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Just A Town

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Alicia has an interesting plan.

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Returning to the tour after the Vegas trip saw some changes happening in the routine. Gerard and Anna both insisted on giving the newlyweds some time alone. In order to accomplish this they found one of their crew to drive the RV allowing Bob and Claire to spend time alone while on the road to the next gig.

It was now the third night since the wedding and Bob and Claire were snuggled in the bedroom while they traveled to the next stop in Kansas City.

Claire laid her head on Bob’s chest and sighed contently. “I never imagined at the start of this tour things would turn out this way.”

“You never imagined you and your husband would take over Anna’s RV?”

She giggled, “I never imagined I would have a husband.”

Bob ran his fingers up the length of her arm caressing her soft skin, “This is nice but I’m sorta starting to feel bad about Gee and Anna. I feel like we kicked them out of the RV.”

“I know what you mean.” Claire agreed, “As nice as this is…”

He laughed, “Yeah, and this is nice.”

“Perhaps after tomorrow nights show we could suggest they travel with us.”

Bob thought a moment, “I was talking to Mikey before the show and you know we have the KC show, then Denver and then three days between that one and Albuquerque. I think they are discussing getting a van and taking a little trip.”

“Who is discussing that?”

“I think the plan is for all of us to go together.” Bob answered, “Since we are gonna be going through Colorado I heard that Alicia’s idea is that we should hit some casino’s there.”

Claire blinked in surprise, “Casinos?”

Bob tried to recall the conversation he’d had with Mikey, “Yeah, there is some town not too far out of the way that she wants to visit.”

“Oh” Claire whispered her mind racing.

“Yeah I think the towns called Cripple Creek or something like that. I’ve never heard of the place but I guess the whole town is a bunch of casinos. Anyway they are talking about driving there and staying the night. I don’t know why we just don’t hit those casinos close to Denver cause I know there are a few but Alicia seems to want to make a little sightseeing trip out of it on the way.”

Claire had become silent and for a moment Bob wondered if she was falling asleep.

“Anna was born in Cripple Creek.”

“Really?” Bob said, “I didn’t realize that. Maybe that’s why Alicia wants to go there so Anna can visit relatives.”

“She has no relatives other than Jacob.” Claire reminded him gently.

“Oh yeah, that’s right.”

Suddenly Claire felt her good mood dissolving. She wondered if she should have even mentioned Anna was born in Cripple Creek. She was also worried about how Anna would feel about visiting the place she was born.

“Hey, why so quiet?” Bob asked.

“Just tired.” Claire answered hating there was so much she had to keep hidden from her husband and hating that it would always have to be this way. “So who knows about this idea?”

“Not sure. I sorta got the impression that Alicia just thought it up. What do you think of the idea? I mean if you don’t want to we can just travel on by ourselves.”

Claire wasn’t sure how to answer. “If the other’s want to it sounds fine.”

Bob shifted slightly, “You want to see how Anna feels about the idea.”

She heard to slight annoyance in his voice, “I am just concerned. If she wants to go that is fine but I am still worried because I believe it may be hard for her. She lost her whole family there.”

“Oh” Bob said feeling badly he’d forgotten Gerard had told him about Anna losing her family at an early age. “Yeah, I get what you mean. Well tomorrow talk to her and see what she thinks. If she doesn’t want to go then they can just travel with us.”

Claire hugged him, “Yes, I will talk to her. Perhaps I am worrying over nothing.”

Anna and Gerard were snuggled together on the sofa watching a movie with Ray and Christa when Alicia approached them about her idea.

‘Hey Gee can you put the movie on pause a minute?” She asked.

He nodded then reached for the remote.

“Okay, I have an idea.” Alicia grinned, “After the Denver show since we have three days off I think we should all get one of the big vans and take a trip.”

“Where?” Ray asked hoping this conversation would be quick. He was really into the movie they’d been watching.

“I was looking at a map and I think it would be fun to see some of Colorado. There’s this town that’s pretty much all casinos we could pass through.”

“You and casinos.” Ray laughed.

Alicia ignored him. “I looked it up on the Net and it really looks like a cool old town. It’s mostly casinos now but once it was a thriving mining town with lots of history. We could stay there in one of the historic hotels too.”

Christa had glanced over at Anna and hadn’t missed the strange look that had passed over her face. Suddenly she recalled Anna telling her she’d been born in Colorado.

Ray nudged Christa’s shoulder to get her attention, “So what do you think?”

Christa shrugged truly unsure of how she felt.

Alicia frowned; she had really been hoping everyone would be into her plan. “Oh come on, it’ll be fun. We can be total tourists. They have a mine that you can tour that goes 10,000 feet into the ground, and a train and…”

Ray stopped her, ‘What’s the name of the town?”

“Cripple Creek.” Anna answered softly.

Alicia nodded happily, “Yeah, have you ever been there?”

“I was born there.” Anna answered, her voice lacking emotion.

“Really?” Alicia said, “How cool. So you know all about it.”

Gerard could feel the tension in Anna’s body as she spoke, “I have not been there for years.”

