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The Only Hope For Me, Is You

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Nik finally gets to see Mars, but when she goes to the concert something happens that she didn't plan or is ready to face.

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Chapter 3 ~ the Only Hope for Me, Is You

Remember me

Where, where will you stand
When all the lights go out
Across these city streets?
Where were you when
All of the embers fell?
I still remember them
Covered in ash
Covered in glass
Covered in all my friends
I still think of the bombs they built

If there's a place that I could be
Then I'd be another memory
Can I be the only hope for you?
Because you're the only hope for me
And if we can't find where we belong We'll have to make it on our own
Face all the pain and take it on
Because the only hope for me is you alone
My Chemical Romance- The Only Hope For Me, Is You

~The Night of the concert ~
Nik’s POV:


Tonight is the night, the night I have been dreaming about forever. The night I have saved up for since I can remember. I am so happy, so excited that tonight is finally the night. I was just so crazy just thinking about it. I was finishing off my final touches to my hair and make-up I had to hurry because it was almost 8 so Tay was coming to pick me up. I grabbed my ticket and placed it in my pocket. I was about to call mum and tell her I was leaving but that is when I remembered that mum left early to go to my Aunties house and she would be staying there for a while.
Tijana walked past my room while singing Baby by Justin Bieber she started to skip when she came back to my door and looked at me.
“Baby Baby Ohhh- oh uh Nik”
“Hi Tijana, alright singing bucket man?”
“He is a nice guy ok”
“sorry what a nice girl”
“noo ahh “
“You know how he cuts his hair Tijana?
“Yess” Tijana said
“I don’t think you do” I pointed at her
“Ok then tell me” Tijana rolled her eyes
“Well” I smiled:” He puts a bucket on his hair and then cuts it.
Tijana gave me a glare “NOOOO HE DOESN’T” she yelled
“Ok Ok there Hulk calm down
“Fine, hey you have Mars tonight”
“I sure do” I grabbed my phone and placed it in my pocket then I got my necklace and put it on.
The sound of Taylors horn was sounded
“Sorry I gotta go Tijana, enjoy your night. And plz don’t burn anything down”
“ha-ha no you enjoy and I’ll try not to bye”
I walked out the door and said bye while closing the door behind me.
I went over to Tay’s car, opened the door and sat down on the chair smiling because I was so happy that I finally get to see the boys.
“So let’s go Nik”
“Yes let’s go to MARS”
“Haha yes to MARS” Tay started the car we drove off

The trip was full of listening to 30 Seconds To Mars albums, with us screaming the lyrics while an old lady just looked at us oddly like we were crazy we just laughed. The car was quiet for a while and I was just thinking of when I first listened to Mars. When I was in the car I stared to wonder what it would be like to finally meet Jay, or just to be close to him. He has really been my only crush for eleven years since I was just a teenager. The first song I heard was “Capricorn” and I have been a huge fan ever since. I would always talk about Jay and the band all the time in school forever I was known as the Mars fan in school and everyone knew it. Every time someone would talk about Jay Leto I would just go crazy I would be like “Jay where?” I smiled in the car remembering all the events that happened in my time I became an Echelon. Without Mars I wouldn’t be this person I am today. The Echelon they are just this huge great family I love them, over the years I have made so many friends because of it. When I would hear the voice of Jay I just immediately fell in love with him, his voice is just so soft I love it. I just love the man. Without noticing where we were I finally looked up out the window to see the stadium. My heart started to go faster and faster.

“Hey we are here, you ok?” Tay said
“Oh I’m brilliant
“Inside then?”
“yes, Yes let’s go”

We both got out the car and smiled at each other, suddenly both of us started running to get close, right up to the stage. In about 40 minutes the stadium started to fill up with people and I started to jump and get really happy.
“Jay is coming, Jay is coming”

I fixed my eyes on the stage ready for the boys to come out. I started to think again about if Jay would sing to me, if I could just face his beautiful blue eyes. I had to shake my head to stop thinking about it all. Tay and I were at the front right near the stage now.
The back-up bands went first I loved it but I really wanted Mars to come. I grabbed my phone and looked at the clock 30 Seconds To Mars will be on stage soon. I was getting way to excited I can’t even tell you how much. The last back- up band finished and there it was the moment I have been waiting for like forever. This time this is the first time I have ever seen Jay and up so close. On TV and in the pictures he was just amazing so hot. But now I get to see him live. Even if I have had a crush on him in a long time for most of my life really I wouldn’t mind dating him, just saying who doesn’t? I didn’t care how old he was, I just didn’t care what other people who say. But he would never chose me over anyone else never, not me anyway.
The light came on and then the concert started the whole time I was singing with Jay, I wasn’t going crazy like the other girls trying to pull him off stage and I wasn’t screaming I was just singing like normal. On the other hand Tay was just watching Shan totally out of it all.
“100 suns “just finished off and I swear Jay just looked at me most of the time in that song, oh how much I really loved it.

