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Actions and Reactions

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same as chapter one

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same as chapter one

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A Show with Two Names

Actions and Reactions

*There will some spell and potion translations at the bottom of the chapter.

Duo Pov

The day had been a long one. We had to get up early so that we could get everything that still needed doing, done before taking Helen to get her train transport to school. Most everyone had to work so it ended up being up to Shin and me to drop her off. The only problem came from the fact Shin did not want her to go. I think it final got to his somewhat big sister was going away for a time when she came down dressed for breakfast. He tried to prevent her from leaving by clinging to her leg. She got ready despite his clinging it made the trip odd, we had just made it though the wall that hid the platform from the non-magical population, a woman who introduced herself as Amelia Bones said she was impressed with his display of magic was what made him let go. Before he could reattach himself to her, Helen was quick to tell him she would be back for the holidays and he had best write tons of letters than gave him the job of looking after Heero and myself.

After getting Helen on the train and saying our goodbyes we left passing the oddest family of red heads on the way out. They seemed intent on letting everyone know magic was real. I knew with Helen going off to school and not being there to play his big sister role would be hard on Shin. Helen was the one he went to when he felt his parents would not understand. I offered it get ice cream as a treat when he turn it down I knew her leaving bothered him more than he let on. When he took a nap without fighting, Sally was not worried and told me he would be fine in a couple of days. Sally and myself watched as he sat around doing very little all day. He did not even take anything apart, not even when I offered my laptop.

It was after everyone else was home that he spoke to anyone in the house for the first time besides his little siblings. He asked if he would write Helen a letters, I told him Helen had said he was to write her as much he wished to. I was not surprised when he handed me a letter. I quickly attached it to our owl named Spots; we had let Shin name him. While Helen took her new kitten with her but we felt having an owl at home would make it easier to keep in touch. We had eaten dinner and cleaned up by the time Spots return with two letters one to Shin the other to everyone else. I sat Shin's letter aside for him to read later as he had falling asleep in Helen's room after diner nestled among her stuffed owls. "Guys Helen sent a letter back to us with Shin's; I'm going to read it allowed if anyone wants to know.

Dear Family,

I just wanted to let everyone know I made it to school just fine. You will never guess who I ran into on the train. It was Seamus we helped another boy named Neville Longbottom with finding his toad, we found it rather quickly I gave him a box to keep it in. Both Seamus and Neville hit it off quickly with their love of toads. Can you send me my old fish bowl some way? I told Neville I would help him keep Trevor that is the toad's name from running or would it be hopping off. They both ended up in Gryffindor the house for the brave at heart. Dudley was placed in Hufflepuff the house of the fair. While waiting to be shorted I meet anther old blood his name is Zanbini, Blasé is his given name." I could hear Heero mumbling about boys and his princess. I truly felt for the boys our daughter would bring home to date. "He was placed into Slytherin the house of the cunning. I was placed in Ravenclaw the house of the intellectual, on an odd note we were told that if we went on the left side of the third floor corridor we would did a painful death. Send Spots back in two days and I will have a longer letter. Shin asked if he could sleep in my room for a couple of days I told him he could in his letter. I thought I should let the family know to. Please remind him to only write in one language. While it is fun to read a very few could read it outside the family it still takes time to understand the grammar of the letter. I realize it will be hard on him; it will be hard on me too. I am already missing everyone.

Lots of Love

Helen Maxwell-Yuy

I had to re-read the part about a painful death before it sank in. I knew Helen would not joke about something like this. But why was it not taken care of before students returned, why even tell them about it. Everyone spoke in harsh tons in what ways we could deal with it; Heero was already making plains to remove Helen, Dudley and Seamus from the school without letting those in charge know. While he did not like the fact he was our daughter's best friend he would not leave the boy in danger.

"What has gotten everyone in such a movement?" was asked from behind, with the news from Helen's letter no one had heard Lady Chang floo in. I handed her the letter knowing she would want to know of Helen placement but she would also know what to do about the treat to the children in the school. She could get the help they would need to faster. While we have known of the magical world for a while she grew up within the world. She said nothing as she read the letter, when she was done she turned and took a pinch of floo powered she shouted Bones Manner before sticking her head in the fire. I have seen Helen talk on the floo before and still found it odd. It reminded me of the old classic called the Wizard of Oz. She told whom ever she was talking in to about the third floor. They promised it would be looked into tonight, it seemed whom ever she called had a child at the school too.

Lady Chang's pov

Flash back to Lady Chang being told of the letter's mishandling.

