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Back to school

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The week went by fast for me. The tube was removed and I could speak well for what happend, or so says my doctor. I'm going to school today. Hopefuly it'll be fine. Who knows? Maybe I'll get more gifts! Heh, see, I'm already making jokes. It'll be great.
I stand at the bus stop with Madie, Devin, Destini, Megan, Gabby, Alex, J.C., and Nick. They've hall been quiet. Even Devin, who, is never quiet. But leave it to bimbo Megan to break it.

"Okay! So I'm just going to say what every one is thinking! What the hell happend to you?!" The slut yelled.

"Some dude slit my throat. Nothing else. I didn't see him or anything." I whisper.

"And it was all my fault." Madie added. Which, it wasn't. I could have blamed her, Cindy, Or my mom. But I didn't. It wasn't them. It was the man who hurt me. I've told each of them that many times.

"No! How many times do I have to tell you! It wasn't you!" I yell at Madie. She needs to shut up. "Plus, I'm fine! We're yelling at eachother like nothing happend! And I want to forget it so please, just forget it yourself."

"Okay. For you."


I walk with Haley. Madie had to work on the school paper so I figured I'd hang out with another friend.

So far I have gotten 25 "I'm sorry"'s, 15 "Are you okay?!", and 5 "I don't know what I would do with out you."'s. And I haven't even gotten to home room yet. I'm sure every one will forget tomarrow.

Haley and I chat on our way to our home room. We're all the way up E hall. We walk into the room and the only thing I hear is a wave of "Welcome back!" All my class mates through little squares of colorful paper. Every one had a smile on their faces. Even the 4 girls that hate my guts were standing. There were balloons, cake, and giftboxs. It was great.

Once every one got settled and said to me what they had to, I was gone again. I was an out cast in my own welcome back party. No one paid attemtion to me. It was only 20 minutes in. It's not like we learned anything. Mrs. Luca gave us the day off for the little party. So we just stood and talked. Haley, Melissa, Elsa, and Savannah were talking to me. But the truth is that they're not that good of friends. Yes Haley and I have gotten a little bit closer but other than that, they just hang around. They seem to talk to me more when their best friends are gone for the day. So you can see why I'm not too happy, right?

The bell rang after a long block of nothingness. One of my true friends is in my next class. I hurry every day just to have more time to spend with her. I only have this class and lunch with her so I like to make it last.

I run down the hall to her locker were she is struggling to put her books in. As soon as she see me she drops every thing.

"JILLY!" She screams. She hugs me tight as I crash into her. Shes much bigger than me and able to pick me up and twirl me around. Shes not one to be happy or smile or cry. Now, she was doing all three. "Jilly! I was so worried about you! My mom wouldnt let me go see you! I've been bitting my nails for a week. Look at them! I;m not lying!" She showed me her short, jagged nails.

"Haha. I love you Hannah!" I laugh. "I missed you so much. I've been looking forward t oo seeing you this whole time. You and no ones else!"

"Good to know!" She laughs and puts me down. We smile at eachother before she says. "Come on, If we're late Mrs. B will have our heads." She draws her finger across her neck. Hannah is a bit of a history buff. She likes to quote it.

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