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OMGLookAtMe and CheyenneAndMikey

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Gerard talks more about Raechel, Frank talks about periods, Mikey gets nervous.

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Chatroom Name - OMGLookAtMe
In This Chatroom... NotOkay, PenceyPrep, MWay

PenceyPrep - Why OMGLookAtMe?
MWay - It rhymes
NotOkay - Well it doesn't if you say Oh My God Look At Me. If you say the actual letters then it does...
PenceyPrep - It's still a pretty sad name
MWay - Well I didn't make it up
NotOkay - Neither did I
PenceyPrep - Then who did!?
MWay - I clicked on this chatroom because Raechel was in it. I assume she made it
NotOkay - ¬¬
MWay - You seem pretty pissed off about your girlfriend
PenceyPrep - You weren't there yesterday when Gerard was explaing the whole 'Raechel is immature' thing
NotOkay - She's been acting even worse today
PenceyPrep - How is that possible?
NotOkay - I went over to our music teacher to ask if our band could possibly have a spot in the christmas concert?
PenceyPrep - We're nowhere near good enough!
NotOkay - I thought it was worth a shot! And before she had a chance to reply, Raechel popped up from out of no where and went 'Miss, I thought that every place had been taken. Oh well' And dragged me off before she could say anything!
MWay - But still, why were you asking?
NotOkay - We've been stuck in Rays basement for three months. I'm bored
Welcome Back, WeeGirl
WeeGirl - Hi Guys :)
MWay - No offence Raechel but this was kinda of a boys only discussion
WeeGirl - And no offence Mikey, but I don't care
NotOkay - No Raechel, this really was a guys only discussion
PenceyPrep - Would you really want me to come in on one of your girl discussions?
WeeGirl - We've got nothing to hide
MWay - What if it was about periods?
WeeGirl - ... Then we'd change the subject so you guys could talk too
PenceyPrep - No you wouldn't, the one on her period would tell us to get lost!
WeeGirl - That was sexist!
NotOkay - He was joking Raech. It was kinda funny =)
WeeGirl - Oh I'm sorry Gerard, I didn't realise you were so easy to amuse!
MWay - And you're not?
NotOkay - Mikey, shut it!
WeeGirl - Fine, I'll leave you to your 'man discussion' AND YOU'RE ALL ON YOUR PERIODS!
Goodbye WeeGirl. Thank You For Chatting
MWay - That girl has issues
PenceyPrep - I know right!
NotOkay - Leave her alone...
MWay - You were just bad mouthing her a second ago!
NotOkay - I wasn't bad mouthing her, I was just stating facts
PenceyPrep - Mean ones
MWay - Gerard has a point I guess
NotOkay - I'd say invite Bob but he's still acting weird...
PenceyPrep - Ray?
MWay - I s'pose he'll have to do
NotOkay - But he's lovesick!
MWay - What are you on about?
NotOkay - You havent heard? He's got a crush on Lucy!
PenceyPrep - Let's just leave the crazy loon alone for a while
MWay - But we've got nowhere... What are we even trying to discuss?
PenceyPrep - Can we chat about Ray and how he fancies Lucy? =)
Welcome Back, Afrotastic
PenceyPrep - I take that as a no...
Afrotastic - Take what as a no?
MWay - Nothing
NotOkay - Let's talk about what turns us on!
MWay - No, let's not
NotOkay - ¬¬ Hmph
PenceyPrep - My girlfriend turns me on!
NotOkay - Saddo!
Afrotastic - Awww Frankie loves his girlfriend!
MWay - Naaaaw baby Frankie...
PenceyPrep - Leave me alone! Atleast I have emotions!
NotOkay - No, it's because MY girlfriend doesn't turn me on...
MWay - Diddums
NotOkay - Shut up Mikey ¬¬
MWay - Atleast you have a girlfriend!
Afrotastic - Well everyone knows you fancy Cheyenne... Except Cheyenne
MWay - Can we keep it that way?
NotOkay - No, text her asking to go into a new chatroom with you. And give this the chatroom name - CheyenneAndMikey
MWay - I can't!
NotOkay - Why not?
MWay - With a chatroom name like that she'll guess what's going on!
Afrotastic - She'll probably assume it means you two are the only ones who need to be in there
MWay - ... Fine...
NotOkay - Text her now!
MWay - Okay, okay...

Chatroom Name - CheyenneAndMikey
In This Chatroom... MWay, CheyenneRocks

CheyenneRocks - Hi Mikey :)
MWay - Hi Cheyenne. Can we talk about something?
CheyenneRocks - Sure. What is it?
MWay - I was wondering if you like
MWay - Sorry pressed enter too early...
CheyenneRocks - Okay
MWay - ... Do you like
CheyenneRocks - Too early again?
MWay - Haha... Yeah...
CheyenneRocks - Take your time Mikey
MWay - ...
MWay - Do you like fossils?
CheyenneRocks - ... Fossils?
MWay - Do you?
CheyenneRocks - Not really
MWay - Neither do I, lame arent they?
CheyenneRocks - Mikey we might be talking over a chatroom but I can tell you're nervous about something
MWay - You're very good
CheyenneRocks - Thank you. Now just tell me honestly what you wanted to ask
MWay - I was wondering if...
CheyenneRocks - Do I like you?
Goodbye MWay. Thank You For Chatting
CheyenneRocks - O_o
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