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Thanks4TheVenom joins the chatroom :D

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Chatroom Name - WhatHappened!?
In This Chatroom... NotOkay, Afrotastic, Bob, MWay

NotOkay - I don't understand. What did you and Cheyenne say?
MWay - I asked if she liked me, she repeated the question, I panicked and logged off before she could tell me
Afrotastic - Oh my god Mikey
Bob - Everyone knows how to ask a girl out
NotOkay - Oh right, and YOU'RE the expert
Bob - As it happens, I've got a girlfriend
NotOkay - Oh yeah? Who?
Bob - Her name's Bree
MWay - She goes to our school doesn't she?
Afrotastic - Not the fit one in our year?
Bob - Yep :)
Afrotastic - Wow, get her to come on this chatroom!
MWay - Why?
Afrotastic - I don't believe that Bree is dating Bob ¬¬
NotOkay - B & B :)
Bob - I'll get her to come on ¬¬
MWay - She is quite pretty :)
Bob - You fancy Cheyenne. Keep your paws off my girl!
Welcome Back, Thanks4TheVenom
Thanks4TheVenom - You like my little sister?
NotOkay - Cheyenne is Brees little sister?
Thanks4TheVenom - Yeah!
Thanks4TheVenom - Oh, you must be Mikey. She already knows
MWay - O_O What?
Thanks4TheVenom - She kinda guessed from your little conversation last night
NotOkay - We're really talking to Bree :)
MWay - SHUT UP GERARD! What did she say about it Bree?
Thanks4TheVenom - Don't ask me, I just heard her on the phone to Lucy. I only heard the conversation part, then I got bored
Bob - Hi Babe :)
Thanks4TheVenom - Hello :)
Afrotastic - Hey Bob, could you give me some advice on how to get a girl?
Bob - In your dreams :D
MWay - Well Bree, can you find out what she said?
Thanks4TheVenom - NO! It's not my job to find out whether my little sister likes you, it's yours!
MWay - I tried that. It failed
NotOkay - Try again. She already knows
Thanks4TheVenom - Well from the sounds of it, you can't mess up anymore than you did last night
NotOkay - ... What?
Thanks4TheVenom - Well, Mikey is a bit of a geek
NotOkay - True
Afrotastic - It is kinda true
Bob - Very geekish
MWay - HEY!
Goodbye MWay. Thank You For Chatting
NotOkay - He'll be in a sulk now all night
Thanks4TheVenom - Don't tell him this, but Cheyenne does like him back!
Bob - Why didn't you tell him then!?
Thanks4TheVenom - Cheyenne wants him to tell her that he likes her
NotOkay - ... What?
Thanks4TheVenom - Mikey has to confess to Cheyenne that he likes her!
Afrotastic - Ahh!
NotOkay - Bet he won't do it!
Thanks4TheVenom - Then encourage him Gerard, you're his big brother!
NotOkay - ... Yeah, I am :)
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