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The Return of The Brian

Category: Humor - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Humor - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-12-13 - Updated: 2010-12-13 - 175 words - Complete

And it came to pass that Something didst burn for a week in the Box before the God of Evil didst come down unto Odnoh Land and didst let Something out after exacting a promise that he be his butler for a week.

‘I am supposed to be immortal,’ quoth Something, ‘so how the flying fuck didst I die?’

‘I am very sorry,’ spake the God of Stupidity, ‘I forgot thou art immortal.’

For in Matt’s absence, he had hired administrators, which both the God of Fish Sticks and Count Chocula™ had expressly forbidden, and since then everything hath gone to hell, including… well, Hell.

‘So by forgetting I was immortal, thou couldst allow me to die…’ quoth Something. ‘What else hast thou forgotten lately?’

‘I… don’t know…’ spake the God of Hawai’ian Shirts. ‘This is terribly wrong…’

‘Damn straight!’

‘…And now I shall fix it,’ spake the God of Humor.

And Derrick didst zap Something back one hundred years into past and didst trap him in a huge black stone monolith…
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