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A Show with Two Names

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This story takes place after Endless Watlz but before Hogwarts years. Female Harry not know to those in the wizarding world. Nice Petunia, some what nice Dudley, not so nice Vernon Nice Marge. 01x0...

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This story takes place after Endless Watlz but before Hogwarts years. Female Harry not know to those in the wizarding world. Nice Petunia, some what nice Dudley, not so nice Vernon Nice Marge. 01x02, 03x04 05xSally MoonyxPadfoot, MargexColonel Fubster.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Gundam Wing/AC

Disclaimer I do not own Harry Potter or Gundam Wing but I just did buy the complete season on dvd a week ago.

A Show with Two Names

In Which a Child Finds Their Place

I watched as the land changed as my uncle drove he said we were going to a circus "Go to sleep boy we still have a long way to go." My uncle snapped from the front seat were he and Dudley sat. I closed my eyes trying not to think of aunty who use to sit there. I missed her as did Dudley, he had told me that much before his father pulled him away from me. I wanted to ask why we had to leave Lillian behind but I knew better than to ask questions. It was one of my rules I had so many that some times it was hard to keep who the rules came from. My teachers first rule was to ask questions, but that went against my uncles rule of Don't ask questions boy. I had been pulled aside the first week of school and asked just why I never asked anything. Dudley saved me by butting in and telling the teacher I was just shy. We had only gone that one week before Aunty had to go and Lillian was brought home. We had been kept at home I staid in my room under the stairs.

I never under stood Dudley, he always acted differently when around others. At school he was some what nice to me just like when is was only his mother, him and me but when his father came home it was different Aunty acted different too. I really did not mind but now that Aunty was gone he would have to be mean to me all the time and I did not think he would like it.

Many odd things drifted tough my head as I dozed off, was Aunty with my Mother and Father now, she had once told me they had gone to heaven after that had saved me from something bad but Uncle always said they where lay about drunks and I should have died with them. I hopped Aunty was with them and had told them I missed them and that they should come see me from time to time. I woke when someone touched me softly, my first thought was it was a dream and Aunty was still with us. I blinked when I noticed it was Dudley that was trying his best to wake me without waking his father. I was about to ask what he need me to do for him in case uncle was only pretending to be asleep when he handed me a sandwich he got to go from the dinner we had stopped at last night.

Uncle had given me the job of making sure no one took the car but by the time Dudley and he had finished eating the kitchen had closed so I had to go with out. I was not to hungry anyway I had eaten a lot a Ms. Figgs before we left on our circus trip two days ago.

"Eat quickly and hide the rest in my bag." Dudley told me as he shoved the sandwich in my hand. I did as he said only because the odd look in his eyes. I had just hidden the rest when uncle stated to wake up. He ordered us all out of the car to use the restroom after doing so we got back in and started off once more. I was beginning to wonder how long it took to get to a circus as I had never been.

"We are here" my Uncle said as he parked the car it was way in the back so we had to walk. Dudley made me carry his bag I was using this little side carry that Aunty had said belonged to my mother when she went to school. It was more patches than anything else but I loved it. Dudley had packed it for me as I had been at Ms. Figgs looking over her new kitten, Aunty had told I could have one but she was gone and I just knew Uncle would not let me have one at all. We walked around looking at this and that uncle said the shows started later on. Uncle pulled us along to a odd tent that had a woman with face hairs , a man bending a metal bar, and one that looked like he was swallowing a sword.

I was placed in a seat in the back corner and told to hold a seat from him and Dudley they were going to get food and would be back soon he had given me a note in case someone thought I was lost. He said not to let anyone but me read it as it had our home number on it and bad people might hurt Lillian if they found her. I waited for them to return it, the show had started twice and still they had not gotten back. I sat and watched the show five times and the snake charmer was the funniest. I want to ask him how he got the snake to talk like he did. I ate the rest of the sandwich Dudley gave in the morning when my stomach said it wanted more. The man who had told every one who was coming on stage said this would be the last show for the night made me worry had something happened to Dudley and Uncle had they gone with Aunty that made me think of Lillian, I took the note and slowly opened it. I would call to make sure she was fine, but there where no numbers on the page just the words saying I was where I belonged now and to stay with the rest of the freaks. They had left me but Dudley loved his bag, it had a Leo on it he would not just up and leave it. I pulled it closer to me and looked at the tent door and told me self he would be coming back to get it. It was only when I was awaked be someone shacking me did I notice I had fallen a sleep. I was still holding Dudley's bag my neck hurt somewhat, the people talked most thought I was a run way.

