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Each girl confesses a secret, Frank admits something to Jasmine and a couple break up.

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Chatroom Name - GirlyTalk
In This Chatroom... WeeGirl, CheyenneRocks, blackgreenrose, Thanks4TheVenom, FootballFan

WeeGirl - I call this meeting to order!
CheyenneRocks - Okay! Can I go now?
WeeGirl - No! We're getting our revenge on the boys so we need to make these conversation really juicy and fun :D
FootballFan - Then you shouldn't have started by calling this conversation a 'meeting'
Thanks4TheVenom - To make it a proper girly talk, we should share some 'girl secrets'
blackgreenrose - Okay, so long as you go first
Thanks4TheVenom - Okay. Promise not to tell anyone, but I only went out with Bob because I felt sorry for him
FootballFan - I totally understand now :)
Thanks4TheVenom - Okay Lucy, your turn
FootballFan - Well... I still need a nightlight to get to sleep
blackgreenrose - REALLY!?
FootballFan - Yes, but tell ANYONE and I will kill you!
WeeGirl - Who's going next?
FootballFan - You :)
WeeGirl - ... I know Gerard wants to break up with me. I want him to be HAPPY, but I just can't let him go...
Thanks4TheVenom - ... No offence, but that was a crap secret. Everyone knew that
WeeGirl - Really?
CheyenneRocks - Yeah. Go again. Something NO-ONE knows!
WeeGirl - ... I cheated on Gerard
Thanks4TheVenom - WHAT!?
WeeGirl - With Tom. I didn't mean to, I just did... I feel really bad about it now. PLEASE don't tell Gerard!
CheyenneRocks - Anything said in this chatroom REMAINS in this chatroom
Thanks4TheVenom - Okay Cheyenne, your turn :)
CheyenneRocks - My favorite band isn't actually Bullet For My Valentine... It's actually JLS
Thanks4TheVenom - Wow, really?
CheyenneRocks - No, but it sounds true, doesn't it? :D
WeeGirl - Come on, we confessed ours!
CheyenneRocks - Alright. I really like Mikey. I want him to tell me he likes me back, but he won't. Well, I think he kinda said it...
CheyenneRocks - Not my fault you listen in on my phone conversations with Jackie ;)
Welcome Back, NotOkay
WeeGirl - ... You entered a chatroom called GirlyTalk?
NotOkay - Are you talking about boys? ;)
FootballFan - We're talking about lots of things. Girly things. Now get lost
NotOkay - Raechel, can I stay?
WeeGirl - No. It's a girls discussion
Goodbye NotOkay. Thank You For Chatting
CheyenneRocks - This conversation is actually quite fun :D
Thanks4TheVenom - And finally we have Jasmine. Go on then :D
blackgreenrose - Right. But don't mention this to ANYONE because it might not happen...
CheyenneRocks - What?
blackgreenrose - I'm thinking of breaking up with Frank
Thanks4TheVenom - Really? But why?
blackgreenrose - Well, the relationship is going NOWHERE
FootballFan - ... Tell anyone I said this I'll murder you, but you make a very sweet couple
blackgreenrose - Yeah, but it's so INNOCENT
CheyenneRocks - What, like you wanna have sex with him or something?
blackgreenrose - Do you know he hasn't even kissed me?
WeeGirl - Maybe he's waiting for the right moment
blackgreenrose - ): When will the right moment come?
WeeGirl - Could take a while. Gerard hasn't kissed me yet either...
Thanks4TheVenom - Atleast you have something to look forward to. Bob kisses me everyday since I said yes to him. Now it's just not exciting anymore...
blackgreenrose - We've been going out for AGES. We're just getting no-where!
CheyenneRocks - Don't break up with him Jazz. He'll be so upset
blackgreenrose - Well no offence to Frank, but why should I make myself upset just so he can be happy?
Thanks4TheVenom - Because you're a nice person?
blackgreenrose - But I'm tired of always being nice!
WeeGirl - Guys, it's Jasmines decision!
blackgreenrose - ... Thank you Raechel
WeeGirl - I need to go to bed. And think. Thanks Jasmine for opening up my eyes
Goodbye WeeGirl. Thank You For Chatting
blackgreenrose - What did I do?
Thanks4TheVenom - Whatever it was, I think it was good
blackgreenrose - We can hope

Chatroom Name - GerardThankYou
In This Chatroom... NotOkay, WeeGirl

NotOkay - You seemed pretty mad at me when you were having your girly discussion. Now you're THANKING me?
WeeGirl - Yes. We need to talk
NotOkay - Go for it
WeeGirl - ... I know I've been acting immature lately. And I can see that our relationship is making you unhappy...
NotOkay - Making me unhappy?
WeeGirl - Don't pretend Gerard, I'm not stupid
NotOkay - Okay, your immaturity has been getting to me recently. But we can work through this, can't we?
WeeGirl - But you don't want to Gerard, I know you don't
NotOkay - Raechel...
WeeGirl - So it's just easier if we don't go out
NotOkay - ... Are you breaking up with me?
WeeGirl - Yes. Thanks though Gerard, for making me actually feel wanted
Goodbye WeeGirl. Thank You For Chatting

ChatroomName - ):
In This Chatroom... blackgreenrose, PenceyPrep

PenceyPrep - You wanted to talk?
blackgreenrose - Yeah. Frank, why haven't you kissed me yet?
PenceyPrep - ... Truthfully, I can't. I'm scared
blackgreenrose - But I really want you to
PenceyPrep - ... I've never kissed a girl before
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