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Chapter Three

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Evil maths teachers, Misfits, new friendships and skiving xD

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thank you sooo much for the reviews! :D here's the nxt chapter... enjoy and review to let me know what you think xD

Chapter Three

Gerard’s point of view:

I reluctantly make my way to maths, getting lost at least three times and ending up ten minutes late for class.
I knock gingerly on what I hope is the right door and go in.
The teacher is tall, balding and brutal- looking and introduces himself as Mr. Jones.
“Take a seat then, Mr. Way.” He sighs, after questioning me briefly.
“Uhhh…where?” I mumble stupidly, feeling my cheeks pinken.
“At the back there, next to Mr. Iero.” Mr. Jones says tiredly, rolling his weak, watery eyes.
I keep my gaze focused on the floor as I make my way to the back of class, not wanting to look up at the curious stares from the other pupils.
I reach my assigned desk and sit down without even glancing at my neighbour, keeping my eyes on the graffitied desk in front of me until Mr. Jones goes back to explaining some sadistic looking equations on the whiteboard.
I sigh a little shakily and relax slightly as the curious stares directed at me turn to the whiteboard.
“Hi, I’m Frank.” A soft, slightly husky whisper beside me makes me jump a little. It’s quiet enough for Mr. Jones to let it go unnoticed.
I look up and find myself gazing into a pair of intense, deep chocolaty brown eyes with heavy lids and spiky lashes, the lower lids rimmed with smudgy black just like my own. His hair is a layered, choppy dark chestnut with a cute side fringe shielding half his left eye from view. His skin is smooth, pale and flawless, his lips soft and full as he smiles slightly apprehensively at me. He has three piercings in his left ear and as my eyes drift down to his mouth again I notice he has a silver ring pierced through the right side of his lower lip. Looking at it makes my stomach jump a little; probably imagining the needles involved- I hate needles. But the lip ring really suits this guy..
I suddenly realise he’s just introduced himself and I’ve just been staring at him for like, a whole minute. And for no particular reason. Shit.
“Uhh.. Hi.” I mumble embarrassed. “I’m uh, Gerard.”
Frank grins at me then, his dark eyes twinkling.
“You like The Misfits then?” He asks, glancing at my hoodie.
“Yeah, they’re awesome.” I say shyly.
“I love them- they’re like, my favourite band ever!” Frank grins cheekily at me.
“Cool.” I smile shyly, relaxing a little. Frank seems pretty nice- and he likes The Misfits.
I suddenly realise the army of butterflies wearing hobnailed boots in my stomach has finally disappeared.

Frank’s point of view:

I’m sitting in maths, bored outta my fucking mind as Mr. Jones drones on and on about some mathematical shit.
I sneak my phone out of my pocket when his backs turned, glance at the time and groan; it feels like I’ve been here at least half an hour, but it’s only been ten minutes.
There’s a knock on the door and the new guy from my form class walks in. my stomach does a triple somersault- he’s even more gorgeous than I remembered.
Mr. Jones pauses long enough from torturing the class with equations to tell him to sit at the back. By me.
The new guy shuffles over to my desk, flops down beside me and stares at the tabletop, his curtain of ebony hair hiding his face.
“Hi.” I hear myself whisper as Mr. Jones returns to torturing the class. “I’m Frank.”
The new guy looks up.
Oh god, he’s even more gorgeous close up; his startling, unique greeny- hazel eyes wide and anxious with tiny flecks of chestnut brown in the iris, those beautiful, long, dark lashes, smooth deathly- pale cheeks and his soft, pink lips, slightly chapped, as if he’s been nibbling them nervously. I feel like I’m melting under his hypnotic gaze as he stares at me for a few moments.
“Uhh.. Hi.” He mumbles, dropping his gaze. “I’m uh, Gerard.”
Despite myself, I grin- Gerard- what a cute name.
“You like The Misfits then?” I ask, more as an excuse to hear his irresistible voice than to make conversation.
“Yeah, they’re awesome.” He says softly, ducking his head a little, a shy smile tugging at the corner of his lips.
His voice is soft but slightly ragged and when he speaks my whole body breaks out in Goosebumps and my stomach somersaults.
I try and get a grip. This is fucking ridiculous. I don’t even know Gerard- he could be an insane, sadistic, mass murderer for all I know. But seriously, with a face that cute, does it really matter?!
“I love them- they’re like, my favourite band ever!” I grin at Gerard, only to be rewarded with Gerard’s adorable smile. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever.
We sit in silence for a while and I’m horribly aware of the heat coming from his body and how his thigh is only millimetres from mine…I hurriedly try and focus my brain on something else.
“Uhh… Frank?” Gerard’s staring at me, his startling eyes full of anxiety. “You okay?”
I suddenly realise my face is screwed up with concentration, trying (and failing) to focus my disobedient brain anywhere but Gerard, I haven’t done any maths in my jotter and there’s only ten minutes to the bell… wow that went fast..
“Uh, yeah…I’m fine.” I mumble, bending over my jotter. As I do so, my thigh accidentally brushes against Gerard’s, making my spine tingle and butterflies flutter in my stomach.
I sit in agony for the remaining ten minutes, mind racing, heart thumping wildly in my chest, biting my lip so hard I can taste blood.
Finally the bell rings.
“What you got next?” I ask Gerard, who looks a little lost, running his long, pale, delicate fingers through his tangle of ebony hair and nibbling his lower lip anxiously.
“Uhh… PE I think.” He mumbles, nibbling his nails now as we file out of the horrible torture chamber (more commonly known as maths room 7).
“Me too.” I groan, though secretly I’m thrilled to have another lesson with him, especially PE… against my will, images flash through my mind… Gerard changing for PE… Gerard in shorts… Gerard’s soft, smooth, ghostly pale skin… SHUT THE FUCK UP BRAIN!!!
“I hate PE.” Gerard sighs as we walk down the crowded corridor together.
“Me too. Wanna skive?” The words are out of my mouth before I have a chance to consider them.
Gerard hesitates for a second, his greeny-hazel eyes flickering from me to the PE bag in his hands. Then-
“Cool, follow me- quick!” I say, ducking through the mass of swarming pupils and down a quieter corridor to the left, Gerard behind.
“We’ll go where I usually go- I haven’t been caught there yet- nobody really goes there during school hours.”
“You skive a lot then?” Gerard says with a cute grin.
“Uhh… yeah.” I grin sheepishly at him. “Kinda. Anyways, here we are.”
I glance around to make sure nobody’s watching, then carefully twist the handle of the cleaner’s storeroom and sneak inside, Gerard close on my heels.
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