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This is our Beautiful Lie, Sweet Heart.

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Her dream was to meet Jared Leto,the man she loved and wanted to be with.One day and when that happens her life will change forever. Plz review

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This is our Beautiful Lie, Sweet Heart.
~ Some of these events in this story are true, but I do not own any of the 30 Seconds To Mars band names, etc. I only own the Mum, Nik, Tijana and Tay. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes or anything wrong, I really am sorry about that. But enjoy my story :)
Rated R for other chapters to come, just in case. Plz review because I don't know if people are hating it or lovin this story thanks :)
Name Change
So reviews would be lovely anything bad would be fine, I always like to hear other sides of people. So please.

Even though you're gone and far away,
I feel you all around.
I think about it every single day,
You got away somehow

I can't sleep,
It's hard to breath,
And i still feel you next to me,
Now, i can see.

The first one is the worst one,
When it comes to a broken heart,
Your first love, yeah, you're so young,
And you feel like a fallin' star,
- The First One- Boys Like Girls

Chapter One

I pulled the blanket that was covering me over my face a little bit. I felt warm and cosy just laying here in my nice big bed.I then rolled over and moved over to the other side of the bed because my sister walked in and opened my window so the sun was shining in my face. I got up to sit on my bed and rubbed my eyes and then stretched my arms out. I was just sitting there for a while. I started to smile over what I was dreaming about last night. Jared Leto my hero, that guy who makes my day so much better. Ah damn just thinking about him makes me all happy in the insides. I decided it was time to get up. I looked over at the clock and noticed it was only 10:30 AM damn my sister gets up way too early. I could hear some song on my radio which was on but I couldn't be stuffed turning it up and louder.

I pulled over my blanket and got out of my bed, I then went to my mirror across my bed and fixed my hair because it kind of looked a tad like sex hair. I brushed my hair to make it some well look normal even though it doesn't.I walked down stairs still in a sleepy mood rubbing my eyes. When I acknowledged that my sister Tijana was in the kitchen making her breakfast, which was bacon and eggs. She smiled at me with a grin going on and I smiled lightly back. I was still tired but not hungry for food. I went to sit down on a chair but then I noticed a note on the fridge which was never there so I lifted my feet off from the floor and went over and got it.

-Hey Tijana what's this? I asked rubbing my eyes again and yawning

Tijana looked at me and then over to the note I was holding.

- Nik read it, duh

- Ok then I was reading out the note in my hand " Tijana/ Nik I left early for work be careful not to burn down the house. Tijana I am mostly talking about you.

- Hey Tijana raised her hands up in surrender " That was once and I only burnt the bread and maybe some other things"

- I started to read where I left off and gave Tijana an evil grin back. "So please girls be good I left early for work they called me last night so I will be back home around 9"

- "Sweet we can have a party" Tijana whispered

- " No Tijana we have to be good, your parties always come out bad" I put my hands up

Even if Tijana is younger than me she acts like she is older, which in true fact she isn't I'm 23 and she is 22. Tijana and my mother are the only true family Ihave. My father left when I was 5 and Tijana was 4, and now we are alone. Mum works at a close pharmacy where she gets paid the right amount of money for us to live on and I help out with whatever I can. But Tijana doesn't, I mean she would clean but when she is with her friends she would party like it's the end of the world, she would come home from a party around 3 in the morning drunk most of the time and I would be the one to help her. That is why I am the eldest. I am responsible to be trusted with anything.

I think mum and I are closer than Tijana is with her. I am the one there when mum is sad and she needs someone to hug or cry or just to watch hot guys on TV which makes her feel better. We look like twins everyone would say I have straight brown hair which goes past my shoulders and brown eyes which mum does also. But Tijana she takes Barry which was my dad, Tijana takes his looks she has kinda brown but more of a ranga hair colour and green eyes.

- "So what are we doing today" Tijana smiled at me

- " Hmm well Tijana I say I am going to have a shower and I'll tell you after"

- " Ok then"

As soon as I left Tijana she rushed to open up the kitchen window in case she would burn something. The thing is I know she will burn something. I walked up to stairs to my room. I entered my room to the sound of my fave band 30 Seconds To Mars playing it was "Closer To the Edge" I ran to my radio and turned the volume up.

I smiled when the song started and Jay started to sing. I started screaming the lyrics with Jay

"It was a thousand to one
And a million to two
Time to go down in flames and I'm taking you"

I screamed the next part even louder with made my sister ran up the stairs laughing.
"CLOSER TO THE EDGE" I pointed to my sister and told her to join she rolled her eyes and then walked in my room we started dancing to the song, singing in the mirror with our hair brush looking like total idiots. By the time the song finished I slammed down onto my bed. My sister ran out to the kitchen yelling "Oh shiittt, my food. NOT AGAIN!"

I laughed at her and looked up to my roof there was a picture of Jay, Shan and Tomo smiling which made butterflies in my stomach start. I go up from my bed and looked around my room to see all my Mars poster around everywhere and I noticed I get to see them soon.

" OMJ OMJ" I sprinted over to my calendar behind my door " OH- MY- JAY" there were only 4 more days until I get to see them. I put my hand to my heart and I fell how fast it was going I was so happy. I had to have a shower and get ready for the day. The day was full of cleaning and movies we didn't know what to do. But I did know I was going to see Jay soon, the only one I can say I love.

Maybe I am just a huge fangirl with a dream, aren't we all?

That made my day knowing soon I will finally make my dreams a reality, I will make them real.

Thank you for reading this is my first chapter and I will continue :)

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