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PenceyPrep and blackgreenrose

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Tom tells Frank what he has to do.

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NotOkay - We had to switch back to the older chatroom!
MWay - What if Bob starts going crazy at all the memories here?
Bob - I was never crazy! Just... Special
PenceyPrep - It doesn't matter. None of the girls will think to come on here
Afrotastic - ¬¬ Because it's lame on here
Bob - How is it?
Afrotastic - It's easily hacked...
Bob - That's the fun part!
NotOkay - And Tom promised he'd come online aswell. So we could all talk

-TomTheMan has entered the chatroom-

Bob - ... TomTheMan?
Afrotastic - And I thought my screen name was stupid...
TomTheMan - It is. My name is good
NotOkay - Right... Well, the girls probably think that us guys spied on them last night
TomTheMan - Did you?
PenceyPrep - No. But we still want you to take the blame
TomTheMan - Why?
PenceyPrep - They LIKE us. They kinda hate you...
TomTheMan - I've been trying to keep a good rep
MWay - Yeah. How's that working out?
TomTheMan - Pretty good
TomTheMan - Fine. I'll take the blame. But one of you has to do something for me...
Bob - Like what?
TomTheMan - Frank has to break up with Jasmine
PenceyPrep - WHAT!? NO! Why do you even want me to do that!?
TomTheMan - She fancied you the entire time we were togethor. And I didn't like it
PenceyPrep - ... You cheated on her, remember?
TomTheMan - Yeah. So? It's what I do
NotOkay - You won't take the blame unless Frank dumps Jasmine?
Afrotastic - It's not worth it
PenceyPrep - It doesn't matter. If she knows we all did it she'll dump me anyway, so we might aswell not get into trouble
NotOkay - Come on Frank...
PenceyPrep - Fine, it's a deal
TomTheMan - :) I'll log onto the new chatroom now...
PenceyPrep - Me too I guess

Chatroom Name - GirlsOnlyConvo
In This Chatroom... WeeGirl, Thanks4TheVenom, blackgreenrose, CheyenneRocks, FootballFan

FootballFan - So we've got nothing
Thanks4TheVenom - ):
Welcome Back, TomTheMan
WeeGirl - What do YOU want?
TomTheMan - To confess. It was me listening to your little girly talk the other night
FootballFan - Really?
blackgreenrose - Wow
Welcome Back, PenceyPrep
PenceyPrep - Jasmine, we need to talk
blackgreenrose - Okay just make a new chatroom and I'll join

Chatroom Name - ):
In This Chatroom... blackgreenrose, PenceyPrep

blackgreenrose - Is this about that kiss we were talking about?
PenceyPrep - Not exactly
blackgreenrose - Well if you don't wanna kiss me, I should just lay off
PenceyPrep - ... What do you mean?
blackgreenrose - It was mean of me to keep pressuring you about it
PenceyPrep - Oh. It's okay
blackgreenrose - So, what do you wanna talk about? :)
PenceyPrep - ... If I did a bad thing, would you be mad at me? Even if I said sorry over and over again?
blackgreenrose - ... You didn't cheat on me did you?
PenceyPrep - WHAT!? NO! I would never do that to you! Just in general purposes I mean
blackgreenrose - Oh. Well I s'pose it depends on what you did
PenceyPrep - Well, what if someone told me that unless I broke up with you, they'd tell you I did this made up bad thing?
blackgreenrose - ... I think I'd want you to tell me what you did and tell me about this person and I'd think about it and see if it was so bad that it was worth hiding. If it was really bad, I'd dump you
PenceyPrep - ... You would?
blackgreenrose - I'm sorry Frank, but I can't lie
PenceyPrep - Well, thanks for being honest
blackgreenrose - Is there anything else you wanted to say?
PenceyPrep - Yeah. I don't think this relationship is working for us
blackgreenrose - ... You're breaking up with me?
PenceyPrep - ... Yeah
blackgreenrose - ... What bad thing did you do?
PenceyPrep - What?
blackgreenrose - Frank, I'm not an idiot, CONFESS
blackgreenrose - Well fine! Keep it a secret because I don't even care!
PenceyPrep - You're acting a little immature
blackgreenrose - What do YOU care, I'M NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE!
Goodbye blackgreenrose, Thank You For Chatting
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