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First Date

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Shane and Mikey double with Nina and Matt

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When I got home I could not stop smiling I could not believe Mikey had asked me out, I was surprised at my self I felt almost happy excited I guess but an emotion was better then none so I took it as a good thing. I decided that I would call Billy I hadn’t talked to him in about a week so the call was overdue anyway. “Helloooo” “dude there are way too many O’s in that one little word” I said smiling I always forget how much I miss Billy till I hear his voice “Shanie, hey cutie wondering when you would call” “figured I was overdue I was just waiting for something good to tell you” I said laying down on my bed. “I want to paint my ceiling” “you called to tell me that?” “no but I was lying here looking up at the ceiling and thinking its so dull being just white” “so paint it “ “maybe I will, but I called you first” “true and the fact that you called must mean you have some form of good news for me, thank goodness I was getting tired of your emo rants” “not nice Billy you know you love my emo rants” I said, smiling, he laughed “true I love a good emo story but what you have is amazingly spectacularly wonderful good news, which, I’ll bet its way more fun” “well I guess your right it is way more fun then any of my emo stories. Anyway, my wonderfully boring school got a new student well actually two” I said trying to make this as not awkward as possible. “Sooo, I fail to see what’s so interesting” “well Nina had her love at first sight reaction with one it was gagtacular, and before you interrupt it’s the other new kid I’m interested in couldn’t be more perfect for me if he tried.” “Really sounds like he’s not another Ben” “nope he’s basically the male version of me except he looks like a cross between Jared Leto and Ryan Ross.” “That’s a weird combo” “I know but it works for him anyway.” “Really I wouldn’t have thought it possible” “well it is.” “I see so is he really that perfect?” “Well he seem to be but I guess we’ll find out” We talked a bit more then we both had other things we needed to get done so we hung up.

The week went by in a flash and before I knew it I was getting ready for my date. I was standing in my room, in my underwear staring into the depths of my closet, I had no idea what to wear and I was trying to summon the perfect outfit. “Accio Perfection” I mumbled to myself as a started my search for clothes. I went with the stand by of My Chem Shirt, jeans and my converse. “What boy would want to go out with you looking like that,” my “loving” mother said from the door she was leaning against the door frame examining her perfectly manicured nails. I loved my mom she was my mom after all but she didn’t really get me she would have loved for me to be a carbon copy of Nina but to tell you the truth I’m never going to be that way just to spite my mom. Before I could say anything the doorbell rang and I ran for it “introduce me to your date Shane” my Mom said from behind me, I should have seen this coming and warned Mikey or something. “Mom this is Mikey, Mikey this is my mom” I said the second my mom saw him I knew she almost fainted. Mikey looked amazing in a My Chem Shirt, ripped jeans and converse. The complete opposite of Ben who showed up to our first date wearing a yellow golf shirt and kaki pants. I gave my mom a pleading look she stared at me for a second threw her blonde hair over her shoulder “GO” she said as we went out to the car.

Apparently neither Mikey or Matt has their license and Nina’s car was in the shop so the guys mom was driving us. They had already picked Nina up so she was in the back with Matt I squeezed in beside her. I tried to ignore them by concentrating on the radio but it was playing Ashlee Simpson so my ears were bleeding, I started to regret saying yes. The horrible music ceased and was replaced with My Chemical Romance “Hand in mine, into your icy blues And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway With this trunk of ammunition too I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets” “Demolition Lovers” I said smiling I loved that song “I thought you would like it” Mikey said turning to flash me his perfect smile. I couldn’t help smiling back at him, why did he have so amazing, it’s like he knows me perfectly already. The rest of ride wasn’t so bad mostly because Mikey kept trying to put on a My Chem song I didn’t know, he never found one.

When we got to the theater we all piled out of the car and tried to decide what movie to see. “I heard that the Halloween remake is supposed to be good” I said Mikey nodded at me. “I want to see Feel the Noise” Nina said taking hold of Matt’s hand. I’m putting an end to this right now “two tickets to Halloween” I said paying for the tickets and walking away with Mikey hopefully Nina will she her chick flick and I can just chill with Mikey. “You do know it is customary for the guy to pay on the first date” he said I turned to smile at him “and people say chivalry is dead, how bout you buy snacks” I said standing beside him in line “sounds good” he said reaching for my hand. “Shane” Nina called “Sprite and popcorn” I said shooting him an apologetic smile as Nina pulled me to the bathroom. “This is going to be great” Nina squealed “ya” I answered nodding aimlessly, I guess I never told you what I looked like I have electric green eyes, brown hair and I’m about 5’6 nothing overly special. “So what movie are you and Matt going to” I asked crossing my fingers it was not Halloween “we decided we would see Halloween” she said, dang I was hoping to get rid of her oh well you can’t have everything.

We went and grabbed seats “That was so nice of you” Nina said smiling knowingly at me, “What was” I asked putting my head back to look at the ceiling “saying yes to Mikey” she said still smiling at me, I could have smacked that smile off her face, Nina could be so judgmental in her world everything was about how you looked I’m lucky I got in when I did. Instead of saying or doing something I would regret I closed my eyes. Mikey was such a nice guy she just could understand that “this way we both have dates” she said so proud of herself. I wanted to puke “Hey Girly” Mikey said pulling me back into reality “you did not just call me girly’ I said sitting up as he sat down. “Maybe, what you going to do about” he said. I gave him the angriest look I could crossing my arms over my chest, “I’m sorry” he said frowning “that’s okay” I said breaking into the biggest smile causing Mikey to laugh.

The movie was great Nina was glued to Matt’s arm the whole time and screamed at least twenty times, every time she did me and Mikey would have a giggle fit. We started to bet on when she would scream quarter to whoever got it right by the end Mikey owed me a dollar. When it was over we all piled back into the car this time it was me, Mikey and Nina in the back with an agreement that next time Nina was driving her car. Matt walked Nina to the door and, as me and Mikey predicted, shared a goodbye make-out session and gaining me another dollar out of the Bank of Mikey. When we got to my house Mikey walked me to the door something I was not expecting, “I had a good time tonight” I said smiling up at him. “so did I” Mikey said just looking at me his blue eyes piercing a hole in my soul. I hesitated not sure where to go from here “I’ll see you on Monday” I said before turning to go inside but Mikey grabbed my arm and kissed my cheek then with one last glance left me to melt through the floor. Why did he have to be so bloody perfect?
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