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"You can turn around now Beverly. The strange boy isn't showing his pee-pee anymore."

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I'm so glad you guys are liking this! Now on with the story...who is the mysterious and buck naked stranger??? XD

There's a sixteenth of a second of the deepest silence.

"What the FUCK." I say loudly, turning and throwing my hand over my eyes, and trying oh so hard to erase the image of the stranger's more than sizeable dick.

"Easy pal, I didn't know where your towels were," he says in a blase tone. I hear a rustling sound and then a sarcastic, "You can look now Beverly. The strange boy isn't showing his pee-pee anymore."

Skeptically, I turn, looking back to see him draping a t-shirt around his lower half. He stares at me coolly, moving his hand to the bathroom counter, where an ashtray is resting precariously on the edge. Keeping his eyes locked in mine, he picks up a cigarette, MY cigarette, and takes an excruciatingly long drag.


"Who the hell are you?" I say, in what I meant to be an even tone.

He holds his smoke, holds my gaze, then blows it all out in a smooth, exagerrated action. "Frank."

"Ah." I say. I'm so taken aback at this point I have NO idea how to respond to this chainsmoking, well hung, mostly naked stranger. I shake my head back in forth, trying to jostle my brain so that I might be able to figure out something to say.

"Well, 'Frank'. What in the hell are you doing here?" I manage to spit out through clenched teeth, the words falling out in choppy little bits.

He takes another drag, then blows it all out as he walks with a confident stride to the sweetpotato couch, where a bulging bag sits on one of the worn out cushions. He pulls a dark pair of pants and a black shirt, discarding the one he'd been holding around his waist. My eyes squeeze shut again, opening when I hear a cynical chuckle.

"How old are you, four? Have you never seen another guys junk before?" He chimes as he pulls the shirt over his shoulders, then the pants over a pair of classic boxers, which I had thankfully not witnessed him put on.

"Sure." I say indignantly. "I'm just not used to seeing random strangers naked in my room."

"That makes one of us," he mutters around the cigarette dangling in his mouth as he buttons his pants. His head snaps up to look at me as he ruffles his dark hair. He leans back, lounging against the couch like he owns it.

"So I'm guessing you're Gerard then?" He asks me, in an extremely bored tone. More smoke.

I can't even bring myself to answer that question, responding instead with a furious voice that I am just barely, barely keeping in check. "What are you doing here?"

"Your brother said I could stay here." The words are accompanied by a smirk that hides in the corner of his mouth.

My brain is exploding, fireworks and atom bombs and canons going off all at once. Mikey. Mikey.Mikey.Mikey. You are deader than dead. DEADER than deader than dead.

I can only choke out one word. "Really."

Frank nods cheerfully, letting out one more colossal cloud of smoke before stubbing it out in the ashtray, and stubbing out the last shred of my patience.

"Listen Frank, I don't know who the fuck you are, but just because my brother said you could stay here, and for the record he never ever checked that with me and I can't even begin to fathom why he would think that to be a smart idea, and I also have no idea why you think you can just waltz in here and walk around naked and smoke all my fucking cigarettes!" I feel empowered by the end of the speech for a split second, and then I realize how idiotic I sound. Frank's smirk jumps out from the corners, showing itself wide across his sarcastic face.

"Like I said, I didn't know where the towels were. And as for the cigarettes, your brother said I could help myself to anything I wanted." He shrugs at me innocently.

"And you believed him?" I ask, my voice cracking embarrassingly at the end of the sentence.

"Mhm." He responds pleasantly, drying his hair with his fingers.

"He only said that to be nice, you aren't supposed to actually ACT on it!" I say indignantly.

He raises an eyebrow. "Oh. Generally I take what people say at face value.Guess that's the wrong approach."

I am ready to disembowel this asshole. My hands are clenched into fists so tight that I swear my fingers are going to snap. I blink fiercely and turn around, power walking towards the door without giving him a response. I'm reaching for the handle when it swings open, revealing my little brother standing in the doorway.

"Hey Ge-" He starts to say, before I grab him by the collar and push him back out the door, slamming it shut behind me. What started out as a smile has turned into a look of pure terror on Mikey's face. His glasses slide down the edge of his nose and he pushes them up with a frightened expression.

"Mikey. You have ten seconds to explain who that absolute PRICK is and why he is in our room smoking all my cigarettes."

Mikey looks at me, wide eyed. "Guess you met Frank then," he says weakly, his tone raising at the end like he's trying to make a joke.

"Yeahhh. I 'met Frank'. " I snarl.

"Gee I told you on the phone!" Mikey squeaks. "I'm told him he could stay with us! He's been living out of his car and his car got towed and he didn't have anywhere to go!"

