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Guardian Angels

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After getting her neck slit in the park, Jillian isn't big on meeting new people. Then it would only make sense that a beautiful guy just so happends to transfer right after she gets back to school...

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"Aren't you coming Jilly?" Asked my best friend, Madie, Called from the end of the park. We went to the park tonight. Her mom, Cindy, took us around and payed for a show for us. It was a really great night.

"Yeah I just gotta put my walet back in my purse! I'll be there in like two seconds!" I call to her. She couldn't be more than 5 yards away. I saw her and her mom clearly. I couldn't feel safer. Nothing would have broken my smile. Then I hear Madie scream. I have no idea why. Until I feel an arm clasp my neck. I couldn't breath. Then came the cut. A slice if you will. I felt it, I heard it, I just couldn't believe it. I'm going to die. Only 2% of people live through slits of the neck. I am not one to be know for her luck.

I get droped, bleeding out, I have no idea where Madie or Cindy is. I am only aware of chocking on my own blood. I sit there, scared to death. I cry. This is my worst fear. Dying. I've always lived in fear of not being able to breath or move. Now I can't do anything. Now I have to stare death in the face. He's cruel. He's cold. But I can't forget he does have a heart. Maybe he'll take pitty on me since I'm only a normal 17 year old girl. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I blend in. I'm that girl always in the back ground. Maybe he'll see that and make sure to put in a good word.

I've always joked that i'll go to hell when I die. Some said I'm a jew so I can't. Others said they'll be standing right next to me going down. But now that it's time, I don't want to go down. Up is where I want to go now. I think every one wants that when it's time. I hope god's real too. I've stayed a jew for the culture, not relgion. I found no point in it. But I'm praying now then ever. For so many things. I can't choose which to pray for the most.

W-what is that? I feel warmth. I-I feel a light on me. I open my eyes and see a blury figure coming down to me. With my tears, it's hard to see. All I see vividly is two deep green spots. It's lifting me. My head tilts back. My eyes close. I shed one more single tear before everything stops.

I open my eyes. I'm in a white room. I see my Mom, Dad, Melissa, Madie, and the rest of my family. I never knew my family cared....

"She's awake!" My cousin Felicia whisperd. Every one looks up. Mom had tears streeming down her face.

I try to speak but I had a tube in my mouth. Every one was talking now. My grandma is crying into my grandpa's shoulder. My aunts look over joyed as do my uncles. My cousins talk happily to their brother/sister. Madie was muttering something wile crying.

A docter came in then. She had long blonde hair and worse a pink dree with a lab coat. She look at me like she too was going to cry as she said "Jillian, do you know what a lucky girl you are? Not many people survive things like this. At this rate, you'll be back in school by next week. Your vocell cords weren't cut too badly. You'll just have to take it easy in P.E. alright? I hapy your awake." She smiled and left the room.

"My baby girl is alright!" Mom came and lightly huged me. She was still crying. Before long, I got hugs from everyone.

I am happy to be alive, but how? I felt my self dying. How could I be saved? And more importently, why?
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