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Telling Gerard

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This ones quite dramatic :D

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Mikey and me wandered off by ourselves, the warm summer air made my skin tingle. We found a quiet patch away from the crowds and flopped down. Mikey lay on his side a propped himself up with his elbow while I sat cross legged in front of him. 
"that lip ring is so sexy" said and I blushed. Mikey always called me beautiful and cute, but he rarly ever called me sexy. He wasn't a very dirty talking kind of guy. 
I lay down so my face was inches from his. Very slowly the gap between us started to close. Even before our lips met, mikey was breathing unevenly. When his lips finaly brushed mine, the kiss was unbarably sweet. His lips moved with mine, perfectly in sync. He then started flicking at my lip ring with his Tongue, before taking it in his mouth. He nibbled at my lip and I melted into him. His arms were securly around my waist, holding me to him. The kiss was still sweet, romantic and loving. He lay us back onto the grass and his hand pressed into the small of my back. He moved his lips down to kiss my neck, and I wriggled one of my hands under his t-shirt. With my hand in his hair, I pulled his lips to mine once more. The kiss was different than before. He was nibbling at my lip, eager and hungry. His Tongue battled with mine and I giggled as he growled at me.   
"mmmh, you taste so good" he giggled
"What are you, a vampire?" I asked sarcastically
"Maybe!" he said and kissed my neck, nipping it slightly prove his point.
"Come on Baby, we better get back" he smiled and stood up. I stayed on the ground, folded my arms and refused to move.
"Am I going to have to make you?" he said walking towards me, grinning slightly.
He leaned down suddenly and scooped me into his arms. he moved me so I was on his back, my legs wrapped around him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, And leaned my cheek on his shoulder. He turned his head and kissed me sweetly before carrying us though the crowds in the festival. We saw the guys sitting in the sun. As we aproached, we saw that Frank and Annabel were in their favourite position, Snogging each others faces off. At least they were happy. Ray and Gerard were devising a set list for the show. After sitting around for half an hour, me and Gerard went off in search of coffee. I decided I could trust him with how mikey felt. 
"Gee, Erm, I was talking to mikey the other night, and he got really upset, because he thought I was in love with you" i said a looked at him
"Oh..." he said
"Whats wrong gee?" I asked him, confuse by his tone
"Well... I'm disappointed that your not in love with me... Cuz I've been in love with you for years now. I'm happy that your happy with mikey, I just wish it was me you were in love with..." he said. I couldn't speak. I was in shock. 
"Gerard... I'm-" I started but his lips silenced me. I tried to push him off of me but he wouldn't move. When he did break away, I pushed him away from me even further. I turned and saw mikey looking horrified. He turned and ran in the other direction. 
"Now you've done it! You couldn't just let me and mikey be happy could you!" I shouted at Gerard and ran after Mikey. After trying to find him for 5 minutes, I saw him in the spot we'd been earlier, away from the crowds. 
"Mikey" I breathed
"Go away" he said, his voice shaking slightly
"Mikey let me explain before you push me away. I told gerard about how you'd felt I might love him, and he told me he's in love with me. And then he kissed me." I said a sat down next to him.
"So you're going to go off with him now then I guess?" he said, tears falling along his cheeks
"No! why would I? He said he's in love with me, but I'm don't love him that way. What I said to you before about him is still true!!! I DONT love him that way Mikey!!! I seriously don't!!! Mikey, I don't know how many times I've told you this, but I love you mikey. I fucking love you!!! Gerard kissed ME, and I Tried to push him off, but he's bloody strong !!! In compleatly and utterly happy with you, I don't want anyone else. I think maybe you and Gerard should have a word, sort things out. But I'm with you Mikey, and I always will be. Please mikey, don't leave me" I said. He looked up at me, his eyes so beautiful.
"Do you mean it Emma?" he asked me
"Yes Mikey. I love you, not Gerard" I said and he threw his arms around me. 
"I love you to" he whispered into my hair. 
When we got back, Mikey asked ray where Gerard was. He said that he'd gone back to the bus, so mikey went to find him.
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