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Going Back to The Circus

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Same as chapter 1

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Same as chapter 1

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A Show with Two Names

Going Back to The Circus

I looked up when Aunt Catharine was called and spotted Helen and her parents walking my way. It had been almost a year from the time we had meet, she stayed with me for two weeks while Quatre got all the paper work took care of. Heero and Duo came to visit two days after Trowa and Quatre left. They spent the day with Harry and to my surprise brought her back a sleep in Heero's arm no less. It was then they told me Quatre was helping them with trying to adopting her. I was not to worried about her after that I just knew Quatre helping them they would get custody of her even if Lady Une did not help; but I think she might she has a soft spot for children.

When they talked to Harry about adopting her she seemed shocked that someone wanted her. It made me want to go out and find those that hurt her. Sadly the preventers had very little luck doing jut that so I knew I would not be able to so. She agreed to letting them take her in and asked what her name was going to be? They had talked it over and agreed to change her name to Helen Zoë Maxwell-Yuy. "Oh what are you doing here" I asked even if I already knew the answer, this was the day they had picked to celebrate her birthday.

"I wanted to come here for my birthday." she told me

"Oh then it is a good thing I got you a gift then." I told her but before I could give it to her the twins swept her up into a hug "Who is our favorite snake charmer?" they asked at the same time "I am good what have to two been into lately" she asked

"Doing a little of this and a little of that." they said in tandem when they finished they handed her a box with holes in the lid. It did not take her long to open it I was surprised at what was inside. A small snake of some kind raised its little head to look at us. I was about to yell at them for trying to freighting her but stopped short when she cooed at it. "Ahh it is so cute what breed is it?" she asked I looked from her to Heero and Duo

"She like snakes happens to think they are the cutest things in the world. Jason and John asked us a month ago if they could get her as a birthday gift. We agreed it was okay as long as it did not get to big. That breed it called a corn snake they are good snake for first time snake owners." Duo told me it made me rethink the stuffed animal I had gotten last week. When I saw the stuffed owl in to toy store window I had to buy it for her. I got it and some other owls so she could play a game with them and a toy nest box to keep them in.

"So lets go back to my trailer everyone else is waiting there and other members of the crew will stop by when they have time" I said. I was happy to see how far she had come in a years time. Duo's life on the street had helped her relate to him and she just adored Heero. Quatre and Trowa had became loving uncles and Wufei had started teaching her marshal arts. From what I was told in the bi-weekly calls she took to any lesson before her like a duck to water. They thought home schooling her would be best to help her get over any fears she might have. It turns out after her placement test the ones giving it would have recommended home school her scores were off the charts.

Most of the gifts she got where books or models she could build. I was wrong about her not liking my gift. In fact she like it more so than the snake, who she had named Bob, I found it cute she would hiss at it. The party went great she got a gift from almost every one in the circus and those that did not give her one had went in one getting her thinks she would need for snake care.

Helen pov

"So kiddo did you have fun today?" My dad asked from the front passenger seat

"Yeah, I never knew birthday parties could be this fun." I said as I petted Bob

"So why did you name the snake Bob?" he asked

"When I asked him what his name was he said it was Bob" I told him

"What else has he told you?" Father asked

"That Miss Sally taste like Wufei sensei and those that are going to have hatchlings." I told them. They gave each other odd looks and did not ask me any more questions on the ride home. It had been a couple of weeks after my birthday we got the shock of our life time. I was sure I would be shipped off after that. Magic was real and I could use it. All the odd things that happened around me when frightened or angry was something called accentual magic and it was normal what was not so normal was my skill in talking to snakes. We were told it was a rare and thought to be a dark gift in England, but in most parts of the world like Inada, Egypt and Australia anyone with the gift was held in high standers. As some people still worshiped snakes in Egypt and Inada and Australia are home to some of the world most poisons snake. I found it funny my parent thought I was only joking about talking to Bob, Bob found it funny too. The only thing that came from it was being to ask by my Dad what Bob was saying. I started edict lessons after that taught by one of Wufei's relatives who lived on earth. She and my Uncle Quatre had gotten together and went over what I type of lessons I would need. It turned out I needed two type old world lessons for the magical community and modern-day lessons for my every day life.