“Oh well then it will be kinda cool for you to see how it’s changed.” Alicia said hopefully.

Anna didn’t answer.

“Come on guys what do you say?” Alicia pushed, “It will be fun.”

Gerard shook his head, “Sorry but Anna and I have plans.” He was afraid going to the town would be too painful for her.

Mikey had walked in, “What plans?” He had spoken to his brother earlier and he hadn’t mentioned that he and Anna had planned anything for the three days off.

Gerard was struggling to come up with an answer.

“Gee, it really would be nice for us to all hang together, off the bus, you know just be ordinary people. Remember when we were little how we always wanted Mom and Dad to take us to Colorado on vacation?”

Gerard sighed, “Bro, since then we’ve traveled all over the world. We’ve been in Colorado lots of time.” He tried to keep the anger out of his voice but it was impossible, “Don’t forget I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life there.”

Mikey sat down by his wife and sighed, “Hey, it’s not a big deal.” He said looking into her eyes, “Frank and Jamia want to go with us.”

It was obvious by the look on Alicia’s face she was disappointed. “Yeah, okay.”

Anna gave Gerard’s hand a squeeze then spoke, “You know the more I think about it the idea sounds appealing.” She looked at Gerard, “I think it is a good idea.”

Gerard tried to hide his look of surprise, “It’s up to you, Sugar.”

Alicia grinned, “All right. So Gee and Anna are in, what about you guys?” She asked looking over at Ray and Christa.

Christa didn’t wait for Ray to answer, “Sure, sounds good.”

Ray shrugged hoping the conversation was over so they could finish watching the movie.

Alicia clapped her hands, “Okay, great. Now we just have to find out if Bob and Claire are down with the idea.”

“We’ll ask them in the morning.” Mikey smiled happily now that his wife’s plan seemed to be on track.

“But I want to get on-line and make reservations.” Alicia said, “I really think we should do that as soon as possible.”

“I can call Claire.” Anna offered.

“Great.” Alicia said standing.

Anna took her cell phone from her pocket and made the call. Gerard understood by listening to Anna’s words that Claire had already heard of the plans and was concerned about Anna’s reaction.

After a few minutes Anna disconnected then looked at Alicia, “Claire and Bob would like to go also.”

“Excellent.” Alicia started walked towards the back of the bus. “Come on” She said to her husband, “I’ll show you the hotel and we can make the reservations.”

As the walked away Ray sighed, “Okay start the movie. Hurricane Alicia has gone.”

Christa playfully slugged his shoulder, “That’s not nice.”

“But true.” Ray smiled.

Gerard pushed the button to start the movie again. After a few moments he whispered in Anna’s ear, “Are you really all right with this?”

Anna nodded keeping her eyes on the movie. In truth she was not all right with the idea at all.

After the movie the couples said goodnight and headed towards their bunks. As they had been doing each night Anna and Gerard shared his bunk. ‘

When Anna appeared in her sweats Gerard moved over so she could slide in next to him. Once she was in place he leaned over and pulled the curtain closed.

“Sugar, tell me the truth, how hard is it going to be for you to go to Cripple Creek?” He whispered in her ear.

Anna was trying to deal with her emotions and really didn’t want to discuss it. “It is just a town.” She whispered.

“We both know that’s a lie.”

She started to get up again but Gerard caught her arm, “Where are you going?”

Anna sighed, “I will be right back.”

Gerard knew what was going on. When she was upset, when her emotions were raw, he could see it in her eyes. “Sugar, you don’t need that.”

In the semidarkness he saw her eyes flash, “Yes, I do. I should have done so before coming to bed.”

“No, not tonight.” He pulled her closer. “I’m right here.”

She shook her head, “No.”

Gently he stroked her cheek, “I want you to.”

“Gee, it is not a good idea.” She started to say more but he lowered his hand and snaked it up under her sweatshirt to caress her breast.

“Gee.’ Anna whispered her eyes flashing.

His fingers found her nipple and his thumb brushed over it. “I want to do this for you. Just for you.”

Anna rolled over on her side to face him. “Why?”

“Because I love you.’ He said from the purest part of his heart. Snuggling closer he pulled her to him and kissed her lips. Then he turned his head bearing his neck. A moment later as her fangs sank into his skin he closed his eyes. Time seemed to stand still until he suddenly felt wetness on his neck and realized it was her tears. When she pulled away he moved quickly to keep her from turning from him.

“Why are you crying?” he whispered in her ear.

“Because I hate this.” Her words were so soft he had to struggle to hear them.

He smiled sadly, “Sugar, how can you hate this? To me this act brings us closer together than most people will ever know. We are sharing a life force. What I give I give freely. Please don’t hate this.”

She lowered her head to his chest and he felt her body shake while she silently cried.

He stoked her back, “It’s okay, Sugar.” He chanted over and over, “It’s okay.” But deep down he wondered how she was going to react when they reached Cripple Creek, the town where she’s been born, the town where she had lost her family, the town where she’d died.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hey guys just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas once again. Love to all of you.
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