I knew it, I knew now It was “Hurricane” one of my fave songs off “This Is War” I smiled to myself because I really did love the song and I just lolled in my head because of the “Hurricane” video. Jay said it was going to be dirty, oh it was. The song started and then Jay got off the stage and came to the crowd at the front he went to the girls on the other side to where I was. Wait he was coming over to me. I put my hand to my heart and it started to go faster again but it didn’t stop. He caught my surprise when he just stopped walking right in front of me. He looked me right in the eye and then he gave me the microphone and smiled at me. Omj that smile, those eyes I felt like I was going to faint but I can’t. I got the microphone and stared to sing:
No matter how many times that you told me you wanted to leave.
No matter how many breaths that you took you still couldn't breathe

When I was singing the last bit I just couldn’t help but to look in Jay’s eyes they were so much better know. I gave his microphone back to him but he just stayed near me singing more of the song.

No matter how many nights that you lied wide awake to the sound of the poison rain.
Where did you go? Where did you go? Where did you go?

Jay started to look in my eyes and more each time he would sing. I smiled way too much then normal and even Tay knew, I just think she was frozen at the time. He left before the end so he could sing to other people then Tay finally moved I knew she was alive lol.

Jay's POV:
There was this beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes smiling at me. For some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It felt like my heart was going way to fast to control. I never act like that near girls, this girl was different I needed to get to talk to her. It's a shame I had to sing to everyone else.

I kept singing the lyrics with Jay. And Sometimes, during the concert, I felt like he was directly looking at me. But every time I felt that, I turned to Tay because I knew it wasn’t true I would never be with Jay. I can’t think that he will, it’s just a beautiful lie I have, just a dream.
Myself and Tay had to wait for everyone to get out the stadium before we did , because we were at the front that may be the only down side to standing at the front row. I didn’t really mind staying longer. I was just going in my head of how Jay gave me his mic and how he was looking at me, it felt different. Everyone left so Tay stared walking to the car but I was still at the stage.
- “Nik coming?
- “Uh Yer in a min k?
- “sure I’ll wait in the car”

I was still the only one in the stadium all alone; well that is what I was thinking. But I didn’t know I was being watched but by who?
- I yelled out over the stage “Hello anyone there? The sound of my voice echoed.
- You shouldn’t still be here you know
I couldn’t see who it was but then the lights turned on and it was Ja.. Jayyy Omj It was Jayyyy.I knew I heard that voice I would know it anyway. I heart was going crazy again and it was hard to breathe. He walked over off the stage and walked over to me and he was getting close.

I was still frozen he was so close to me.
- “Ja... Jay-“ I just couldn’t believe I was alone with JARED LETO HELL YER
He was smiling that amazing smile that could brighten up any room. Back to the point I was alone with Jay.

- “Why yes that is my name” he smiled at me again “So what is your name Miss?
I took a breath and made sure I could just say my name right.
- “ It’s Nik, I mean Monique Gilbert” I smiled at him and he smiled back
- “Well Miss. Gilbert may I call you Nik then?
- “ Yes you can”
Jay grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it. Wait he touched me, damn that kiss was so soft and so aww cute.

- “So Miss. Nik what are you doing here? So late after when everyone has left.
- “Oh sorry, I’m just memorizing the concert over” I pulled my hand back.
- Jay looked at my hand then back up to me “Yeah it was an amazing night wasn’t it?” I smiled at Jay – So what was your fave song Nik? Jay asked making me flush a little.
- “Hurricane” yes that indeed was my fave” I said that was too fast but he understood.
- “ I must say you did make the song even better with your voice”
- “ aww thank you Jay”
- “Anytime, really you have a beautiful voice. I think everyone should hear it. Do you do some singing classes?

- “No I don’t, I’m a more of an art person.
- “Art, I just love it. I bet you would be good. You would be an amazing artist one day. I flushed again at Jay.

- “Thanks Jay you are way tooo nice” My hair fell in my face and Jay came over and put it to the side so my hair wasn’t covering my face.

- “ Sorry” Jay quickly said
- “ No it’s ok”
- “Well I gotta go, but you can’t stay here. Do you have a ride home?
- “ Oh Yer, oh shit”
- “What?” Jay looked at me
- “I left my friend in the car, sorry I gotta go. It was nice talking to you. I loved it”
I ran to the car but Jay stopped me he pulled my hand away from the car door.

- “Wait” he said “here” he handed me a piece of paper which looked like his number.
- “ Ah Jay”
- “It’s my number, call me, text me anytime. Maybe we could meet up one day” Jay looked at Tay and waved I think she fainted then Jay looked back in my eyes and smiled at me.

- “uh Jay. I don’t.
- “ You can tell me after, I gotta go”
- “Bye Jay” I walked in the car and Jay waved. I smiled at him and we left for home.

Tay finally looked at me with a shocked face.
- “ So Nik uh”
- “ I know, I was talking to Jared Leto”
- “You were talking to JARED- FUCKING- LETO OMGGG”
- “ Lol calm down”
- “So what was that look he gave you?”
- I looked at Tay “ There wasn’t a look”
- “ Oh yes thereee was”
- “ Shut up Tay” I laughed
- “ Ok don’t say it, but I saw it”

Tay dropped me back home and I couldn’t believe what happened I got my blackberry out my pocket and put in Jay’s number. Tonight I wouldn’t text him but soon I will.
That night was the best night of my life, I will never forget it. I will never forget the way Jay looked into my eyes, the way I felt when he touched my hand, my hair I will never forget. No ----------------------- I will never regret ---------------------------------

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