"Hello can I ask what your doing here so late?" asked a man who had played with the talking snakes

"I belong here now and I can not leave." I told him only to get odd looks from most of them.

"What do you mean little one." asked a woman with knives strapped to her side, I handed her the note I had been given. It did not hold any number so they could not hurt Lillian or Dudley if he was okay. I pulled myself tighter from the look she gave clearly I had done something to make her mad. I just hopped her knives did not hurt to much. The next thing I knew I was being hugged it left a lot like the once Aunty gave me after the first day of dare care and when the lady in charge had left us in the room were the block were kept after something odd happened, we never went back.

"You poor thing." said the laid with face hairs as she hugged me. "Lets get you settled in for the night and we will take care of everything in the morning" She told me as she carried me out of the tent the knife lady took Dudley and mine bags.

"My names Cathie Bloom, this is Maggie Matson, we are going to set you up in my trailer for tonight. What is your name?" she asked as they walked and I was carried. I was just amazed at being carried there was never a time I had been carried before that I could remember.

"Harry, but Aunty always told me it was not a proper name for me and Uncle calls me boy all the time but Dudley calls me Airy. He is not to good with his hs and rs but he told me it was a nick name because I like the sky so much and always staring at it when I am aloud out." I told them as we entered a trailer, I tried not to yawn but could not keep it in. "Okay how about a quick bath and than it is bed time mister." Miss Bloom said

"I can take a bath by myself I was aloud to at my auntie's" I told them.

"Alright than let me set the water so that you wont burn yourself shower is a tricky" Miss Bloom said

"What is a shower I thought I was going to take a bath?" I asked as I followed her into what I thought was a loo.

"Oh sorry the trailers we live in are to small to have bathtubs, we have shower stalls will you be okay?" She asked I looked at the shower than back to her. "How about I set on the toilet while you wash and if you need help just say so." She said

"Okay that sound." I told her as I started to get undressed

"You're a girl but you said your name was Harry" She said as I finished .

"I think that is why my Aunty always said my name was not proper, I do not think my Uncle knew as my Aunty said not to tell him. I always did as she said because it was safer that way. Can I wash want to get some sleep and I did not see any cupboards so where am I going to sleep?" I asked she gave me an odd look

"Why would you sleep in a cupboard?" she asked

"That was my room at my Aunties, I liked it cause it had all sort of spiders and Uncle did not like them that much and he could not get in there too." I told her she said nothing after that. It did not take long for me to have me first shower and I knew that from now on any washing I had to do would be done in the shower it was like playing in the rain only I was still warm when I got done. Miss Bloom gave a t-shirt to sleep in and let me share her bed, it was soft. I woke that next morning and realized I needed to cook breakfast for everything that Miss Bloom had let me have and for using her bed. I was about to turn on the stove when I was snatched up from behind "What are you doing? You might get hurt." said Miss. Bloom who must have been out side as the door was open.

"I was going to cook you something to eat for letting me sleep in your bed and wash up. I cook all the time at home when Uncle is at home. Aunty made sure I knew how to be safe when working with the stove." I told her

"Your Aunt and Uncle made you cook for them." she said softly

"No only my Uncle I was not aloud near the stove when it was only Aunty Dudley and me. Uncle was odd he yelled at me all the time he yelled at Aunty once, I think she yelled back at him too cause her cheek was really red when she came back in and showed me how to cook. I like cooking and working with the flowers and herbs in the back yard." I told her

"When you go to other peoples houses you follower their rule right?" She asked

"Of course if I didn't I would get locked in my room" I told her, she looked at me funny

"Okay my one major rule is an adult must cook the meals and handle anything sharp. Who locked you in your aunt or uncle?" She asked

"Uncle always did saying a freak like myself should have it beaten out of me." I told her

"Did he every hit you?" She asked

"No, Aunty always talked him out of it but she would walk oddly for some time after that and did not liked to be hugged." I told her. I sat down at the table waiting for her to cook something to eat and tell me what I was to now. I thought to ask her if I could work with that man who had the talking snake, but I would do as I was told so that I would not get punished. A plate of eggs and fried meat where placed in front on my along with a glass of juice and milk.

