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IM Chat 2

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New chatroom =)

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Chatroom Name - GerardSucks
In This Chatroom... NotOkay, CheyenneRocks, FootballFan

NotOkay - Bored. Bored. Bored...
CheyenneRocks - Why are you telling us this?
FootballFan - It's not like we care
NotOkay - I'm guessing you forgot about the whole 'you loving me' entire thing...
FootballFan - Most of that was a joke Gerard, get over yourself
NotOkay - :) Right...
CheyenneRocks - Gerard, you are so full of yourself
NotOkay - Dont you all start ganging up on me!
FootballFan - Aww, are you afraid to take on two girls?
NotOkay - FRANK!
Welcome Back, PenceyPrep
PenceyPrep - I must say I prefer this new chatroom.
CheyenneRocks - Me too. You know who's in each chatroom so no-one can hide and you can give the chatrooms names :)
PenceyPrep - Who chose the name by the way?
FootballFan - Me
NotOkay - ¬¬ Knew it...
Welcome Back, Bob
PenceyPrep - Are you over that lame practical joke yet?
Bob - Yeah. I feel better now
NotOkay - Good
CheyenneRocks - That joke wasn't very funny
Bob - You were part of it!
CheyenneRocks - Doesnt mean I found it funny =/
Goodbye Bob. Thank You For Chatting
NotOkay - Yeah, just leave without saying goodbye...
PenceyPrep - I swear he needs help
FootballFan - And you don't?
NotOkay - LUCY!
PenceyPrep - No, I kinda agree
CheyenneRocks - O_O
PenceyPrep - But I could be more fucked up
Welcome Back, Afrotastic
PenceyPrep - Speaking of fucked up...
Afrotastic - I just rembered how amazing this username this is :D
NotOkay - Wow. That really is fucked up
PenceyPrep - Gerard, are you and Raechel still dating?
NotOkay - Yeah but she's been acting really immature lately
Afrotastic - How?
NotOkay - At lunch we were hanging in the music room and she started singing Hannah Montana
CheyenneRocks - ... Really?
PenceyPrep - Yeah, I was there
NotOkay - Then she keeps dancing to the time warp...
FootballFan - She's having fun, not being immature. I can see why she'd want to have fun while dating YOU
NotOkay - Shut up Lucy. It was annoying then I started singing and she told me to shut up otherwise we'd get kicked out
PenceyPrep - She yelled at me to stop playing my guitar ¬¬
Afrotastic - Me too. And I was in the practice room...
NotOkay - What, she just barged in and told you to quit it?
Afrotastic - Yeah, she told me I was playing too loud
CheyenneRocks - I know why she does it but I don't think I should tell you =/
NotOkay - Well you should
CheyenneRocks - Okay. It's because she's afraid of competition
PenceyPrep - ... What?
CheyenneRocks - Well you know how she's a good singer?
NotOkay - Yeah?
CheyenneRocks - And how our music teacher keeps asking her to sing solos in school concerts and stuff?
Afrotastic - Uh huh?
CheyenneRocks - Well she's worried that she'll find someone better than her and then they'll be asked to do the concerts and stuff and Raechel will be forgotten
NotOkay - I doubt that would ever happen
FootballFan - She's a girl, she's insecure, you jerk!
NotOkay - What did I say!? I was actually being pretty nice!
FootballFan - That's a first
NotOkay - ¬¬
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