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One Year Ends and an anther Begins

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same as chapter one

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same as chapter one

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A Show with Two Names

One Year Ends and an anther Begins

Means a change of setting example Hogwarts means that the story is taking place at Hogwarts

I had just finished with my homework when the phone rang. "Helen it's for you" Dad yelled from the kitchen. I hurried down stairs into the kitchen wondering who could be calling me. Most of my friends were still in school, I was home schooled even though there was a high ranking school close by. I was home schooled for two reasons the first being the almost perfect marks I got on the test. My new family thought I would learn more at home plus it went along with the second reason for home schooling me. Most of my family save an Aunt or two had played a key role in the wars. They worried someone might try to harm me to get back at them. It had never happened but I was always careful in when I took Shin to the park. At first I thought it was odd, a lot of things where odd to me, but I came to like it over the years after all I had learn more from my family than I would have from any school teacher. The only thing I did in school was major exams, those were taken at the school a couple a blocks over. Even though I did not attend I had friends that did.

We get together after school and play games mostly football. Seamus Finnigan happened to be my best friend, he helped me once with a bully on the play ground when I had first started living here. Uncle Wufei had started my marshal art lessons after learning what had happened, Seamus had wanted to be part of those lessons too. He made it though three lessons before apologizing to Wufei-sensei and me, in his defense Wufei-sensei lessons were not easy nor did they get easier as you went to them. When I first started to take them I pushed myself in them out of fear I would be sent away if I let him down in some way. It was only after I had learned Seamus was taking lesson some blocks over and Wufei-sensei had helped him get in the class I stopped pushing myself so hard.

My new parents were happy and to my joy Wufei-sensei told me he understood my actions in class if I had kept on the way I had he would have stopped the lesson due to the fact I would have hurt myself. Lesson started at a slower pace a month later along with the edict lessons, those had started out as a punishment. I had kicked some lady in the shine for insulting my Dad, I did not get her name but she wore to much pink in my opinion. Dad had found it somewhat funny, Uncle Quatre on the other hand told me in a matter of fact tone young ladies did not act the way I had. The next day I was introduced to one of his many sisters for lessons on how a young lady to act.

Lessons with Uncle Trowa were the only lessons I had asked to take, I had watched him do a work out once when I went to work with my Father. All I remembered about that day was seeing him do those cool flips, jumps and the fact he always landed on his feet. I had asked the every moment I could if he would teach me, he did not even say he would talk it over with my parents he said lessons would start next week the day after my edict lessons.

It was not till last year I had found out my parents and uncles had made an agreement to let me have something I asked for as long as it was not to far out there. When I asked why the answer I was give came right out of a text book, children who have been abused most common first step in over coming their fear of adbandment was to ask for something. I asked if I had wanted a puppy back then would I have gotten one. Only to be told no. "Hello, this is Helen speak." I said even thought I knew it was Dudley from seeing him in the vid-screen. Lady Chang had drilled the habit of talking correctly no matter whom I happen to be talking to.

"I got in to Hogwarts, my letter came this morning and as the teacher were out for in service we are going to the alley later on." He said. I could tell he was happy, I was happy it meant I knew at least one person I could trust to have my back at school.

"Do not forget your key and tell no one who the trust was placed by and avoid eye contact. Lady Chang is getting your family charmed items to protect you mind." I said he gave me the same look from the last time I told him. I knew I went over and above what was needed to protect family but, he was just that family and I think I still had some small fear of being abandoned. I knew it would never happen but now I had the fear of losing the family I had found over the years.

Hogwarts Professor Flitwick's office

"Filius I have the letters and pamphlets you are going to need when giving the muggle-born introduction." Minerva said as she walked into my office

"Thank you, sit down and have a cup of tea while I finish my plains for my first year classes." I said waving to the tea kettle on the corner of my desks. She poured herself a cup and refilled mine. It did not take me long to finish up, I took the letters she had sat next to my papers. I flicked though them just to get the names so I could referee to them by name in the conversation I knew was to come over incoming students. "Oh my I hope none of the other letter have been missing filed" I said pulling the letter off the small stack

"What do you mean miss filed?" Minerva asked

I showed her the letter that was to be sent out to a one Miss H. Maxwell-Yuy so she could see it. "This letter is meant for a child for an old blood, I hope we have not upset the family." I said as quickly wrote a note explaining how there had been some up mix up in the sorting of the letters and sent both out with my owl.

