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Prom, sleepovers and insecurities

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Long chapter to say I'm sorry for not updating for so long :3

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Me and Annabel ran upstairs and laughed at our excited faces. It was half 3, and the boys were picking us up at 8:30. We had 5 hours!
I showered first while Annabel went home to get the shoes she'd forgotten. While Annabel showered I quickly went to the shops and bought two face packs.
With 4 1/2 hours left, we sat listening to MCR's demo CD, our faces an un-natural blue colour.
After an hour we got our dresses on. Annabels was blue, with fish net detailing. It was beautiful. I pulled on my dress. I'd searched for it for ages, and couldn't find what I wanted , to I bought a plain black dress and made it myself. It was black, And the front went to my knee, and it got longer until the back was just above the floor. There was a slit at the front, exposing the red satin underskirt, and netting skirt under that i'd sewn on. The top was also black, with netting across the top, and a thin strip of red ribbon across my hip. *Yes, I'm trying to explain the 'Helena' music video dress! that's what I had in mind. This is a good pic to show what I mean *      
My hair had now grown to a couple of inches below my shoulder, and I had curled it. It now hung just on my shoulders, still jet black. Annabel had twisted her long brown hair up, little ringlets fell around her face.
With an hour and a half left, we started on makeup. Annabel kept hers simple, a slick of black eyeliner and mascara was all she needed. I put on black eyes liner, and smudges of black and red eye shadow. 
By the time we'd finished, we had 10 minutes left to pack a small handbag each and we were done. 
We heard the doorbell ring, and Annabel ran down to answer it while I put on my ballet flats. I heard murmered voices downstairs, and flocked off my bedroom light, turning back to pick up my camera and shove it in my bag. I took a deep breath and walked down the stairs. Everyone turned and looked at me, and I felt myself blush. Mikey was beaming, his smile taking over his face. The guys were all dressed pretty much the same, jet black jeans, black shirts and red ties. Mikey had his black beanie hat on as usual. When I reached the bottom ofthe stairs he took my hand and kissed it softly. 
"Hello beautiful" he said and pulled me into his arms.
"Hey" I said into his shoulder. He released me, and slipped his arm around my waist. We all climbed into mine and Franks cars. Me mikey and gerard were in my car, Frank Annabel and ray were in his.Gerard drove and I sat in the back with mikey.
"You look stunning" he whispered in my ear and I squeezed his hand. we arrived at school not long after, and saw the floods of people heading inside. We all met up and walked in together. The school hall had been covered in balloons, streamers ect, and there were people filling the dancefloor. We talked around the edges for a while, dancing occasionally. Then a familiar song cam on. Thunder by boys like girls. This was pretty much me and mikeys song, so he pulled me onto the dancefloor and places his arms around my waist. I draped my arms around his neck, and we swayed in time to the music.
"I can't get over how beautiful you look tonight" he said, smiling not only with his mouth but with his amazing eyes.
"You look great as well" I smiled and went to kiss his cheek. He turned his head at the last minute so the kiss landed on his lips.
"Sneaky" I whispered and kissed him again, this time longer. His lips were soft and warm, and the feeling of them on mine never failed to make my heart race. The song finished and we walked to re gain the guys. The rest of the night passed in a blur of music, laughing, flashing lights and possibly a few too many WKD's. When the prom officially finished, we went back to the cars, and drove the short journey home. we were all staying over at mikey and gerards house. Tomorrow was going to be our last day before the tour, so we decided to stay up late after prom. We for back to the way brothers house at about half past 11, and as soon as we got in mikey dragged me to his room.
"Wont be long guys, just gotta show Emma something" mikey called over his shoulder
When we got into his room he crushed his lips to mine without a word, his arms pulling me tight against him. There was no hesitation in his kisses any more, after a year of being together, he knew I wasn't going to push him away. His lips were eager as they moved against mine. His Tongue brushed my bottom lip, asking for permision. I parted my lips and felt his Tongue against mine. He nibbled my bottom lip, full of aggression and passion. He was a totally different person when he kissed me, like he forgot about being shy. My back was pressed against the wall and mikey had moved his hands to my hips, grabbing at the material of my dress. His lips moved down to my neck and I was left gasping for breath.
"God I love you mikey" I urged as he kissed down my neck. one of his hands slipped down and lightly skimmed over my thigh. I was looking up at ceiling, when his hands cupped my face and made me look right at him. 
he sighed and I kissed the corner of his mouth.
