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Chapter Four

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Frank and Gerard skive PE together and get to know each other :) little bit more frerard in this one xD

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Thank you sooo much for the reviews they make me happyyy lol :D keep them coming i really wanna know what you think of this one :) the more reviews i get, the quicker i'll update :)
anyways, sorry this one is a bit short but i hope you enjoy it! xD

Chapter Four

Gerard’s point of view:

I’m sitting, cross legged on the floor of the cleaner’s storeroom with Frank, each of us smoking a slightly squashed cigarette from my jeans pocket.
“So do you actually go to any lessons or do you just skive them all?” I grin at Frank, taking a drag on my cigarette and noticing what nice cheekbones he has.
Okay… that was weird…
“Uhh.. No, unfortunately not. I have to go to some lessons or they notice I skive.” Frank laughs, exhaling, the smoky breath tickling my cheeks. “But I pretty much always skive PE- I hate it- the only thing I’m any good at is arm wrestling!” he laughs again, choking a little on the smoke.
I laugh too. “Yeah right! I’m shit at arm wrestling but I bet I could beat you!”
“Go on then!” Frank grins cheekily, plonking his elbow down on the floor.
I giggle and put my elbow on the floor too, facing his. Then I grasp his hand.
I stoop giggling then, because when I touch the soft, warm skin of his palm, my stomach jumps and I break out in goose bumps…. Okay.. This is seriously freaky….
I look up at Frank; he’s’ looking right at me, his deep chocolate eyes intense as he chews his lip, his expression unreadable.
It’s like he’s a magnet… I feel myself moving closer to him… closer… but then I remember that Frank is a guy. And I am too. And this is weird with added weirdness.
“Uhh…” I stutter, pulling back, my thoughts in turmoil.
Frank is now the colour of the fire extinguisher behind him.
Things are getting way too weird and intense for me to handle, so swallowing my confusion, I suddenly slam his hand down with mine.
“Ha!” I say, albeit slightly shakily. “Beat you!”
Frank seems to snap back into reality.
“No fair…” He moans.
Shivers run down my spine.
It is cold in here. That would explain it.
“You didn’t say go!” Frank complains.
“Tough.” I grin. “I-“
“Shhh!!!” Frank whispers suddenly.
“Wha-” I begin, then stop abruptly as I hear footsteps marching down the corridor, growing closer to the storeroom…
“Shit!” I gasp as Frank jumps up, grabs me round the waist and drags me into the built-in storage cupboard behind us, pulling the door shut and enveloping us in darkness.
We hear the storeroom door swing open and someone wearing heels marches inside.
The footsteps grow closer to the cupboard Frank and I are squashed into and he pulls me closer, away from the slightly open cupboard door.
Suddenly I can’t breathe. I totally forget that I’m about to get caught skiving and smoking on my first day.
All I can feel is Frank’s warm, smoky breath against my neck, making the tiny hairs stand up on end and sending shivers down my spine. I feel warm all over, but at the same time shivery and my stomach is tied into anxious knots. Frank’s arms are wrapped round my hips from dragging me into the cupboard and his breath on my neck is shaky, uneven. My own breathing is a little shaky and my hearts pounding crazily in my chest…
What the fucking hell is wrong with me today?!
I mean, it’s not like I fucking fancy frank or anything. I can’t- he’s a guy. And I’m not gay.
And I seriously don’t want to fuck things up with the first proper friend I’ve had in years.
Ahhh yes! That’s what I’m feeling. Friendship. Yes. Definitely.
The footsteps have paused just outside the cupboard. I tense anxiously and frank pulls me even closer so his nose is buried in my neck.

Frank’s point of view:

Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! What the hell was I thinking?!
This was a seriously bad idea. Okay, spending more time with Gerard probably wasn’t wise, but now we’re squashed into the tiny storage cupboard together, my arms round his waist…
It would have been better for the teacher to have caught us.
We hear the teacher walking through the storeroom door and shutting it behind them. They’re approaching the cupboard me and Gerard are squashed into… I clutch him closer, my arms still round his skinny waist from dragging him into the cupboard.
I’m much too close to him; I can smell charcoal, smoke, passion fruit shampoo, coffee and fear. His gorgeously scruffy raven- black hair is tickling my cheeks, my lips, my eyelids, my nose buried in his soft, lily-white neck.
My breathing is coming in stifled gasps and my hearts thumping wildly in my chest, so loudly I’m sure Gerard can hear it.
The footsteps pause outside the cupboard and I feel Gerard tense in my arms.
I pull him closer still, my nose pressed against his neck where I can feel the pulse fluttering and jumping, so I guess he’s pretty scared we’re gunna get caught.
Suddenly the pitch black cupboard is full of light and Mrs. Brown’s vulture like face appears right in front of us, looking ready to kill…
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