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When things are on a high, something always has to bring you crashing back to reality...

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Spending a night in a hotel was a welcome break, for everyone and the all left the hotels invigorated, and with a new supply of energy. Gerard however had some difficulty prying Amelia away from the large bed with feather pillows and a feather duvet, but after finding ice in the freezer, he had succeeded in his task.

Amelia, in the short while she had been there had come to like England, despite the gloomy almost constantly overcast weather. She liked most of all however, the bed she had slept in dubbing it ‘padded heaven’ compared to the bunks she spent most of her time sleeping in.

“I think, we should go out for lunch. We don’t have to be anywhere ‘til like, three…” Gerard suggested wrapping an arm around Amelia’s waste as they stood alone in the hotel elevator.

“That would be nice,” she said with a smile, turning to plant a quick kiss on his lips before the doors pinged open.

Gerard texted his brother informing him where he was going to be, and not to wait up for him, and Amelia did the same as they left the hotel, depositing their luggage in the buses before walking down the street hand in hand, hoods up, sunglasses covering eyes.

Somehow, one teenage girl recognized Gerard, clad in black skinny-jeans, and an MCR hoodie it was hardly surprising really. She was nice though, not crazy just wanted a photo and something signed. Amelia took the photo with a smile, Gerard removed his sunglasses for the picture but put them straight back on. The girl thanked them before walking off in the opposite direction.

“I really fancy pizza,” Amelia stated out of the blue.

Gerard let out a slight laugh “We’ll get pizza then sugar,” he said with a smile.

It took them around half an hour to find a pizza place that wasn’t overflowing with people and was void of teenage girls. They took a seat in the corner furthest from view and looked over the menu, ordering a large pizza together half of it was topped with pepperoni, and the other ham and pineapple ( I am really hungry for pizza now).

They finished in no rush, and sat around speaking for a while before they paid, then got a taxi back to the venue, making it back with twenty minutes until the sound check.

Despite nerves the show that night went amazingly well. Amelia was happy as she walked off stage, pecking her boyfriend on the lips before making her way back to her bus, she wanted to stay and watch but she had stuff to sort out.

The bus had been cleaned in their absence, and now smelled clean and nice, as opposed to before, it had just smelled like confined man, and believe me, that is not a good smell. She sighed gently, taking a couple of empty beer cans outside and dumping them in a large bin, though she disliked it, she played the typical woman, and usually cleared up their mess.

Upon returning she checked the whole bus, finding nothing more of theirs to clear up, she proceeded to check through her many emails, and decline thirty five Facebook friend requests. That was one thing that annoyed her, people would add her as a friend, some would try over and over again, it got tedious and annoying.

She sent an email to Chrissie, and another friend of hers, then to her mother and logged off, before plugging her i-pod into charge.

Surprisingly, all of this took just over an hour and so she decided to take a little rest. Then she noticed that the bus was vacant, the boys were no-where to be seen, she raised an eyebrow and mumbled something to herself before proceeding to lie on the sofa and close her eyes.

She was awoken, and hour or so later to the door slamming closed, she sat up abruptly and looked to see an obviously drunk Zac looking drowsy.

“Zac what the fuck, how much have you had to drink?” Amelia hissed a whisper, causing Zac to look down at her and grin, his eyes half closed.

“Only a few,” he stumbled over his own words, rarely did he get drunk like this, and Amelia hated this side of him, even more than his regular side.

“Go to bed,” she grumbled standing up and stretching.

“Only if you come with me,” he purred, he was pressed against her in a second, pinning her against the kitchen worktop…Thing.

“Zac, fuck off,” she growled, attempting to shove him away but he wouldn’t budge.

“No no, hear me out,” he slurred in her ear, speaking louder than was necessary.

“If I hear you out, will you fuck off?” she ground her teeth.

“Maybe,” he cooed.

“Then fire away,” she sighed.

“I…I never stopped loving you,” he whispered, his alcoholic breath travelled across her neck, causing her to shiver, and not in a good way.

“Zac, you’re drunk, just go to sleep,” she tried to push him away, but he held still, like a wall.

“Tell me you love me,” he almost growled, sounding…Angry?

“No, because I don’t,” she stated bluntly.

“I know you do, you’re only with that light bulb to make me jealous,” his voice held more anger.

“No, you know what I love him, I don’t Love…” she was cut off by his lips, slamming harshly onto her own, she pushed furiously against his chest, and tried to move but to no avail, he continued his attack with his lips and tongue, even though she gave him nothing in return.

“Amelia I…” That voice, the one she longed to hear cut the silence. But she expected some form of help… “Well, this is nice,” Gerard growled before slamming the door and walking away.

Amelia mustered up all the force she could, shoving him with strength she didn’t know she had whilst screaming “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME,” tears immediately springing to her eyes as she rushed toward the door, tripping down the stairs and falling, but getting straight back up and running to the man she loved.

“Gerard It’s not what…”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure it is, you know what it looked like, you making out with your ex, correct me if I’m wrong,” he spun around and spat the words at her, angrily.

“No, he was drunk, I couldn’t…”

“You couldn’t push him away? Or didn’t want to?” he growled his voice low, but firm and angry.

“You’re not giving me a chance to explain I…” she was crying now, warm tears flooded over her eyes and wet her face.

“What needs to be explained, I saw it all with my own two eyes,” his voice was cold now, but she was tense, his whole body was like a spring under tension.

“Maybe what you saw, wasn’t the whole story. If you’d just give me a…”

“A chance? Hmph, just get out of my sight,” his voice was still just as cold and bitter as before, Amelia dared to steal a glance at his eyes, they themselves were pretty cold, with that little glimmer that comes before tears.

She choked out a sob, and wiped her eyes as he turned away “What can I do!? You won’t let me explain, you won’t even give me a fucking chance to tell you it wasn’t my fault, there was nothing I could do,” she screamed after him, falling onto her knees in the spot he left her. He stopped, for just a moment and looked at her, face in hands kneeling on the floor sobbing and his heart ached, but his pride got the better of him, and even as he felt rain on his face, he continued to walk away.

She just knelt, never moving, the tears never stopping, but soon the rain fell hard and they washed the tears away, but still they would not stop, not even when she felt a jacket being placed over her shoulders.

“C’mon girlie, we need to get you inside,” her brothers voice, calm and soothing as he pulled her off the ground and directed her into the bus.

“Amelia I…” Zac’s voice.

“Get away from, I never want to lay eyes on you ever again,” she growled, at him her eyes filled with rage as she made eye contact with him.

“Dry yourself off, and sleep it off, we’ll make dick-face sleep out here, so you don’t have to be anywhere near him,” Milo stated calmly rubbing her shoulders.

“I don’t know what to do,” she cried as she flung her arms around him, sobbing into his chest. He stroked her hair, and whispered soothing words to her, it broke his heart seeing his little sisters heart being smashed to pieces before him, and he knew Gerard was special, for she had never reacted this bad ever before. So he just rubbed her back and rested his chin atop her head as sadness washed over the whole bus, even Zac stood at the doorway, his head resting on the frame, a million thoughts of how much he had fucked up running through his mind, what started as a joke, ended up being took way too far…

This chapter was quite hard to write, I actually got retty emotional myself, thoughts?
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