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Tour time

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The next day Mikey came with me to my house to pack for the tour. We would be gone for about 5 weeks, so I was taking 2 cases. I shoved in skinny jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and stuff. on the top of one of the cases I places the letter mikey had written to me just under a year ago. 
"Whats that?" he said when he saw me take it out of my draw.
"Its the letter you write me, telling me how much you love me. You told me to read it every day, so I do" I said
"That is the sweetest thing ever!" he giggled. Once the packig was done the day was nearly over. Mikey was staying at mine that night, so we lay in my bed, mikey wearing one of the various pairs of pajamas he had stored at my house
"Im actually really excited about the tour" I smiled
"Hmmm, I'm excited to. Bus bunks are fun" he giggled quietly. I ran my fingers though his hair and felt him shiver. 
"As long as there's a coffee machine I'll be happy" I smiled and he kissed my nose. It was weird that after a year of being together, even small gestures from him felt special. The way he said my name, or kissed my cheek, even the way he held my hand, never failed to make my heart race. 
The alarm was set for 8 AM and when it went off me and mikey groaned in unison. 
"Mikey baby, we have to get up. We don't wanna be late" I mumbled, watching mikey bury his head further into the pillow. he really wasn't a morning person.
When I finally pulled him out of bed with the promise of coffee and a kiss, we got changed and Carried my bags down the stairs. Mikey loaded both of them into his car while I said goodbye to my mum.
"Be good sweety" she mumbled into my hair, and pressed something into my hand. I looked down and saw that shed placed condom packets into my hand. I rolled my eyes and shoved them into my pocket. She hugged mikey as well.
"Ill look after her" he promised and my mum smiled
"I know you will"

We drove to Franks house where the bus was picking us up. It was already parked out front, and it was actually pretty big. We walked up the steps into the bus and saw everyone was already inside. 
"EMMMAAAA!" Frank screamed and hugged me
"frraaaannnkkkiie..?!" I laughed and pulled away from him "How many skittles have you had?"
"Errrrrrmmmmmmmmm, only 2 packets" he smiled and jumped up and down. Annabels hugged me and then went to sit with Frank. I gave Gerard a hug, and then looked over at mikey, his face slightly worried.
I strolled up to him and wrapped my arms around him. I pulled him close and placed a few light kisses on his neck.
"Just a friend" I whispered in his ear, and then quickly kissed his lips. When I pulled away, the worried look had been replaced with a huge smile.
"Wheres ray man?!" I asked, noticing rays absense.
"Figuring out which bunk he wants, none of us are really bothered, it's just a place to crash" Gerard said, and I took mikeys hand. Ray had his head sticking out of the top bunk on the left hand side..
"I like this one!" he smiled and we laughed.
Mikey took the bottom bunk on the right, and I took the one opposite him. When we were all ready, we set off for our first destination, small festival somewhere up north.
I had a scarf on to cover up the hickey that was a deeper shade of red this morning. Mikey stole it, so I chased him down the bus and pulled off his favourite beanie hat. I shoved it on my head and smiled at him. he poured so I kissed him sweetly, letting lips linger on his before pulling away, and skipping off in the other direction. 
by the time we got to the festival it was 2 PM. The guys weren't on till later that evening, so they went for sound check as soon as we got there. Me and Annabel were wondering round when something caught my eye. I pointed it out to Annabel and she smiled. We walked towards the tent with a sign saying 'tatto's and piercings' over the top. I'd wanted a lip ring for ages, and there seemed no better time to get one than at a festival with your best friend. We walked inside giggling. I thought Annabel was just coming with me for moral support and stuff, but she sat down and told the woman she wanted a Tongue piercing. I held her hand and she squeezed it tightly. She didn't make a sound. When it was finished she stuck her Tongue out at me, a little silver stud now in the middle of it. It was my turn and I told the woman I wanted a lip ring on the left side of my mouth. I felt the needle go through, but it was over very quickly. I stood up and looked in the mirror. It looked great. We payed the woman and walked out smiling. I couldn't help pushing the ring backwards and forwards with my Tongue as we walked towards the stages that Mikey and the guys had just come off of. 
"Hey bab- WOAH!" he said when he saw me. His fingers brushed me piercing, and a smile flashed across his lips.
"Is that... real?" he asked and I nodded
"yup, just had it done, I was bored so... you know" I giggled
"It looks amazing" he smiled and pulled my lips to his. It felt different kissing with a lip ting. Mikey ran his Tongue across my bottom lip, and used it to play with the ring. 
"Hmmmm, I like it" he whispered and kissed my cheek.
"Annabel got something to" I smiled and turned to her. She stuck her Tongue out and the guys all gasped. Frank quickly pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionatly, obviously eager to try out her new piercing.
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