"We have an old blood attending classes, do you know what family are they from?" Minerva asked

"I know she is from the Chang Clan. I have seen her hosting children at one of the gatherings. I need to know who shorted the letter this year just in case I am asked the clan might want formal steps taken." I said

"You think they would do that?" She asked

"Yes, I do. Lady Chang is of the old ways and she in forces those ways." I told her, do not know if I like or disliked the look on her face.

"The Headmaster did not have the time this year and as I was away he gave that job to Snape." She told me, I under stood the look now. There were a lot of conditions the kept him out of jail and the Headmaster had just handed him his one way ticket to hell on earth.

"I will not hide that fact from them when they ask and I will be asked. I think you should start looking for a replacement teacher and see if any of the staff will take over as head of house." I told her, her only response was smile that reminded me of the time Black had dosed her morning tea with fresh cat nip.

The Maxwell-Yuy household

We had just sat down to dinner when there was a tapping at the kitchen window. Uncle Quatre was the one that got up to open the window. I thought it was odd that my latter would come at this time and not of the morning like it should. So I let one of the adults remove it, and the other letter that was with it. "It say your letter was misfiled in the muggle-born letter and when the mistake was noted the teacher fixed it quickly and to let him know of any gravities you and the Clan Chang have so they can be fixed before the term starts." He said as he handed me my latter.

"I will write Lady Chang a note and send her that letter after dinner." I told them as I placed my letter off to the side no matter how much I wished to open it I knew it would be rude to do so while people waited to eat, plus is was pizza night and I was hungry from watching Shin today. I had been asked to watch him while Sally took the triplets to their doctor's appointment, Shin it seemed did not want to set still. He would be starting school this year and even though it start date was months away he could not stop talking about it and worse yet he wanted me to tell him about going to school. I had trouble with that as I had only went a month before I was pulled out to be home school. I had a felling he would not last that month. He was very smart and loved to learn that was when we could get him to set still. He was always taking things apart to see how it worked. My dad had a fit when he took apart the TV last week, I was shocked to learn what he had done. It took my Dad close to four hours to put it back together, I had come home to a pouting Shin and a Dad trying to figure out to punish him.

After eating, helping to clean up and making myself presentable I took the floo the Lady Chang's home. I was told me Hei that she was talking to a member of the clan and to make myself comfortable for my wait. While waiting I scanned the book selves to see if any book tugged at my fancy. I quickly made myself comfony with a copy Journey to the West. I had not gotten too far into the book when a girl maybe a year older than myself stormed into the room and with out saying anything flooed out. I stood as two other made there way on the eldest being Lady Chang and a man from the clan that I did not remember meeting. Not that it meant much as I have only be introduce to a handful of the clan. I let her finish what she needed to and bid farewell to him before he left.

"What brings you here child?" She asked

I bowed to her "My letter came along with one from the teacher telling me of its misplacement. I felt you should know before I sent in my reply about attaining." I told her, she said nothing but held out her hand I gave her both letters, she read both before handing my school letter back, she tucked the other letter up her sleeve.

"Send your letter off before returning home. I have something I must attend to at the English Ministry. If you like you may take the book you are reading home." She said I bowed once more to her before going to send an owl off. She was gone by the time I returned from sending the owl off. I felt sorry from whom every made her mad, but did not let it worry me to much.

I had gone school shopping almost two weeks later. A lot happen in those two weeks my 11 birthday came and went. I was given a Bangle kitten from my Uncles Quatre and Trowa I name her Isis. Lady Chang took the misplacement of my letter to a new height, I had found out this was the second letter to a clan member to be misplaced and by the same person none the less. She had been assured that would never happen again and the safety of her family would not be at risk. The person who had misplaced my letter and the other one had been brought up on charges of endangering an old blood. Many things where found out at his trail. Like the fact he knew Black was not the one to give the Potters up and he was the one who had painted a target on both the Potter and Longbottom families.

This lead to the death of James and Lily Potter, the false imprisonment of Sirius Black Heir to the Ancient and Nobel house of Black, the torture of Frank and Alice Longbottom, both where being held in the long term ward of Saint Margo's, and the placement of The-Boy-Who-Lived with his Aunt and Uncle. Who was later abandon after the Aunt's death in childbirth. According to the paper there where no leads on finding the savior. Every so often he was sighted but it turned out to be a false lead or someone trying to get a hold of the Potter money. Black was freed and the man Snape was given the kiss for his crimes for good masseuse Lady Chang asked for his body to be placed into the vial Lady Longbottom second the motion.