I had just finished a meeting with Lin and his daughter Cho about her grades and actions at Hogwarts. Cho had left the room clearly upset of the talking down I had given her, and what actions would be taken if both did not approver this coming school year. Lin and I made small talk as I walked him to the floo room. I was surprised to see Helen sitting there reading a book. She stood and bowed to us as we came into the room and waited to let me finish business before telling me why she had came. She wished Lin safe travel before he left. "What brings you here child?" I asked she bowed once more to me before speaking.

"My letter came along with one from the teacher telling me of its misplacement. I felt you should know before I sent in my reply about attending." She told me, I said nothing but held out me had. She gave me both letters; I read both before handing her school letter back and tucked the other up my sleeve. "Send your letter off before returning home. I have something I must attend to at the English Ministry. If you like you may take the book you are reading home." I told her. She bowed once more to me before leaving the room.

I quickly flooed to the English Ministry "What can the Ministry do for you today?" was asked by the lady manning the front desk.

"I need to speak with your Minster and head of Arour department." I told her, she did not know who I was or she would not have spoke to me like she did.

"I am sorry you must have appointment to see them both and they are booked for sometime." she spoke in a tone that clearly said I was below her.

"I am Lady Chi Chang of the old blood Chang Clan they will see me." I said, she clearly did not believe me but sent word I was here to those I wished to see. I like the look her face held when both came rushing to see me, but held what I wished to say as it was below my standing to so.

"Lady Chang what can The Ministry do for you today?" the Minister asked

"You can contact Professor Flitwick and have him come down here to explain why anther letter that belonged to a member of my clan was placed in with the muggle born letters." I said, the director of the Arour forced said nothing but left to do as I asked. When she returned she not only had Professor Flitwick but the Professor McGonagall with her. "Who filed the school letters this year and last?" I asked

"It was the same person Severus Snape. The Headmaster gave him the task of ordering the letters." Professor McGonagall said

"I want him questioned under the strongest truth potion and spells. I want to know everything he might know about my family." I said

"Amelia use only those you trust and bring Snape in for questioning, I will call the members of Wizengamot for an emergence meeting." The Minister said

"Yes sir, may I ask some questions that we were not able to ask the last time he was brought in." Amelia Bones asked

"Yes ask what or feel needs to be asked there are still many unanswered questions that we have not been able to find answers to. As Dumbledore is in an IWC meeting we will have to proceed with out him." The Minster said

"There is no IWC meeting being held. I am a member the next meeting; in fact the next meeting is to take place a week before Yule." I told them, they said nothing about my revolution. It took three hours for everything to fall in place. The man Snape did not look too worried even without Dumbledore there. He even does not protest the use of veritaserum potion or spells. He did try and refuse the flushing potion and the voluntas (1) potion he was to be given before the veritaserum potion.

"What is your name for the court records?" Amelia asked

"Severus Snape" he answered in a flat tone

"Did you handle the addressing and handling of the letters the last two years?" was asked


"Did you file the letter addressed to a Miss Maxwell-Yuy in with the muggle born letters?" was the next question


"Where you aware that there would be consequence from your actions?" followed his answer

"Dumbledore would prevent any action against me." he said

"Why would he do that?" he was asked after he gave that answer

"I know the prophecy." he answered

"What prophecy is that?" was the follow up question

"The one I gave to my master." he said

"Are you a follower of You-know-who?" Amelia asked I felt fear for my family if his answer was yes. Even if he answered in a negative I would be getting a top grade wards for all family homes. Lady Longbottom stood so that she could speak to the member.

"Lady Longbottom to address the floor" said the court recorder

"I have a question for Snape." She said

"Ask it." Amelia said

"The prophecy you gave to your master, was it the reason the dark lord and his followers attacked the Potters and the Longbottoms?" she asked I knew his life depended on the answer he gave. I was out raged at his answer and was not alone. After other questions where asked it was brought to light Sirius Black was not a follower of the dark lord and Peter Pettigrew was he had been the one to betray the Potters. He was quickly sentenced to be given the kiss and his body was to be placed though the veil. In the week after his punishment had been carried out. Pettigrew had been found, after Black was question and cleared. The head of the misuse of muggle artifacts after hearing that Pettigrew was a rat animagus that most likely was missing a toe had asked to be able to leave the meeting only to return with said rat animagus. Black's release and the truth behind the death of James and Lily Potter along with the attack on the Longbottom's were going to be released when all the small details had been tide up.

However Rita Skeeter had gotten a hold of the information and published a story on it. She was taken to ask how and who she had gotten the information from the following day. I was happy yet sadden when Black's first question was about his god child. It was the Minster who informed him of who Dumbledore's action had lead the boy-who-lived being ad banding someplace after the death of his aunt.