"Eat up we need to talk about what is going to happen." she said as she sat her own plait down. I ate slowly just on case she wanted to take the food from me. I did not realize when I had stated to push my food around on my plait till I was asked if I was full. I nodded that I was, I had not been given this much food in a month time and I just new if I ate to much I would be sick. "Okay we there is a lot we have to do today one important thing is contacting the police and reporting your embankment." she said. I froze in the seat trying to think what I had done that need the police called.

"Please do not all them? Tell me what I did wrong I can fix it. I do not want to go to jail I am sorry just do not call them." I begged forgetting all my rules at the threat of the police coming to get me. I not only had I asked questions I had started to cry and whine.

"Hush now, the police will not hurt you. It is their job to help people in need. Now how told you that police will hurt you?" Catherine asked as she pulled me in to a hug. It felt so nice. I had not been hug in a long time Aunty was the only one to ever hug me but she had to go away and I had been left with Dudley and Uncle Vernon, Dudley could not be any kind of nice with his father round. I told her my Uncle had always told me the police would take me way to be locked up because I was a freak. I was surprised when she told me she would not call them. I was about the ask her what chores I would be given today when there was a knock on the door. "Come in." Catharine called with out letting me go. I rubbed my face so who ever was at the door would not be able to tell I had been crying. Two boys who looked about 12 came in to me shock they looked just the same.

"Our mom sent us over to see if it was okay if we show our quest around while you do your job this morning." they said

"That is a fine idea, take Harry to see the every thing boys I had forgotten all the work I need to get done and the fact I have to call my brother too." she said I felt bad did I make her forget to do something.

"Okay, what did you see yesterday?" the one on the left asked

"Um I was told not to leave the tent I was found in so I sat and watch those shows all day." I told them, they each took a hand before pulling me out of the trailer. It was hours later when the lady with face hair said I needed to go back to Catharine trailer to talk. I thought it was about time I was given something to do I just could not stay here for free. They took me back and said they would come and get me for last big top show. When I opened the door the Catharine was sitting at the table but she was not alone. A young man with a very odd hair stile sat across from her. "Harry this is my brother Trowa, Trowa this is Harry the little girl I was telling you about." she said I waved to him before taking a seat. I plait of food was placed in front of me. I looked at it then at the blond who had sat it there. Did he not under stand I had eat more than enough today already. I ate some before pushing the food away. I was worried I might get punished for not eating but knew I would be punished if I got sick. "Why don't you go lie down and rest I am sure Jason and John have run you all over the place." Catharine said and she was right too I was sleepy.

Trowa pov

"I see what you mean, why call us? The police could handle this, it is more their job than ours." I said

Catherine sighed before she spoke. "That child broke down and cried when I said was going to call them and asked me what it was she did wrong so she could fix it. Her so called uncle has told her that the police will take freaks like herself away. From what she has said her aunt and cousin tried to protect her but her aunt went away and Lillian came home. I think the Aunt might have died in child birth and from the sounds of it she might have been harm by her so called husband. I did not know who else to call, that man gave her a note and dropped her off at the side show it said she was where she belonged now. You and I both know some people still call the side show the freak show. In fact she calls herself that at time. She was made to cook for them and if it was not right or she did something wrong she got locked in her cupboard." Cathy told us.

"I see why you call us now I do not think I want to see how the word orphanage would effect her." I said Quatre nodded in agreement.

"As do I but I do not know what we can do with her. I know she can not stay here it wouldn't be good for her." Catherine said

"I think I know what can be done, she might have to stay here for a couple of days so I can get the paper work settled. Heero and Duo might stop by and talk with you both" Quarte said as to stood to leave I could tell he was in a hurry to get started so we could help the child. I had an ideal as to what he had in the works.
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