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I'm sorry,but I love you

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The event's after the concert. Jay sends her a message that would shock her.

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Chapter 4 ~ I'm sorry but, I love you
Oh I was so wrong, I can't live without'cha
(Please listen to me!)
I'm so sorry girl I love you now I realize
Shoulda never let'cha go away - cuz now my life don't seem right
I'm so sorry girl I love you, I just can't lie
I'm so sorry... girl I love you...
I'm so sorry girl I love you now I see my...
thinkin' was all a big mistake, it makes me cry to this day

Oh oh oh oh oh~ Tell me it's all in my head
Oh oh oh oh oh~ I try with every single beat of my heart
Drop that Babe..

No matter what my mind recalls
I see your face 'n I know, that'chu will always be there
Just wanna know how ya doin' these days
Didn't mean, to cause you any pain
I'm so deeply sorry

I'm so sorry girl I love you, I just can't lie
Oh I was so wrong, I can't live without'cha
(Please listen to me!)
I'm so sorry girl I love you now I realize
Shoulda never let'cha go away - cuz now my life don't seem right
I'm so sorry girl I love you, I just can't lie
I'm so sorry... girl I love you...
I'm so sorry girl I love you now I see my...

Last night Jared Leto was singing to me, to me out of all the girls. I didn’t get much sleep that night I was way too excited to even close my eyes. I was tossing and turning all night but I just gave up trying to sleep. I could hear children outside and I could see the sun just hiding behind my curtains. I looked over to the clock it was 12 AM wow I was tired.

Ding ding "Message from Tay” I looked at my facebook message and rolled my eyes I looked at the comment “ Oi Nik, call him. For me Call him” I finally got up and pulled my curtain open I had to adjust to the amount of light that was killing my eyes. I walked over to my laptop and checked the message.
I replied “ Tay I don’t want to yet, I want him to trust me with his number” I checked Tay’s facebook page and it was full of Shan pics. I laughed at the amount of status she wrote last night. " Shaminal is just so hot live, he took his top off. OFF!" As soon as I was about to log off there was a knock on my door. I logged off and walked over to the door.And they say I'm a crazy fangirl, Tay is worst.

- Yes Tijana? My eyes were still adjusting to the light, so they were half open.
- “ Finally up I see”
- “Uh yer last night made me pretty tired” I was trying not to smile over the fact that last night I was with Jay after the show.
- “ I see, here” Tijana handed me some orange juice
- “ Thanks” I took the glass and started to drink it.
- “ I’ll be down stairs ok” she started to skip again and hum “ baby, baby ohh”
- I laughed “ No Baby, baby go back in the kitchen”
- Tijana yelled from down stairs “ NO shut up”
I closed my door back up and got changed for the day. I took my clothes off and I went for a shower. I came out dressed and ready for the day. But my blackberry was lighten up again, I walked over and grabbed it only knowing it would be Tay saying to call Jay. But I was shocked or scared you could say. The message was in fact from him. I threw my phone on my bed and fell to the floor.
- “Sweet MOTHER OF FUCKEN TOMO” I put my hand to my mouth covering it, noticing how loud I said that, my sister would I heard it but never came running up stairs. Wait how did he get my number? I never gave it to him. IT WAS TAY! I knew it. I forced myself to get up from the floor and grabbed my phone. My hands were shaking again and my heart was beating fast. I took a deep breath and started to read the message.
- “Hey it’s Jay, you didn’t text me so I think I should have been the first one to say something. If you aren’t busy wanna catch up today?. We are staying here for 4 weeks :). And I don’t have anything to do. I would love to see you again.

I had to look at the message again,I slapped my face to wake up more but that didn't help.Jay wanted to spend the day with me. What would I say to Tijana? Uh I’m just going to go hang out with Jay today ok?
She would go crazy and then she would ask questions about it.

- “ Jay I would love to, but what would people say?
- “ Nik you don’t have to worry about what other people would say, just please come”
- “ Ok then, I shall come :)
- “ Great I’ll pick you up there”
- “ Wait how do you know where I live?’
- “ Lets say you have a nice friend, a very nice friend"
- “ Jayyyyy!”
- “ Ok I’ll tell you after bye”
- “Bye”
Now I had to make sure I looked good but before that Tay is going to be killed. I got my phone back and sent her a message saying that we need to talk. I rushed over to my mirror to make my hair look better and put some make up on. I wanted to look good for Jay. So I put my triad on over my neck. I ran down the stairs passed Tijana who grabbed my arm.

- “ Where are you going Nik? Tijana looked at me like a mum.
- “ haha uh well with someone”
- “ With someone? Is it a guy, who is he?” She started to sound like mum, she put her hands on my shoulders. It was a spitting image of mum.
- “ Tijana it’s a friend ok”
- “ Tell me then” she looked right into my eyes so I couldn't really lie.
- “ He has blue eyes, brown amazing hair. In a band
- “ It’s Jay”
Tijana was completely frozen in what I just said. She couldn't even talk for a while. She just looked at me like I was drunk or something.

- Excuse meeee,Ja.. Jay. JAREDDD. Tijana started waving her hands in front of her face,to calm herself down.
- “ Yes”
- “Yes! how you just say yes, it’s Jared the hottest man alive. Well Tomo is, I got a bit of a thing with him. Know what I’m talking about hey hey” Tijana pointed my shoulders “ Well he has the Jesus look going on”
- “ Tijana, well I met him last night”
- “You what? hold my poddle what?

The doorbell rang and I looked over to the door. Tijana pointed to the door shaking. Is that? Is that Jay. “ Why yes it is tijana”

I opened the door to Jay smiling, those amazing blue eyes lighting up the room. He was in his leather jacket I loved, jeans and a white top. Oh I just love him in white, water plz. I couldn’t believe this myself that Jay was at my house; all my dreams are coming true.I still didin’t believe it, I must have been dreaming. His Kings and Queens hair was full with wax but so hot and he shaved omj he looked so handsome. I smiled back at Jay.

Then Tijana ruined the moment. She ran like a crazy lady out the room “AHHH
AHHH its JARED FUCKING LETO AHHHH MUMMY, SWEET MOTHER OF TOMO" I looked away from tijana and shook my head to Jay. “So that is your sister then?” Jay finally yes “Oh yep for some reason she is, sorry about that” “You don’t have to be, girls do worst things to me. Shall we?” Jay put his arm out and I put my arm around his. We walked to his car and he open the door for me “ Here you go Miss” I smiled at him and sat down in the car “ Thank you Jay” Before he closed the door he grabbed my hand and kiss the back of it like last night. “Anytime Nik”, We started to drive off and I could just see Tijana in the window watching us go away. What an idiot.

I still didn’t know where we were going, but I just wanted to enjoy the ride. I was going to have a day alone with Jay. That is all I needed to know. I rested my head on the back of chair and went into my own world.

Your smile refreshes my day
and keeps me going on my way
removes my deep pain
and helps me to try again..

Those are extra reasons to make you smile right now

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