Amelia Pov

The last couple of weeks had been shocking to say the least. I was looking forward to seeing Susan off wished my baby brother was here to do so. I wandered what Lady Chang's family member looked like and how while they would like going to Hogwarts. I had made sure to remind Susan of her manners and told that a member of an old blood family was going to be a classmate. I had been about to go home when a message came say Lady Chang of the Chang clan wanted to speak to me. Needless to say I rushed to see what she wished.

What she told us and what came of it was good and bad, good because a lot of questions that had been left unanswered and been answered. The bad came when Dumbledore had found out. He had gone on about the greater good and how he trusted Snape. I had been shock when the Minster briefed me on the fact Malfoy had been a spy for the Ministry and the Unspeakables. They had started on making plains to bring the Dark lord down but before they could put the plain in action the Potter boy had brought him down. No one but the dead knew what had happened that night in the house and Dumbledore had blocked all attempts of looking over the Boy-Who-Lived. Doing so had allowed the boy to be dropped off how knows where.

The Ministry had sent their best out to find him with no luck. It was rumored that Dumbledore had spent all his free time looking for the boy and had the same luck. Our only hope had been held with the addressing of the Hogwarts letters but seeing as Snape had handle them and Snape made no secret of how he truly felt of anyone with the name Potter. So we could only wait till the boy returned the acceptations letter, when he had been asked about potter's letter he did not answer, it was as if he did not know where the boy was.

I had though it was all over till Lady Chang flooed to me home with a letter that held a warning of death if you went on the left side of the third floor. I did not ask what she wanted me to do, I knew it was the same thing I wanted done. I told her I would take care of it myself and was given a floo address to be I could reach her before leavening her in my home. I soon found myself as a member of a team breaking into Hogwarts in the middle of the night. I had called one of the family's elves to watch over Susan and her friend Hannah the other team member did the same? I followed the team though the third floor and the traps placed there. It seemed like some of them were not finished as it lead to a dead end with a mirror. "I wish someone would tell me what was going on?" I voiced the question that everyone on the team wanted to know.

"I know Miss. Other elf's been telling me when I pop in and ask them to help watch the small misses and masters." my elf said. Nodded to her to tell us, "They be saying long beard be taking stone from the old ones vault and be bringing it here to trap the one we not speak of." she said

"Who is the old one you speak about?" asked the leader of the team.

"You are calling him Flamel" my elf said

"The Stone, why would Flamel let Dumbledore have that?" I asked more to myself than to anyone else

"I can tell you that I would never let him have it and what every stone he is using as bait is not mine. I do not know what he is planning or why he would risk children so callously. I do know what is going to happen, we are going to ward the first door and have the castle elves watch over the children. In the morning the school is going to have a surprise inspection." Flamel said with out being told the other members of the team got to work. I sent Liki back to the task of watching the children, before asking her to pass my thanks on the others that were watching the children.

It was late when we left the school ground and all I wanted to do was get some sleep but I had said I would let Lady Chang know what was happening. When I landed at the floo address she had given me earlier that night I was surprised to find myself at gun point. I meeting and talking to one of them earlier this morning on the platform. I knew without a doubt any move they thought wrong you a danger to those in the room and my life would end. I held my hands out and told them I was here to talk to Lady Chang. Guns were lowered but not put away still clearly marking me as a person they did not trust. I did not have to wait to long for the Lady to come into the room. I had thought the guns would be placed away when she entered the room. One young man a clear relative of hers gripped his tighter.

"What is so deadly about the third floor?" Lady Chang asked as she took a seat and waved me to take the one across from her. I sighed thinking of the best way to answer her question. There was no good way to tell a person their child was in harms way because of some game being played by an old fool.

"There is no kind or good way to say this. So I will get to the point, Dumbledore is playing a game. He has a fake philosopher stone and is using it as bait to bring Who-Know-Who into the school for some reason. Wards have been set to keep the children from that area and castle elves have volunteered to protector the children if they need to. A team will be going to inspect the school grounds in the morning. As it is late I must ask to take my leave I will be among those that go to the school. I will keep you up to date on any news." I said

"That is fine and thank you for all you have done for my family. Please do not let me keep you from your rest. If any more news comes our way I will pass it along to you." Lady Chang said as she stood. I bide for and the others good bye and a peaceful nights rest before flooing home. Made a quick note to give Susan her father's mirror so that she could call me if something where to happen. I was more worried than I had shown, Susan was the only part of my brother I still had and I could not lose her, like I had him.

1) Latin for Freewill - It is a potion that will free a persons mind. Made for those that are really good at the mind arts
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