered that. “But my love for you..”

She cut him off, “Might not be the same. If you were turned correctly you would feel the closeness to me but not the love we share now.”

“Shit.” He muttered.

Anna stood, “I do not want to discuss this now.” She shook her head, “I can not.”

He gave her a helpless look “I’m sorry, Sugar.’ He said not knowing what else to say.

Struggling to keep her emotions from falling into despair she asked in a shaky voice, “Please tell me about the images.”

He understood she needed to distract herself from the thoughts that were tearing at her heart. “Are you sure?”

She nodded.

He felt his dick stir before he even spoke, “Well I was imagining getting you back here, ripping your clothes off then turning the bar stool, having you kneel on it so that I could bend your body over the bar.”

Anna’s eyes flashed.

He stood up slowly, “Then I’d run my hands over the creamy skin of your ass waiting to hear you moan.”

Anna had stopped breathing as his words washed over her.

“Your ass is so beautiful.” Gerard said in a low voice as he took several steps towards her. “I wanted to reach under you and caress your nub until you got wet for me. Then I wanted to dip my fingers into the wetness, get them fuckin’ soaking with your juices then plunge my finger into your hot, wet hole.”

“Gee.” Anna’s voice was ragged, “Rip my clothes off.”

She didn’t have to ask him a second time.

“So how did you know?” Frank asked looking over at his wife.

They were sitting by the pool relaxing until it was time to pack.

“About Bob and Claire?”

He nodded, “Yeah, you looked at her and knew before Bob announced the news.”

Jamia laughed, “You men never see the obvious. Shit as soon as I saw the looks on their faces I knew.” She didn’t add that she had also seen they were both wearing rings.

“They are really in love.” Frank said closing his eyes.

“Yeah, they are. I’m glad they got married.”

Frank sighed, “I wonder if this will spur Gerard and Anna into action?”

“You mean you’re wondering if they’ll get married soon?”

He nodded.

“Still think it would be a bad idea?”

Frank thought a moment before answering, “I dunno. I mean it seems kinda wrong for me not to be upset about Bob marrying someone he hasn’t known all that long but not understand Gerard might want to do the same thing.”

“He loves Anna.” Jamia said softly.

“Yeah” Frank agreed, “He does. Shit I don’t remember a whole lot about the party last night but I do remember her singing. Fuck, she’s got one hell of a voice.”

Jamia agreed, “I was shocked when Hudson called her up on stage.” She frowned, “Kinda seemed like Gee was too. I don’t think he knew she could sing like that.”

Frank rolled his head over to look at his wife, “See there are a lot of things about her he doesn’t seem to know.”

Jamia shook her head, “So is that bad? Maybe Claire can sing too and Bob doesn’t know.”

He grinned, “You’re just sure I’m wrong aren’t you? You think Gee and Anna are the perfect couple.”

“No we are the prefect couple.” She said grinning, “But I think they are in love and it’s real.”

Bob nuzzled Claire’s neck, “I thought they’d never leave.”

Claire giggled, “I am glad that they were happy for us.”

“Well why the hell wouldn’t they be?” Bob said pulling his wife’s nude body closer as they snuggled in bed.

Claire shrugged slightly, “Well it was a surprise.”

“To everyone but Gee and Anna.” Bob reminded her. “I’m just glad they pretended not to know.”

“I was sure they would.” Claire said suddenly losing her smile.

Bob noticed, “You are still worried about Anna.” He said softly.

“I just hope she was not hurt I did not tell her.” She wanted to make Bob understand, “We are so close and I have always shared everything in my life with her.”

He nodded, “Yeah, I get it.”

Claire hugged him tightly, ‘Yes, you do get it.” She whispered. “Thank you.”

Several hours later Mikey and Alicia met up with Ray and Christa down in the lobby. They chatted while waiting for the other couples to arrive.

“Wonder if Bob and Claire are gonna take a honeymoon during the break?” Ray said.

The group had two more weeks on this leg of the tour before having a three week break preceding the European tour.

“Imagine they will.” Mikey answered.

“Well they do have their own love nest.” Alicia grinned referring to the RV.

“But they don’t have it to themselves.” Mikey said, “they got Gee and Anna with them.”

“Maybe Anna and Gee will spend more time on the bus.” Alicia answered.

Mikey shrugged, “I kinda wish they would.”

“Oh he misses his big bro.” Ray kidded.

“Shut up.” Mikey said rolling his eyes.

Christa remained silent while her mind considered the change that has occurred last night. She understood the bond between Anna and Claire while the other’s did not and she was worried about Anna.

Ray glanced around, “Wish Hudson was still here so we could thank him again but I heard he left early this morning.”

Mikey nodded, “Yeah, what a fuckin’ rad party and the villas were..”

“To die for.” Alicia put in quickly.

“Here comes Gee and Anna.” Christa said spying the couple.

“Hey Bro.” Mikey greeted his brother warmly.

Gerard looked around, “So where’s the Iero’s and the newlyweds?”

“Not here yet.” Ray answered.

They didn’t have long to wait. Soon the other couples arrived just as the private shuttle pulled up. As they were boarding an employee of the hotel rushed up to Gerard and Anna.

“I was told to deliver this to you before you left.” He said holding out an envelope.

Gerard who was juggling his messenger bag he wanted to keep with him nodded to Anna, “Just give it to her.”

Anna smiled and took the envelope. She immediately recognized the writing on the outside.

“Open it.” Gerard said glancing over at her. Anna saw that some of the others were watching and didn’t want to draw attention. She slit it open with her fingernail, read the note then shoved it back in the envelope.

As the others got settled in the shuttle she moved to Gerard’s side and whispered, "It is from Hudson.”

He turned to her, “What’s it say?”

Anna sighed, “Simply, thank you for last night.”

“I’m not surprised he’d thank you.” Gerard said trying not to let his jealousy show.

Anna smiled slightly, “The note is address to you. He is thanking you.”

AUTHORS NOTE:Hey guys sorry I missed posting on Wed but I went to St. Louis to see MCR. They were wonderful! Anyway when I got home I came down with the flu. YUCK! Hope to post again on Wed but with the holidays I can't promise. So let me just say this now - Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
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