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The boys get revenge on the girls...

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Chatroom Name - RevengeBOYSONLY
In This Chatroom... NotOkay, PenceyPrep, Bob

NotOkay - What is going on? I dunno what the girls talked about in their 'girly talk' but now they're acting all weird!
PenceyPrep - Jasmine is pressuring me to kiss her!
Bob - And whenever me and Bree are togethor all the girls giggle and so does Bree and she goes 'Shuttup...'
NotOkay - And Raechel DUMPED me!
Bob - I thought you were sick of her?
NotOkay - I thought about it properly though and decided it was unfair, so I thought I'd stay with her! But SHE left ME!
PenceyPrep - I'm not ready to kiss Jasmine yet. Something has to be done
Bob - We need to find out what all the girls are saying
NotOkay - How?
Bob - Well, they liked the first GirlyTalk so much, they planned another one. I heard Bree mention it
PenceyPrep - For when?
Bob - Tomorrow at seven
NotOkay - But what good does that do? They'll just kick us out of the chatroom!
Bob - True...
PenceyPrep - I have an idea!
Bob - Oh god...
PenceyPrep - No, it's a good one!
NotOkay - I wish there were such a thing as 'Franks good idea'
PenceyPrep - We make a fake account, pretend to be a girl and join the discussion
Bob - Only one thing... They wouldn't tell their deepest secrets to a total stranger!
NotOkay - Then we need to get a real girl in one this
Bob - But who?
PenceyPrep - Well, what about Sephora?
NotOkay - Who's she?
Bob - Bree's best friend! I could hack her account and be her!
NotOkay - You can hack accounts?
Bob - I didn't pull that amazing prank on you last term without hacking ;)
PenceyPrep - That site was easy to hack, even I could do it!
Bob - I've done it on this website aswell. But I dont wanna go into it. I didn't trick you guys again, I did something worse...
NotOkay - Don't wanna know
PenceyPrep - Me either
Bob - All I have to do is hack into Sephora's account, you guys come round to my house with Mikey and Ray and we see what the girls are saying!
NotOkay - But do you know how to act like Sephora?
PenceyPrep - Five guys pretending to be one girl? Shouldn't be that hard
Bob - I'll phone Sephora know. I'll be real friendly and try and get as much information out of her that I can
NotOkay - She won't get suspicous?
Bob - No, I'm Bob
PenceyPrep - Fair point

Chatroom Name - GirlyTalk2
In This Chatroom... WeeGirl, FootballFan, blackgreenrose

WeeGirl - We can't start yet
FootballFan - Why not?
WeeGirl - Cheyenne and Bree aren't here. It won't be the same!
blackgreenrose - Besides it'd be boring to repeat everything intresting that happened to them
FootballFan - So until then, we have a boring discussion?
WeeGirl - Pretty much
Welcome Back, CheyenneRocks
FootballFan - FINALLY!
CheyenneRocks - Sorry. Bree is coming on now aswell, she's on the slow laptop. I got the fast one :D
Welcome Back, coffee4eva
blackgreenrose - ... Who are you?
coffee4eva - It's me Sephora
CheyenneRocks - Oh Sephora :D You don't know Jasmine, do you?
coffee4eva - Ofcourse I have!
blackgreenrose - I've never heard of you
coffee4eva - Oh you're the younger Jasmine. I meant 'tall Jasmine'
CheyenneRocks - Who?
coffee4eva - ... You don't know her. She goes to a different school
Welcome Back, Thanks4TheVenom
Thanks4TheVenom - Sorry I'm late!
coffee4eva - Hi Bree!
Thanks4TheVenom - Oh hi Sephora! Guys, she's my best friend so she's invited to our conversation
blackgreenrose - Fine...
WeeGirl - Okay, now what are we gonna talk about this time?
Thanks4TheVenom - I dunno actually...
coffee4eva - What about boys?
Thanks4TheVenom - ... Sephora, since when have YOU ever been interested in boys?
coffee4eva - Well it's a 'girly' discussion... I mean...
WeeGirl - I can talk about boys ;)
coffee4eva - Sweet :D
Thanks4TheVenom - Sephora, you're acting really weird...
coffee4eva - Sorry, my cousin is here. He makes me feel a little weird...
Thanks4TheVenom - Oh, Zac?
coffee4eva - Yeah. Him
Thanks4TheVenom - Fair enough =)
WeeGirl - BOYS!
blackgreenrose - Well when we say talking about boys, what should we start with?
coffee4eva - Well, who here has dumped a guy that she still likes. I have
Thanks4TheVenom - ... When?
coffee4eva - I'm not going into details! No c'mon girls, 'fess up!
WeeGirl - Me, I guess
coffee4eva - Aww it's okay sweetie :D
blackgreenrose - I dumped Tom though I still loved him
CheyenneRocks ... Sorry...
Thanks4TheVenom - Well I'm planning on dumping Bob, but I never really liked him to start with so...
coffee4eva - YOU CAN'T DUMP BOB!!
Thanks4TheVenom - ... Why? I only went out with him because I felt sorry for him
coffee4eva - Well how can you mess with a guys emotions like that!?
Thanks4TheVenom - Sephora, I already told you this BEFORE I dated him...
coffee4eva - Well I've changed my mind about the entire thing! You should wait til Bob dumps you. Then you'll know he's officially okay with everything and you won't hurt him and you won't be hurt either!
Thanks4TheVenom - Whoever breaks up with me, it'll still hurt!
coffee4eva - Could you REALLY break Bobs heart?
Thanks4TheVenom - Sephora, just drop it, it's none of your business
coffee4eva - Sorry babes
CheyenneRocks - You know, I fancy Mikey
Thanks4TheVenom - You told us that last time
coffee4eva - You should ask him out Chey. He might really like you back
CheyenneRocks - I dunno...
coffee4eva - Ofcourse I like you back
CheyenneRocks - ... What?
coffee4eva - ... That's what he'd probably say...
CheyenneRocks - Oh... Okay...
WeeGirl - ... You're good at giving advice about boys
coffee4eva - I'm in the know
FootballFan - Okay. Why does Ray keep acting like a total dick around me?
coffee4eva - He's got a crush on you
FootballFan - WHAT!?
coffee4eva - NO HE DOESNT
FootballFan - ...
coffee4eva - He does, I promise
Thanks4TheVenom - Sephora, what's going on with you?
coffee4eva - Nothing, why?
blackgreenrose - It isn't funny guys
Thanks4TheVenom - What isnt?
blackgreenrose - Sephora just knocked on my door. She's not on IM at all...
coffee4eva - Whatever, I'm right here
blackgreenrose - It's Sephora on Jazz's account now. I dunno who the hell you are, but get off my account
Thanks4TheVenom - But we told our secrets to this person!
coffee4eva - :)
Goodbye coffee4eva. Thank You For Chatting
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