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Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Gerard’s P.O.V:

“Come in.”
I stumble inside to be greeted with the curious, accusing stares of twenty different pupils and the questioning look of who I presume id Mrs. Brown and who seriously resembles a sadistic vulture with glasses.
“Ummm..I..Uhh…” I mumble incoherently.
“Yes?” Mrs. Brown presses, looking a little suspicious.
“Uhhh…I’m new here today.” I stutter nervously.
“Ahh yes, what your name?”
“Umm.. Gerard. Gerard Way.” I say, feeling my cheeks redden.
“Welcome to Madras, Mr. Way- take a seat please.”
I glance briefly at the rest of the class who are still staring at me. My cheeks go redder still and I shuffle towards my assigned seat, staring at my shabby converses.
Even when I’m sitting down, I can still feel their stares boring into my back.

Frank’s point of view:

Teardrops of rain soak through the scruffy black fabric of my favourite stripy red hoodie as I walk along endless, dreary, suburban streets to school, dragging my feet along the pavement and scuffing my black doc martens.
It’s a cold, damp, depressing October Monday morning and once again, I’ve spent most of the weekend dreading school. It’s like hell. But ten times worse. Not that I’d know actually, but…yeah. It sucks.
For once, I’m actually early, even though I dawdled on the way to school, and by the time the bell rings, I’m slumped at the back of my from room.
“Morning faggot.” Liam, a.k.a. Total dickhead, turns round from the desk in front and smirks scornfully at me.
“Fuck off.” I mumble. I’m not in the mood. Not that I’m ever in the mood to be called names, but today I’m feeling totally shitty from spending most of the night awake, dreading this morning.
I have a feeling today is gunna be one of those days that gets so shit, I end up skiving again. I mean, its not exactly easy being gay when everyone knows and hates you for it. Yep, school really sucks.
Mrs. Brown, our form teacher (whose beady eyes and beaky nose really remind me of some kind of evil vulture), has just started calling the register when there’s a soft knock on the door.
“Come in.” She calls, putting down her red biro.
The door swings open and a guy around my age walks in, looking at his feet.
I can’t help but gasp.
Liam and his equally foul mate, Aled turn round and snort at me. I blush furiously, clenching my fists angrily.
The guy who’s just walked in is fucking gorgeous; the most stunning person I’ve ever set eyes on. He has messy, inky black hair falling over his eyes as he stares at the floor, his head bowed. Even though I can’t see his face properly, I can tell how amazingly gorgeous he is- I can see glimpses of an adorable button nose, soft, pink lips and a ghostly- white pallor. The boy is skinny and wearing scruffy, ripped black skinnies with a studded belt, black converse and a black The Misfits hoodie; this just adds to his perfection- The Misfits is my all time favourite band.
Mrs Brown looks questioningly at him and I see his ghostly- white skin pinken.
“Ummm..I..Uhh…” He mumbles, nibbling his lower lip and staring at the floor.
“Yes?” Vulture face says impatiently, tapping her biro on the desk.
“Uhhh…I’m new here today.” He bites more viciously on his lower lip. Looking at his soft, slightly chapped lips makes my stomach do an unexpected back flip...
Get a grip Frank! I tell myself furiously. I mean, a guy that gorgeous wouldn’t look at me twice…even if he was gay…
“Ahh yes, what your name?” Mrs. Brown asks.
I’m so busy staring at him, but at the same time, trying to stop myself staring, a million confusing thoughts whirling through my head, I miss him tell Vulture face his name.
“Welcome to Madras, Mr. Way- take a seat please.” Mrs. Brown forces a “welcoming” smile onto her frowning face and points to the front desk.
He glances up at the class before going to his seat, raven- black hair falling away from his face, revealing long, dark lashes and wild, uncertain, anxious, creative, uniquely startling greeny- hazel eyes rimmed with smudgy black liner. I feel my stomach perform a series of back flips as I gaze into them for a couple of seconds before he drops his gaze to the floor and shuffles towards his desk.
Moments later the bell for first lesson goes and everyone scrambles for the door, eager to escape the wrath of vulture face.
I get up, making for the door before Liam and Aled block my way, ready to tease and taunt me.
But for once, I hardly care.
Gerard’s point of view:

The bell rings and there’s a sudden scramble for the door. I hang back and keep my head down as I make my way to physics. Luckily, I manage not to get lost, arrive on time and flop down in a seat near the back.
Our physics teacher is middle- ages with a mass of greying, springy curls which give the impression she’s been electrocuted.
She’s really enthusiastic; going into great depth on “how bats hear”, but she’s lost me in five minutes and I give up trying to concentrate. Instead, I ink a trio of bats on my physics book and am relived when the bell finally goes.
That is, until I remember it’s Maths.
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