Goddamn my brother and his sob stories. Goddamn logic and human kindness.

Exhaling loudly, I stare at my brother through narrowed eyes, trying to find it within myself to be mad at him again, and failing miserably. I lean back against the wall next to him, rubbing my eyes.

"I'm sorry Gee." Mikey says softly. "He didn't have anywhere to go!"

"I know, I know." I say, brushing off his apology. I take another deep breath. "Look I'm gonna go and..." Go do what? I ask myself. With no money and no friends. "Awh fuck it, I'm just gonna go."

I start to walk away when Mikey calls after me. "Gerard!"


He blushes. "You might wanna take your makeup off first."

Groaning loudly, I follow Mikey back into the room, where the hellspawn is sitting calmly on the floor, sprawled out in a lazy position.

"Hey Mikes," He says happily, eyes shining.

"Hey Frank. You settle in alright?" Mikey shifts his eyes awkwardly and almost apologetically towards me.

"Just fine!" Frank replies in a singsong voice. This boy sets my teeth on edge.

"That's good." Mikey says, in a voice so quiet and uncomfortable that it somehow makes me feel guilty, though I have nothing to feel guilty about.

There's an increasingly awkward silence, which I break by walking to the bathroom and turning on the faucet. I splash the icy water on my face, trying to wash away my irritation and discomfort as best I can. I can feel both Mikey and Frank's eyes on me as I wipe my face off on my t-shirt, trying to regain some ounce of my composure, though I never really had all that much to start out with.

"Well...I'm gonna go. I'll see you when I see you," is my departing statement, which is met with a cheerful goodbye from Frank and a soft see ya from my brother. I do my best not to slam the door this time.

I sprint down the hallway, taking the stairs instead of the elevator as I rush to my car. I have absolutely no clue where I'm going as I jump into the front seat, fumbling with my keys as I jam them into the ignition. I try and slow my breathing down as my wheels screech against the pavement and I race towards the road.

Ten minutes later I am sitting in the lot of a public park where I used to play as a kid, only in the daytime and always heavily supervised. Everything is rusted over, and it looks the way I imagine it would right after a dust storm- all coated in orange and deep red granules. I shut the car door behind me, embracing the icy air on my face. Then sun is setting, casting an eerie glow over everything in it's transition.

I walk along countless paths, mostly alone except for the occasional stoner or horny teenage couple. Though I came out here to think, my mind is completely blank for the most part. I have very few thoughts as I weave in and out of the woods, along the trails until I have come to a full circle, at which point I climb, feeling strangely childlike, to the top of a slide, sitting on top with my knees pulled up against my chest.

All my emotions have suddenly fallen away, and I am sitting alone, feeling absolutely bare. Being a generally emotional human being, I'm not used to this level of calmness, and I find it mildly disturbing.

My mind replays the events as they unfolded after I arrived home, and even that does nothing. I feel no anger towards my brother, and only the slightest twinge of irritation towards his friend, now our roomate. Acceptance washes over me, foreign and completely controlling. I can't just kick the boy out; he's clearly close with Mikey, and anyone who's good enough to be close with Mikey is good enough for me. I can deal. Even if he DID smoke all my cigarettes. Besides, from what I've seen he will definitely make things more interesting, and I could certainly use some level of change in my currently banal, repetitive lifestyle.

The cold begins to get unbearable, biting at me with vicious, sharp teeth. With a resounding sigh, I push myself forward, feeling giddy as I whiz down the slide, a little boy for just a few seconds. With a small smile I shove my hands into the depths of my pockets, my hair whipping around my face as I walk back to my car.

I don't even realize how late it is until I glance at the clock in the lobby. It's 2 am.

"Damn." I mutter to myself as I climb the stairs. I stop before entering our room, taking a deep breath to prepare myself incase Frank is awake and continues to push every button I've got. I exhale and push the door open.

All the lights are off, except for the little bit of moonlight that oozes through the window. I discard my jacket on the counter, almost missing it.

In a tiny beam of moonlight that hits the counter sits an unopened pack of Marlboro Reds and a slick black lighter. Underneath it is a piece of paper, a foreign handwriting scribbled over it.

Hey, bad start I know. But try and give me a chance. I'm usually only three fourths as annoying as I was today.

Ten minutes later, I'm still smiling to myself as I blow gorgeous, delicate streams of smoke out our tiny window.

Maybe, just maybe, I can learn to deal.

Happy ending, but don't worry, there's plenty of chaos ahead. What'd you think? Is Frank just a prick, or did Gerard overreact? Will the cigarettes fix it all? Rate and Review and let me know your thoughts. Thanks for those who responded on the others. Your feedback makes me more enthusiastic which equals more updates! xoxo
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