I protested the old world lesson on the grounds of not under standing the reason why I needed them. I still went to them even if I did not like them, from the way Lady Chang spoke I had very little choose in the matter. I had been going to all these odd lessons for years most to keep me from getting board, as my family had found out me and boredom did not mix well. It was still referred by some of the high ranking Preventers as the day of doom. I mean real I had only used some spare parts to build a mouse robot, father thought it was funny and any thing he thought funny had to be good right?

I realized the importance of the old world lessons after I was asked to host some people around my age at a party Lady Chang was hosting. There was no member of the clan close in age to them and she said Wufei thought of me as kin I could play host to them. It was after the party was over and all the guest had left when Lady Chang asked if I now knew the reason for the old world lessons. I only told her yes my Lady before turning in for the night. I did not complain about any of my edict lessons after that, my only complaints came about when my teacher tried to put me in anything pink. I really disliked the color.

I had almost two year after learning about magic when Lady Chang brought up the fact I should be brought in for blood testing. I could be from an old family as a lot of heirs had gone missing in what she called the blood war. So for my eighth birthday she dressed my whole family in robes and took use to Mage Alley and to the Japan branch of Gringotts. It was there we were given our biggest shock I was not only a missing heir but had over half of my magic block. Some where stander block place on children as babies but other where clearly placed to hold my magic back and if it had been left any longer some of my magical gifts would have been lost to me.

The Goblin who tested my blood made me new keys and distorted the old ones as the location could not be found. The money taken from the vaults would be returned and all items would be recalled and placed in the vault. I could only use my trust vault. They asked me if I would be taking the keys to my cousins trust vault to him. Before my parent could say anything I asked where he was. Even after all these years I still cared for him and Lillian. I had away wanted to know what had happened to him, he told us they were in the care of their Aunt Marge. I took the keys I could use and Dad took the others. That is why we were now on our way out to the English country side of Wiltshire.

I was doing something that all my edict lessons said not to, I was figgiting and really did not care. All I could think of did Dudley remember me did Lillian even know about me. I did not remember Aunt Marge that well I some what remember what she had been told about me but we had never meet so I could only hope she did not believe any of it. "Are you ready kiddo" my dad asked as the car pulled to a stop. I could not bring myself to verbal answer him so I nodded that I was. I took my time getting out of the car, I hugged the bag I had taken from my hope chest Miss Dorthy had gotten it last year for my birthday say it was something that all little girl need in their life. It was to held our hopes the first thing I hand placed in there was Dudley bag.

Father knocked on the door when we reached the steps, I could here dogs barking from inside the house that made the dogs from out behind the house start barking to. It did not take long for someone to answer the door. A man in a doctor's coat answered the door "Can I help you?" he asked

"We called earlier in the week, I talked your wife." Father said

"Oh yes come in sorry to be so rude it has been a stressful week. Come in and I will show you to the sitting room." he said stepping aside to let us in. We where lead to a room that held a soft fire that warmed the room there were some toys for children and dog scattered about the room. He told use to make our self comfy and he would get his family, "Harry" was said from behind me. I had been looking at picture they clearly showed Dudley and two other children one had to be Lillian I did not know the other child it had been taken at a zoo I think. So when my old name was called I almost did not turn to answer it, however the person speacking I knew. I turned to face him only to be wrapped in to a bone crushing hug. "I missed you Harry. I was so worried when that man left you there. I left he might do that, that is why I packed my bag with things for you. Did it help you at all?" he asked I did not have time to answer him as he was asking something else.

"Dudley let her answer your other questions before asking her more son." said a tall woman, she somewhat reminded me of Uncle Vernon and for a split second I was scared at least till a hand was placed on my shoulder, I looked up at my Dad and then to my Father before taking a breath.

"I am good and yes it helped me. I go by Helen now, in fact my name is Helen Zoë Maxwell-Yuy. I brought your bag back to you I know how much you liked it." I said handing out the bag. He laughed than hugged me once more.

"I am just happy to have you back in my life" he said as the man came in from before holding a little girl. Dudley let me go and went over to her and helped her walk over after she was sat down "Lillian this is Helen our cousin I told you stories about." he said I did cry when she hugged me the best a child her age could. The adults went to the other room and let us children talk. I told Dudley of my life and about being magical he asked how to tell if you had magic. I told him of all the odd things that had happened when upset. I told me he thought he might me magical and Lillian too as she always got out of her play pen.

