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"Happily" ever After

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Shane has a hard life made better or worse by the new kid in town.

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There once was a girl who met a boy fell in love and lived happily ever after, about once every two months. This story isn’t about her but her best friend, but I’m getting ahead of myself lets start at the beginning. Nina was pretty, popular and everything else I hate but she was my best friend none the less, we had met in the sixth grade and have been friends ever since. It was when things were simpler, I’ve always been a little different but back then it wasn’t as bad, Nina had been kick out of the clique for doing something or other. She seemed really upset so I went and talked to her, now she’s like my sister I couldn’t get rid of her even if I wanted to. She tells me everything that goes on in her life and I tell her what’s really important.

“He is so HOT!!” Nina whisper/screamed in my ear pointing to the door, I looked up and saw the new kid he was so Nina’s type light brown hair, sky blue eyes, and born to play sports. “He is so cute” I said trying not to roll my eyes. “I know what a god” Nina said practically drooling, my sarcasm is wasted on her when she enters one of her trances “shh he’s coming.” And so he was, he sat beside me, I fought the urge to stand and give him my seat it would save my neck from playing tennis for the duration of their relationship. “Hi” he said “sup” was my answer until I got an elbow from Nina, I took that as my cue to introduce her “I’m Shane this is Nina.” “Hey Nina I’m Matt” he said tilting his head and smiling as he sat down. What am I invisible, I know enough about jock behavior to know that he means business, all jocks get that look on their face when they find ‘fresh meat’ I only see it every time they look at Nina. Once they see her I no longer exist till they need info on Nina. Thank the heavens the teacher walked in at that moment and I was free from being Nina’s representative.

When class was over Matt came to talk to us “so what do you have next” he asked, “I have math and Nina has cosmo” I said. “Well I guess I get to hang out with you I have math too” he said smiling at me “great” I said trying to keep the sarcasm out of my voice and failing miserably. He was giving me the lets be BFFs look, he would have better luck trying to get me to believe the sky was green. Nina gave me the evil eye as she left leaving me alone with Matt, I knew Nina would expect a full report the next time I saw her so I went straight into polite interrogation mode. “So, do you play any sports” I asked, flashing a smile that said I bought he want to be friends, that would be something Nina would want to know. “I play basketball and soccer mostly what about you” he said. “I don’t play sports, Nina play’s soccer though” I said deflecting, I didn’t want him to know anything about me plus I could prep him for his first meeting with Nina what else were girlfriends for. “Cool” he said the rest of the walk and class was silent proof he didn’t want to be my friend, we both had lunch next so I could pawn him off on Nina.

When we got to the Caf I sat between Nina and the wall the easiest way to be as far from Matt as possible. “Hey” Matt said I didn’t dignify him with a response he couldn’t ignore me then expect me to listen to him, “say hello to my twin brother Mikey.” Oh no way, he was not trying to dump is brother on me “sup” I said glancing up, I had to stifle a gasp as I fond my self staring up at possibly the hottest guy on the planet, hell in the universe. He was like 6” even with black hair, ice blue eyes and looked like he was going to a rock concert after school. “He’s a freak I know but what am I going to do we share DNA” Matt said resulting in a giggle fit from Nina and a short glare from me if Matt wanted to see a freak he should look in the mirror.

“Hey” I said when Mikey sat in front of me maybe being a little nicer than necessary “hi” he said without looking at me. I shrugged it off “so what classes do you have next” I asked crossing my fingers he would have something with me. “History and Science” he said “me too” I said a little bit to excitedly it sounded a little off, I realized I haven’t felt this way about a guy in a while, okay make that ever. “You know you don’t have to be nice to me because your friends crushing on my brother” he said looking up and freezing me with an icy stare his blue eyes blazing. “I know I’m different and I don’t care.” Ouch, well then butt munch no more miss niceypants time to take the gloves off. “Do you honestly think I would be nice to anyone to please Nina or anyone else? Never mind don’t answer that, you’d obviously be wrong. Don’t assume you know me it just makes you look like a fool. Me and Nina, the girl crushing on your brother,” I said pointing Nina out “have been friends forever but in case you didn’t notice she is kind of a prep not really my speed but I’m going to guess you didn’t catch that. But it does mean that her and your brother are perfect for each other personally they kind of make me nauseous.” After my rant I got up and went to the library to zone out until History. “I can’t believe I did that, I just called out the hottest person ever, he might be one of the only people on the planet who would look twice at me and I yell at him. Wow someone up there has it out for me.” I thought as I sat there, ten minutes to class I decided my pity party was over and I should head to class.
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