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The first show

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Mikey POV:
When I got into the van, I walked to the bunks and saw gerard with his face buried in his pillow.
"Bro?" I said
"shit mikey I'm so sorry." he said
"Gerard, can we talk?"
We walked through to the main area and sat opposite each other
"Gerard, I know how you feel about Emma. Why can't you just let us be happy?" I asked him. He lifted his head from where it was hanging in his hands
"Because I love her, I fucking love her Mkey. And I know she doesn't love me to. She loves you man, you don't even need to fucking worry man, because she fucking loves you. You make her so happy, and I guess as long as she's happy then I can't deal with the rest. Mikey, I'm sorry I did that, I just had to kiss her once before she's yours forever" he said and hung his head again. 
"Gerard. I'm sorry your so torn up over this. If you'd fallen for any other girl I'd tell you to go for it, but Gee, I love her so much"
"I know you do bro, and I'll let her go for you, but I just needed her to know" 
I tossed my arms around him and hugged him tightly. I have to admit, he is probably the best brother ever. He was willing to let go of Emma for me.

Emmas POV:
Mikey and Gerard came back, arms around each other. I was relieved they hadn't beaten each other to death. Mikey sat next to me, but didn't touch me in any way. He didn't even hold my hand. A bit later me and Mikey were alone and I asked him what was wrong.
"Mikey, why are you suddenly so distant?" i asked him, taking his hand
"Gerards so torn up over you, I don't want to rub the fact that I get you in his face" He said, looking slightly guilty.
"Mikey, I'm not letting our relationship fall apart. Gerard will move on, he's a strong guy, he doesn't let anything get to him" I said to mikey. 
The guys were going to be on stage soon, so me and mikey walked to the back of the stage where the rest of the band were. Gerard and Frank were talking animatedly about something. Mikey wrapped his arms around my waist and I smiled up at him
"You have really pretty eyes" he smiled randomly
"Thank you.?" 
"No seriously. They're so beautiful. There not just blue, they're all speckled with black and white. so pretty" he said and I pecked him on the cheek. He pulled my lips to his and kissed me properly. Somewhere during the kiss, we heard someone say "Your on in 5 guys" 
I pulled away from mikey and pulled him into a hug.
"Good luck honey, have a great show" I whispered in his ear and kissed him once more.
Annabel linked my arm through hers and we went down to the front of the stage where a crowd was gathering. We got ourselves to the very front and waited for the guys to come on stage. I'd seen them perform before, but never on a stage this big.
When they entered the stage everyone started screaming
"Hello guys!!! We are MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! how the fuck are you?!" gerard said in to the microphone. Everyone screamed in response to his question. 
"Good! This song, is called headfirst for halos!" he said, and the familiar riff broke out. Frank went CRAZY! he was jumping off amps, playing with his guitar neck through Gerards legs, just looking insane in general!! I couldn't help but watch Mikey though. He was more reserved than everyone else, but he looked so damn sexy!!! His eyes met mine a few times, and every time they did he broke into a huge smile. 
After playing for a while, the set was nearly coming to an end. 
"Okay guys, this is gonna be the last song! We'd like to dedicate it to two amazing girls!!! I'd just like to say, Annabel, thank you for finally winning my best friends heart, and Emma, thank you for making my little brother happy, cuz when he's happy, I'm happy" he said, looking at us. "So, this song is called 'the only hope for me is you'" he said. We hadn't heard this song before, so we were pretty excited (NOTE: I know 'the only hope for me is you' wouldn't have been written at this time because it's a new, but this is fictional, and it's such a great song, I had to put it in :])
It was a beautiful song, and by the end, everyone was singing along to the chorus. When the song was nearly finished, me and Annabel made our way out of the crowds and round the side of the stage. I threw myself at Mikey as soon as he came off stage. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him deeply. 
"hmm, what's this special treatment for?" he mumbled in my ear
"For being totally awsome and amazing and totally perfect!" i said.
"Hey! I'm totally awsome and amazing and totally perfect to!!! Why don't I get any treatment like that!" protested Frank, and then we all laughed when hebwas surprised by Annabel jumping on him. We all walked back to the tour bus and while everyone went to their bunks for a bit, me and Mikey sat in the living area, a tub of ben and jerrys between us.
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