He told of the night I had been left of how he was so mad at Vernon and he refused to call him father after that. About how on their way back they had gotten into a crash with a very large truck and how he found himself on the side of the road. He did not know how it had happened because the last he knew he had been in the back seat. He had been sleepy after that when he woke up next he had been in the local hospital and Aunt Marge was sitting by his bed with Lillian in his arms. He had learned of his father death and the death of his mother in a short time. When what Vernon did to me came to light they had looked for me but as the only missing child reported had been a girl. Which in fact had been me but no one knew I was in fact a girl but Aunt Petunia. They feared the worse but still looked for me.

In the room with the adults

Heero pov

"Can you tell me what happened?" asked Marge Fubster as she took a seat. I sat down in a chair Duo sat next to me.

"You know that child as Harry Potter and for some odd reason a lot of people thought she was a boy. What he got from her painted the years with your brother in a bad light. She hinted that he would lock her up if she miss behaved and would hurt his wife when she protected the children. It took us a long time for her to trust us and our friends. I hate to talk ill of the dead but I know there is nothing good I could say about that man." I said hopping I did not affined her. Helen had always missed Dudley and wanted to know what happened to him and Lillian.

"That is something we will be agreeing on sir." she said

Duo took my hand to get me to talk some more. "She told us of her name when we got the okay to adopt her. The one thing she had always said her name was not proper name. We asked if she wanted a new name she told use it did not matter if a freak like her had a proper name or not. It took a long time to not to get her to call herself that. We gave her the name Helen Zoë Maxwell-Yuy. Helen after the Sister how worked at the orphanage where my partner spent some of his childhood and Zoë meaning life. I take it you know who we are I felt that name could only help her in a way. She was getting a new life with out those that wished her harm. It was only last week we went to find out some things from a friend bank. What I have to tell you might seem odd but I can assure you it is real." I said they nodded at me to go on. "Magic is real Helen has the gift of magic and will one day go to a school to learn how to use that skill." I said the look the husband held told me he knew of the magical world.

"You know about magic?" I asked

"Yes I have no magic my self but had a magical parents when they notice I had no magic of my own they did their best to give me the help I would need to living the non-magic world. We talk when we can, they think that Dudley and Lillian might have magic. I was going to talk with Marge about taking them in for testing to see if they where heirs, but you called and gave us such good news. I thought it best to wait till later on, tough I would like to ask how you found us. I can guess that you had you daughter tested and have a friend in the magical world." he told us.

"Yes, I do not know if you know her. We are friend with a Chang, Wufei. He is a member of the Chang clan. It is thought him we meet Lady Chi Chang. She has taken over Helen old world edict lessons." I said as the mad sat down as he had been standing by his wife.

"Dear are you okay" she asked clearly worried.

I did wonder how connected Lady Chang was if this was the reaction to her name was like this. "We took Helen last week for testing. We found out her birth name was Jasmine Dora Potter, her parents were James and Lily Potter." I said

"Holy Mother of Merlin" said the man from the floor

"I take it you know just who she is can I trust you to keep her safe." I was not asking him and I think he knew I would end him if he tried to hurt her.

"She is family and we never gave up looking I can tell you the only reson we never found her was the fact no one knew she was a girl." Marge said as she glare at me

"Dear remember how I told you of the blood wars and just who it ended" her husband said

"And I clearly told you the parent had to do something as no child could stop a grown man from killing them. Dear the only thing I never told you was the families name. I did not want to worry you. You had so much in your hands at the time I did not want to add more. The families name was the Potters James, Lily and their son Harry Potter stopped that man. In the magical world their child is know as the boy-who-lived." he said before laughing.

"What is so funny?" Duo snapped standing up from his seat

"My cousin like myself does not have magic and he work for one of the best school to teach magic as a janitor. He sends the family letter all the time about how Dumbledore has plans for the potter boy. When we first took in Dudley and Lillian I wrote to him to see if he might know where the boy could me he said the was with his relatives. As far as I can tell no one in the magical world knows the boy-who-lived is missing nor a girl.
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