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This Is the Start of Something New

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It's almost time to see Mars. Nik will always be there for her Mum, no matter what. But when Nik's life changes so will her mums.

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Chapter 2- This Is the Start of Something New

Are you hiding secrets from me?
Is there more to this life than I can see?
What will I find out over time?
Waiting for the moment to arrive

Why are you lying there?
What are you hiding there?

Hide away,
Why do you hide away from me?
Hide yourself,
Why do you hide your face from me?
I'm the only one that can save you now
Pray Tell- Anberlin

Nik POV:
I was at the dinner table waiting for mum to finish with our dinner. Tijana looked like she didn’t eat in forever. Even if we are 23 and 22 mum still likes to cook for us, she knows one of us will move out and I don’t want to break her heart and leave her alone. So I said I would stay with her as long as I could but as I know Tijana she will move out soon. Tonight felt different for some reason, mum was happy I think. She was humming a song but I didn’t know the name of it.

Mum’s POV:
Just look at Tijana and Nik they are so grown up I am so proud of them, Tijana is a hair dresser my beautiful girl. And Nik she does her art. I want my girls to live their life’s to the full. Nik wants to stay home and stay with me, but she needs to move on I’ll be fine. After my mother died and Barry left I have become very strong and I trust that I will do things right without the girls watching me all the time. I want both the girls to have a family to have their OWN house. I wish they would have the normal fun life.

I placed the pasta on the table and Tijana was the first one to take a bowl and eat. Nik just looked at me and I think she knew something was wrong; she just gave me that face.

-So Nik, two days until you see Mars I said
- Yes mum I can’t wait to see JAY and the boys. I’m so happy they are coming. And they are coming to NEW YORK. I said a little louder.
Mum just laughed and continued to eat her pasta. “ Well honey that is great you are happy” Is Tay still coming to pick you up.
I took a mouthful of the pasta “ Yes mum she is coming at 8” then I started to eat again.
Ok that is great then, mum said.

I started to smile and laugh at random
“Nik are you ok?” Tijana finally said with a mouthful
I smiled back at Tijana “Yer I’m just happy” Tijana poked me “Dude I can see that”
We all finished our dinner and cleaned up. Both mum and Tijana were getting ready for bed, so I started to walk up my room. I then noted that my blackberry was flashing it was a message from Taylor saying.
“Hey there Nik, MARS IN TWO DAYS HELL YER. I get to see Shanimal and you get to see Jay. The pickup is still me picking you up at 8 right?.

I quickly replied “I know aye can’t wait, yes its 8 pickup.” I then got changed and pulled over my blankets and slipped into my cosy bed. Having dreams of what would happen at the concert. Thinking what I should wear. What happens if I meet Jay many things that were going on in my mind. I smiled while my eyes were closed dreaming for the future I pushed my body over to get a better sleep.

Next Day
Nik’s POV: """

My day was going slower than ever because I know that tomorrow night I will see MARS, so of course my day went slow. I was walking to the lounge room humming all happy and skipping when I noticed my mother laying on the chair looking sad. I stopped and I walked over and placed my hand on her shoulder.

“Mum” I whispered ever so gently
Hmm” was all that she said. I sat down next to her “Mum what is wrong?”
“It’s – It’s your Aunty her husband is sick- sick again”
I could see that one tear escaped her eyes it went down pass mum’s cheek. I went to hug mum and she buried her face in me.
“It will be ok, he will be ok” She lifted her face and looked in my eyes “ Nik I have to leave”
I shifted my body so I was looking at mum “What”
“She needs me Nik, your Aunty needs me there with her”
The look that Nik gave to her mother was a strong apologized look “Ok go, go help her”
“Watch Tijana, promise” I just replied with “promise” then mum left the room and Tijana walked in.

“ Nik I kinda burn – what happened?” Tijana could see that I was in deep thinking she had to wave her hands in front of me to answer”
“Tijana um nothing”
“You sure” she moved her head to the side
“I'm fine”

Mum’s POV:
I started to pack my bags, I packed as much as I could in the three cases I had. I just wanted to be with Nik’s Aunty and help her. Her husband has been sick many times but it was getting worst with the smoking and how he was in the war, she couldn’t do this by herself anymore. I know how she feels so I am going. I hope Nik is ok, but she understands I need to do this. She still better have fun at the Mars concert I have confidence that she will enjoy it.

Nik’s POV:
My day was full of just picking what I was wearing and facebook. I was still feeling sad for my Aunty but I didn't want that to get in my way. I walked over to my mirror and table which had my triad necklace I placed it around my neck and kissed it. I don’t know why I do that but some part of me feels closer to Jay. I started to feel better and I looked at my posters and looked at Jay with his Kings and Queens hairstyle back. Oh how much I loved that hair style on him, made Jay look like an anime character which I didn’t mind. I loved Jay’s eyes his amazing blue eyes which I could look at forever it was like I was looking into his soul and saw love and comfort.

I grabbed my pillow and buried my face in it, getting my mind off of Jay. He was the only person I would think about, when I was awake, asleep all the time. I just can’t wait to see him or maybe talk to him.

My phone lightened up and it was Tay again “ 2MORROW NIGHT WE GET TO SEE MARS, SO HAPPPPYYYY” I laughed at the letters she added in happy.
I answered back to the message “ so I can see you are happy, so am I but I am kinda scared.
In less then 20 seconds she gave me a text message back “ scared?”
“ What happen’s if I talk to him, I’m not going to be able to talk”
“ Hey Nik you have me to talk for you, but if Shaminal talks to me well we are both screwed” It was funny how she called Shan that but I didn’t mind.
“ Haha thanks for the back up Tay I g2g “
“ Anytime, Ok Bye I'm going to have Shaminal dreams”
“ Bye :)You enjoy those dreams." I put my phone away. I placed it on my bed shelf.
I grabbed my ipod touch and Pray Tell by Anberlin was playing

Are you hiding secrets from me?” I started to hum the song and drift to my dreams of Jay.

My Life Will Change As I Know It
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