The main reason for going two weeks after had nothing to do with Lady Chang's actions and every thing to do with the fact it was the only time both my parents could get off from work to take me. Even thought Lady Une would have let them off sooner if they had asked. I knew they cared for me but they worked in keeping the world safe and I knew what they did matter more than going school shopping. I had most of the books for class; the potion book was going to be proved from money taken from Snape's vault. The returning students would be giving test in the subject to see where they stood on the subject. As former student came forward after his trail to tell how badly a teacher we were. Their memories where taken and current students where asked to give theirs too. Even his own house gave memories of how he treated them compared to the other houses. The charge of treason was added to his crimes.

The morning I would leave for school was a crazy one. Shin did not want me to leave and voiced his thoughts be clinging to my leg. We could not get him to let go no matter what we tried so we took him with us when we left for the train. I witch by the name of Bones said his display of magic was impressive was what made him turn me loose. Before he could reattach himself to me I told him I had to get on the train and would see him come the holiday and he could write to me any time he liked using the owl we had gotten to keep at home. I had let Shin name him, it had been dubbed spots due to how his feather where spotted with different colors.

We where going to keep him at home as we could only take one animal to school. I sat with some of the children I had meet at the last Chang party, I helped a boy named Neville find his toad and talked him some older students make a temporary enclosure to hold him till he could write to his grandmother for a permanent one. To my shock I ran into to Seamus Finnigan, I introduced him to Neville they hit it off great they both had a love toads. I did not get to many snacks as lunch had been packed, I shared with both Neville and Seamus as Dad packed too much. I knew he did so, so that I could share with people on the train.

It was after nightfall when we made it to the school. Nothing happened on the train save for a fight between two incoming students. I wore a skirt like most of the girls but I had made sure to be thick stocking as I had been told the weather near the school was cold. I did not need to tell my compartment mates to get a cloak to cover themselves with as they must have been warned of the weather too. I did get asked why and how I shrunk my trunk. I told them the school had no right to go though my belonging and I had be taught some spells over the summer that I would need before term. When I offered to do the same to theirs they took me up on it. We took a boat ride across together along with a girl who went by the name of Hermione Granger. If I had duct tape I would have used it on her. She did not know when to shut up, she went on and on about how she was new to magic and had read all the class books. The grounds keeper who had took us across the lake introduced use all to a Professor McGonagall, who welcomed use and told use to freshen up for the shorting. She left before I could ask where the bathroom was. It did not take her long to return but we had meet the ghost by than and had been told we would have to weasle a troll for our house placements. I did not know what we had to do for placement I knew we would not be sent up against a troll. It turns out we only had to try on a hat. I was shocked when it sang.

Oh you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap

I felt bad when Dudley's name was called after running into Seamus I had stopped looking for him. I would apologize in after the morning meal if I did not have the time tonight. He was placed in Hufflepuff, I cheered for him both Seamus and Neville gave me odd looks I said nothing besides the fact I knew him. I cheered when Seamus was placed in Gryffindor, Neville did too, and the chatter box named Granger went into that house to. I told Neville Hufflepuff did not look to bad now that I knew where she was. I did not know what is about her but I did not like her to much and I had only just meet her was what made the whole thing worse. I wished him good luck when he was called; he got placed in the same house as Seamus. I waited for my name to be called knowing it would be a long wait. "What does your last name start with?" asked a boy with a dark tan and Italian accent

"Y, I am Helen Zoë Maxwell-Yuy" I told him giving him a small curtsy

"Blaise Zanbini" he told me before kissing my knuckles, I had found another old blood it seemed. We made small talk about the last party and the up coming one. He had not been at the last one as his step-father had passed away but his mother planed to attend the one for Yule. He said she got invited by to Lady Chang's party and did not wish to miss it. I told him I would see him there before I was called. I did not talk long with the hat, he told me it would keep my secrets and asked me to find out the reason why the Weasley twins picked on their older brother Percy. I said I would and ended up in Ravenclaw, Zanbini went in to Slythren. The man who I had been told was the headmaster started the feast with some odd words. I got to tell Dudley I was sorry about to finding him on the train. He said it was fine he had not looked for me after meeting up some other boys in our year. After everyone had eaten, we where introduced to the two new teachers a returning teacher by the name of Quirrell and a Potion Mistress by the name of Zanaari. He gave the student body a warning that if we went on the left side of the third floor we would died a horrible death.

By the time we where taken to our common room and told how to get in by answering a riddle or question the painting asked of us. I was ready for bed, but it seemed that Shin had already written me a letter. I quickly read it and he asked if it was okay to sleep in my room when he stayed the night this weekend. I knew he would be asleep when he got my answer that he could sleep there any time he liked. I also wrote what house I was in and of the we were told about the third floor before sending Spots back home. I went to sleep that night not know my little not would cause the next big news story.

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