"Whats up mikes?" 
"This is gonna be difficut in a tour bus bunk" he sulked and I giggled.
"Im sure it will be... interesting" I said.
He moved his lips to my neck, finding the one spot I was extreamly sensetive on, and started to kiss it, his lips lingering on my skin. I felt the pressure increase as he started to suck on my neck.
"Mmmmh mikey" I was all I could manage. His lips stayed in one spot, his teeth lightly grazing the skin. I suddenly realised what he was doing, and pushed him away. I ran to the mirror and looked at my neck. Sure enough, there was a red mark where his lips had been.
"You gave me a hickey you arse hole!!!" I said appauled, giggling slightly.
"Im sorry, you just taste so good!" he said and I pulled him into my arms again.
"Im gonna get changed I whispered in his arm and kissed his cheek. I skipped to his wardrobe, where there was a great number of my clothes stored. I pulled out some red spotty pj bottoms, and one of mikeys t-shirts. I skipped back over to him, kissed his cheek again, and the went to the bathroom to get changed. When I came back mikey was sitting on the bed. I sat on his lap and kissed him softly.
"Hmmm, stealing my clothes are we? well, if your wearing my clothes I get to wear yours!" he said 
He walked to the wardrobe and pulled out my spongebob t-shirt. He took off his shirt, and I smiled at the sight of his beautiful chest before he attemped to pull my shirt on. His shoulders were a lot broader than mine, so he couldn't quite get it on. I sat laughing at him struggling with it, and then went over to help him.
"Hmmm, I wanted to wear your clothes" he grumbled and I giggled.
"You look better with no shirt" I mumbled, running my hand over his bare chest. 
"uh-uh-uh, if you're wearing clothed then so am i!" he said and pulled out a random shirt. I looked at the hickey on my neck again.
"hmmm, what am I going to do with this" I sighed
"Leave it" he said kissing the marked spot "It'll remind you of me! like a tattoo!" he said and I kissed his nose
"Your just too cute" I giggled and pulled him from the room.
When we got downstairs everyone else was in their pj's. I sat on mikeys lap and he kept whispering in my ear. We were having an excited conversation about the tour in a couple of days.
Mikey and me had sort of drifted into our own conversation. 
"How long have we been together?" I asked him
"Ermmm, a year, one month, two weeks, 3 days and I guess 3 hours 23 minutes?" he said and smiled
"Hmmm, well I've loved every second of it" I said and he took my hand in his. he kissed each one of my finger tips and then ran his finger though my now slightly curly hair. 
later that night me and mikey were curled up together in his little bed, and I could feel mikeys breath in my ear.
"Emma?" he whispered
"Yes mikey?"
"Do you love gerard?" he blurted out
"Like a brother I do yeah" i said slightly confused
"But do you LOVE him?" he asked. I turned myself around him his arms so that I was facing him. His eyes looked worried. I cupped his face in my hand.
"Mikey, what's all this about" I asked him
"Its just, I don't know, the way you act around gerard, it's so comfortable, and I thought maybe you loved him, but was stuck with me" he said, looking genuinly upset
"Mikes! of course I love gerard. Like a brother. Like I love frank, and ray, like a love Annabel. I don't love him like I love you, honey. I could never love anyone like I love you. Your the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm comfortable around gerard, but I'm smitten around you. I'm sent to heaven just by being close to you. It's like a miriacle. Don't ever worry about anything like this. Any time you think to yourself 'does she love him more than me?' just tell yourself no. Because you'll always be right because I'll never love anyone more than this" I said and gently pulled him towards me. His lips crushed mine and I smiled against his kiss. His cool Tongue ran across my bottom lip and I parted my lips. his sweet breath filled my mouth and I felt his Tongue lightly brush mine. After kissing for a few minutes he pulled away and looked deeply into my eyes.
"Im so sorry Emma. I paniced and thought maybe you weren't happy with me." he said, looking guilty
"Well I'm extreamly happy" I smiled
"Thats good to hear mrs way" he smiled and kissed me quickly 
"Mrs way?" I questioned him
"well, not yet, but maybe one day..." he trailed off and gave me the cutest look ever
"Deffinitly one day" I reassured him and he kissed the top of my head.
"Your too good to me" he mumbled
"Mmh, you deserve the best" I replied, my eyes closing on a perfect night.
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