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After arriving at the battleground, Kawada witnesses the battles between the Espada and his allies.

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Grasping hold of my nameless zanpakuto, I ran forwards. Whipping wildly around me, my shihakusho caught the morning breeze. Drawing my blade, I was ready to attack… Ready to slice the head off of that small ugly arrancar.
Then it hit me.
Spiritual pressure. MASSIVE spiritual pressure. It was suffocating. I had obviously moved too close. But where was it coming from?! From what I could see, there was only that creature with the tentacles and the small, strange looking child.
Urahara collapsed, falling from his position in the sky, smoke trailing from the back of his dark robe.
“Hahahahaha!!” laughed a massive figure, who had suddenly appeared in the space that had previously been occupied by Urahara. Raising one fist to the sky, its mouth, outlined by a jaw line of bone-like mask, twisted into a large, insane, smile. “That was a BALA!!” It roared down at Urahara, laying motionless on the ground beneath him. “A projectile of hardened spiritual energy!” Pausing, it lowered it’s hand to it’s face and observed bright red spiritual energy collect around it’s fist. “Not as strong as a Cero…but…” Thrusting its hand downwards, it fired of the blast. It moved at inconceivable speed. “About twenty times faster!!”
Laughing manically, the figure bent forwards and began to repeatedly fire of the blasts.
“DIE!!” it roared. “Die, you sandal wearing freak!!”


All I could do was stand and watch as Urahara was pummelled by the repeated Bala blasts. I attempted to cry out and scream, but no sound escaped my terrified lips. Collapsing to the floor, I realised that the effect of the spiritual pressure had finally caught up with me.
Digging my fingers into the earth beneath me, I raised my head in an attempt to see what was going on.
Then, it happened again. Spiritual pressure. It felt as if my entire body were being driven into the ground. It was like I was going to be buried alive.
Suddenly, I noticed something strange. A small patch of grass in front of me was covered in frost. As I exhaled, my breath escaped my lips in billowing torrents of icy smoke.
Shifting my eyes back towards the other arrancar, the one with the tentacles, I recognised someone. Someone with silver hair. Someone with wings of a dragon, formed on his back by overflowing icy spiritual energy. Yes… this was unmistakeable. It was captain Hitsugaya, head of 10th company. And this… was his ultimate ice-type Bankai. Daiguren Hyōrinmaru.
As the captain and the Espada conversed, I realised something. Two of the arrancar’s tentacles had been frozen in ice.
All I could do was watch as the captain raised his blade and turned it ninety degrees counter clockwise. As he did so, several pillars of ice, numbering in the dozens, enclosed around his opponent. Pausing for a second, as the Espada was trapped, he uttered the name of this technique: “Sennen Hyōrō!!”
As the spiritual of the arrancar began to fade, I felt the weight that had, previously, been crushing me into the ground ease off. It was still there, just not as fierce as before. At least now I could, albeit unsteadily, rise to my feet.
Looking up at the figure that had previously attacked Urahara, I heard it speak: “Damn that Luppi!!” So that was the thing’s name. Luppi. “If we underestimate these guys-”
His speech was cut off by the sound of a cheerful, if not slightly goofy, voice.
“Lord Aizen will be terribly ma-ad!!”
It was Urahara. He was standing behind the overly huge figure with one hand cupped around his mouth. He didn’t so much as have a single scratch on him.
Gasping to myself I almost had to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t some kind of twisted dream. Urahara was fine. The enormous figure was surprised. The small, child-like, arrancar was chasing a dragonfly off to the side, oblivious of what was going on.
I didn’t know what was going o, and I didn’t care. I just had to get away from here was fast as possible. Staggering away from the area, I practically tripped over myself in an attempt to get away.
Turning a corner, I exited the park that I had previously been stationed in and turned into an urban area. After travelling for about five minutes, I was almost completely free from the effects of the spiritual pressure.
Then it happened.
I felt it again. Spiritual pressure. Two separate sources. Both of them familiar.
Jerking my head upwards, I caught sight of them.
Ichigo Kurosaki and Grimmjoww Jeagerjaques.
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