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Chapter 27: Octavia!

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Chap 27: "Octavia!"

After the professor introduced Octavia, every body had her in their grasp, surrounding her with questions that Octavia had the answers to. Mayumi stood out side of the kitchen, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed as she listened to everybody ask questions about Octavia, just like how they did when she was new.

"Like, where are you from?" Kitty asked as Octavia just kept smiling, sunk in her chair with her arms crossed, staring at the door, knowing that Mayumi was listening.

"Can't say." She said mysteriously. "What's your super power?" Leppy asked, happy that she finally got to ask her question.

"I'm an aura manipulator." She said proudly. "Uh... What?" She asked. Octavia frowned. "I can create my own weapons out of think air." She stated rudely, but Leppy didn't seam to notice.

"What do you like to do for fun?" Tabitha asked.

"To kill people..." She said simply, being strait forward as everybody went silent, staring at her in surprise, and with in a minute they all burst out into laughter.

"Do you like to play games?" Amara asked, hoping that she probably liked to do sports.

"Oh, I LOVE games." She said as they all smiled. "What kind of games?" They all asked in unison as she stood up and stared Amara in the eyes.

"Murder in the Dark." Amara's eyes widened as everybody went silent again, seconds later started to laugh again.

(Thats actually a game. Its really creepy, but you need ALOT of people :p)

Octavia smiled again and walked through the crowd, not liking the attention as she tried to get away. She walked silently, as if she where walking on thin air. She opened the door as Mayumi's eyes quickly turning away from hers, goose bumps shivering up her arms. She waited, wishing that Octavia would just leave the mansion all together, but sadly she lived here, near her and near her friends. After a moment Mayumi finally looked back up to see if Octavia was gone, but instead, she was standing right in front of her, staring at her with amusement.

Mayumi glared. "What?" She snapped. Silence. Mayumi waited for a response, when suddenly, out of no where, Octavia's fist met Mayumi's cheek, everything suddenly going black and white.

Mayumi hit the wall as she held her cheek in surprise, her eyes as wide as saucers. Mayumi could feel the air go cold, when suddenly she lost control of her body, and quickly, she lashed her self as Octavia, punching her in the face as she fell back wards. Mayumi quickly jumped on top and began hitting as hard as she could, when she suddenly realized what she did and stopped.

"Somebody help!" Octavia cried. "Get off of me you creep! Somebody help me, please!" Everybody ran in and stared at Mayumi in surprise.

"Mayumi, what are you doing! Get off of her!" Leppy grabbed Mayumi's shoulder as she stood up, her skin pale and her eyes wide.

"I-I..." Leppy stopped her. "What where you thinking?" She yelled. "I know you dont like her but that no reason to just go off on her!" She snapped.

"No, its not like that, she-" ... - ... "What happened here?"

Mayumi went stiff as she gasped. She slowly she turned around to see the professor coming in and glairing at everybody, her jaw dropping. She to her side to see everybody helping Octavia stand, pretend tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Mayumi just like, totally attacked the new girl." Kitty blamed.

"What? No, professor, its not like that. She was staring at me and-" Kitty interrupted.

"So that's like, a reason to attack somebody!" She stated rudely. "No, I just..." Nobody cared, and nobody listened.

"Octavia, what happened?" The professor asked.

"I-I don't know..." She stuttered. "I was just walking bye when suddenly she attacked me!" She sobbed. (Faker! -_- )

"Mayumi, what happened?" Professor asked again, to just make sure that both stories where the same.

"She attacked me first, I was using self defense!" Mayumi deafened.

"Is this true Octavia?" Everybody stared at her, curious to know what really happened.

"Oh, yeah, I just decided to walk up to her and punch her in the face." She said sarcastically as Jean walked in.

"She's not lying." Jean explained. (If you think about it, it is the truth.)

"What! Guys, yaw know me! Why on Earth would I just attack her for no reason?" Every body looked away in sadness.

"Well..." Leppy said. "From the very moment you saw her at school, you didn't really like her." she said in disappointment and sadness.

"Mayumi, what EXACTLY happened?" The professor demanded as Octavia just stayed on the floor, pretending to be in pain.

"Well... She didn't exactly lie..." Every body huffed.

Mayumi meant to say that she did just punch her for no reason, but she was never good at defending her self after something dramatic like this. Her sister was usually there to help her, to really defend her.

"See!" Octavia wined.

Mayumi could see through her act. 'Why on Earth was she doing this?' Mayumi thought. 'First she's scary and now she's acting like a lost and hurt puppy! What the hell's her plan?'

Octavia was walked out by Leppy and Kitty, her arms wrapped around there necks as she smiled. Mayumi's mouth dropped as her arms hung low, her mind blank. The professor stayed behind as a he did a speech, Mayumi just sitting and listening. She tried to explain, but for some reason, she couldn't. About an hour latter she was finally released, her punishment worse than she thought, cleaning the danger room after Logan's setion AND clean the black bird.

Mayumi walked down the hall as her long brown hair fallowed from behind as she came to an opened door, two shadows to be seen as Kurts voice was to be heard.

"I don't think Mayumi vould just hit any-vody on purpose, she's to... To good." He said, a smile crossing her lips.

"Oh Kurt, your so loyal." Mayumi's eyes widened. She walked in to see Kurt standing next to a table and Octavia sitting on the table, her hands wrapped around his caller as she pulled him closer.

"How about you be a little more loyal to somebody else?" She said, staring him in the eyes as his eyes widened, his thought dry.

"I-I uh..." He stuttered.

Mayumi did a fake calf as Kurt glanced back, Mayumi's armed crossed as she stood in the middle of the door, leaning on the edge with a deadly glare. Octavia frowned.

"I better get to bed." She said, returning a glair back to Mayumi. "See you latter Kurt." She said with a smile, brushing her figner under his chin as she walked off, smiling at Mayumi and out the door.

"What was that about?" Mayumi asked as he began to rub the back of his neck.

"Uh, nothing! Ve vhere just talking, zats all." Mayumi rolled her eyes,

"Yeah right." Mayumi turned around with a huff, and walked out the door, her arms crossed and her nose in the air, Kurts mouth dropping.

"Crap..." He murmured, quickly running out the door and after her, his blue hair fluffing about.
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