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What happens in dentention?

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When I got to History he wasn’t there, I sat at a pair of desks figuring Nina would sit beside me, but Mikey got there first “Hey” he said flashing me the most perfect smile ever, damn why did he have to be so cute. “Hi” was my only answer, the fact the he was even talking to me had shifted my perception of reality. “Sorry about earlier” he said looking like a little kid who had gotten yelled at for doing something wrong. How was I suppose to stay mad at that, he was apologizing if anything I was the bitch “its okay” I said before I could say anything else like ‘I’m sorry’ Nina showed up. “That’s my seat” she said flipping her hair over her shoulder in her most ‘I rule this school way. “Really I don’t see your name on it” he said I tried to suppress my laughter at the face Nina made “I always sit beside Shane and your name isn’t on it either” she said try to outsmart him. The second she stopped talking Mikey pulled out a black permanent marker and wrote his name on the desk “is now” he said. “Fine me and Shane will move” she said before she stopped talking he had written my name on the desk I was sitting in. I was stunned he just out smarted Nina I would have thought it impossible had I not seen it myself. “Sorry but she was assigned a seat already” he said, half his face pulling up in a smirk. Nina walked away in one of her princess like huffs. I gave Mikey the angriest face I could muster, “are you mad” he asked looking confused “no but Nina needs to think I am” I said if she saw me laughing I was toast. “She’s not looking” he said after talking a quick look over my shoulder. “You sure” I asked the last thing I need is Nina mad at me, “ya” he said checking again. I burst out laughing that was one of the funniest things ever after I composed my self I said “that was very clever.” “Shane, I see you think defacing school property is a joke” the teacher said crap, busted “and Mikey is it well we’ll see how funny you think detention is.” “What a nerd” Mikey whispered in my ear as the teacher walked away, “I know” I said cracking a smile I guess seeing Nina outsmarted had to have its price.

“Can I walk you to your next class” Mikey asked when the bell rang. “As much as I would like that…” I started “Nina wouldn’t approve” he said his face falling taking my spirits with it. “No, well ya, but that’s not what I was going to say. I have a meeting with the school councilor, I punched I guy in the face this morning” I said I didn’t want him to think I wouldn’t hang with him just because of Nina. “Why” he asked taking a step back, “long story” I said “see you in science.” “Kay I’ll save you a seat” he said waving as he walked away. I was smiling as I walked down the hall, what was up with me I’d know this kid for all of an hour and he has me wrapped around his finger already god, I need therapy. Well actually the councilor will probably suggest it. I knocked on Mrs. Scott’s door she called me in. “Good Morning Shane” she said motioning for me to sit down “so you punched poor Mr. Andrews in the face this morning care to share why” she asked as I settled my legs under my self on the chair facing her desk. “Well Mrs. Scott that’s really simple I felt threatened so I acted in a way to get rid of the threat.” I said smiling. “did Mr. Andrews threaten you” she asked sounding concerned she was a really nice lady it was to bad I was forced into her office. “not exactly okay long story short me and Ben have some uncomfortable history, and no I don’t want to talk about it” I add as she started to interrupt “any way these days I find his presence uncomfortable . The reason I felt he deserved a meeting with my fist is he decided slapping my ass would be a good idea I didn’t think so do you?” “I guess you were justified in your actions then, here’s your slip have a nice year try and stay out of trouble” she said smiling while she handed me my slip. “Bye” I said getting up and turning toward the door. “Shane my doors always open” she said I nodded then left.

After my loving meeting with the school councilor I headed to the science lab, I gave my teacher my late slip “in trouble already Shane I would have thought you could go a day”Mr. Reynolds said. I had him for science last year he was a funny guy “sir I try and stay out of trouble it just finds me I got detention today too” I said trying to look innocent “I bet you do well sit” he said. I then looked around for a seat. Nina beckoned me over so I went to sit beside her. “I can not believe those two are twins” she said motioning to Matt and Mikey as soon as Mr. Reynolds turned toward the board. “Matt is so nice and Mikey is such a jerk.” I didn’t say anything that way I couldn’t get in trouble. “Matt asked me to the movies Friday I told him you and Ben would double with us” Nina said brushing at the air. “Nina I told you me and Ben broke up over the summer” I said as I started doodling on the cover of my binder. “Oh” Nina said sounding disappointed, too bad for her. Was it that hard to remember that your “best” friend broke up with her boyfriend, I wish Nina could be a better friend sometimes. It was in these moments I missed Billy most he is my best friend but unfortunately due to the cruelty of the fates he now lives in the next state over.

When the bell rang I went to talk to Mikey “hey” I said smiling “so when were you planning to tell my to stop flirting with you cause you had a boyfriend” he said glancing at me quickly then away as he started to walk away. Ouch what the hell was that, shit Nina told Matt I was with Ben still which means Mikey thinks I’m still with him my life sucks. “Wait a minute” I said stepping in front of him so he would listen to me “first off I no longer have a boyfriend and second you were flirting with me.” “Well ya” he said turning red and looking away, that was fine with me because I knew I was blushing too. We walked to detention in silence “ladies first” he said opening the door for me, I blushed harder and smiled slightly I need to stop this he shouldn’t have this much power over me already I had to get a grip. We sat together “no talking I’ll be back soon” the teacher said as she walked out. “Sorry about jumping down your throat earlier” he said looking apologetic. “No problem” I said shrugging it wasn’t a big deal just a misunderstanding. “So what were you and Nina talking about” he asked, looking nervous, good at least I wasn’t the only one. “You, and her date with Matt and how I was suppose to double with her” I said rolling my eyes at the end. “Well since Nina is mad cause you can’t double why don’t you go to the movies with me” he said flashing me his all too perfect smile, he took me off guard again it was his eyes they pierced my soul every time he looked at me. “Well I don’t think I can say no to such a strong argument” I said smiling wait did I just agree to go out with a total stranger, I have got to stop hanging around Nina so much I‘m becoming way to much like her. “Cool I’ll pick you up at six” he said smiling at me again causing me to lose my train of thought it was hardly fair.

“So what kinda music are you into” he asked after a few minutes of silence “Rock, Punk or any combination of the two” I said looking up from the symbol I was drawing “you?” Most important thing about anyone is the type of music they listen to it tells you what kind of person they are and weather or not you’ll get along. “Bout the same” he said smiling well hello mister perfect “what’s your favorite band?” damn I hate that question cause there is no right answer cause I love so many different bands. “God I don’t know it changes depending on my mood right now Fall Out Boy but that’s cause I was listening to their new album this morning” I said “ask me tomorrow and it will be different.” “Cool well how about this if you could see any band live who would it be” he asked “no contest My Chemical Romance they are my fucking Idols their music has helped me through a lot” I said which was in truth an understatement if it wasn’t for My Chemical Romance I have no doubt I wouldn’t be alive right now. “So what’s your favorite band” I asked him another very crucial question “Tied between My Chemical Romance, The Used and Linkin Park” he said, damn it could he be any more perfect for me, answer probably not. Before I could ask him anything else the teacher walked in and we were thrown into mandatory silence, after a while the teacher finally said we could go. “I’ll see you tomorrow” he said as we got into the hallway “see you” I said smiling to myself as I walked away I had to take the city bus home stupid detention.
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