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The Long Haul.

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A long flight had to be filled with something mildly interesting to do ;)

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Amelia looked up at the airplane her eyes slightly wide as she climbed the stairs into the big white sky-bus, clutching her shoulder bag so tightly her knuckles were white. She looked around her, Zac and Milo were laughing, Sam was texting and Frank was shoving some kind of food into his mouth. One or two people she recognised as tour staff were tiredly stepping through the door, and Gerard hastily finished a cigarette, flicking it over the side of the stairs, gaining a slight glare from an air hostess at the door.

“It’ll be fine Sugar,” he stated softly, putting his hand around Amelia’s waist and giving it a slight squeeze. He walked past the airline staff, with a smug grin on his face for some reason as he pulled Amelia into the first class area of the plane.

They took their seats, in the middle row in front of Mikey, Ray and Frank, and behind Milo, Zac and Sam, Frank sat next to Gerard, the rest of the tour staff sat in various places around them.

“How long is this flight?” Frank questioned as he pulled on his safety belt.

“I dunno…” Gerard trailed off.

“About ten hours,” Piped up the merch girl, who sat on Frank’s right, separated by an aisle.

“Thanks…Urm..?” Frank began, before remembering he didn’t know this girl’s name.

“Emily,” she said with a smile, before turning to her pink I-pod and placing the headphones in her ears.

“Well, I might as well say good bye to all feeling in my ass,” Frank muttered, shifting in his seat slightly. “Join me in this sad moment,” he said looking around to Gerard.

“Why? I can still feel your ass if I want,” Gerard stated with a smirk, causing Amelia to let out a slight, nervous laugh.

“I’m going to put my headphones in, ok?” she said quietly to Gerard, who smiled, nodded and reached down to capture her lips in a quick, sweet kiss, before securing his arm around her shoulder.

Little over an hour later, after Amelia almost having a panic attack, the plane was safely in the air. Amelia was now fine, but the stewardess had given her a brown paper bag in case the ‘almost panic attack’ returned.

Despite this, Amelia had quickly decided she hated the stewardess; she was fake bleached blonde hair, a fake smile, a fake laugh and Amelia had also noted the bright pink false nails she adorned, this and she was flirting outrageously with Gerard, and Frank…And Ray, Bob, Mikey, Milo, Zac, Sam and pretty much anything that was male.

“Here are your, oh shoot!” she ‘tripped’ sending a cup of cola flying into Gee’s lap. “Just let me…” she began dabbing a towel (Where did that come from!?) Dangerously close to Gerard’s groin.

“I’ll do it. Just get us some more drinks,” Amelia snapped, snatching the towel and glaring at the woman. Gerard; now looked very uncomfortable, as Amelia continued to finish the job of cleaning his soaked jeans.

“Urr…I need to, use the toilet,” Gerard stated a minute or so later, his voice tense. Amelia watched a confused look on her face as he shot up, and dashed toward the toilet, causing Frank to grin.

“Ahem, I think you should err, follow him,” Frank leaned over and whispered to Amelia, who glared at him slightly, but upon checking there were no airline staff around, did indeed follow the singer.

She knocked on the door. “Gee, it’s me,” She said her voice low, as a member of the tour staff gave her a slight smirk, and raised his eyebrows, a look of knowing on his face. She heard the lock click, the door opened slightly and she slipped in, locking the door behind her.

He gave her no chance to speak before her pressed his lips hungrily to hers, pushing her to the only patch of bare wall and proceeding to trail kisses and nips down her neck. She let out a low moan, as she gripped the sink with one hand.

Gerard pressed his finger to his lips, and smirked devilishly before continuing.

A short while later, Amelia exited the bathroom a smug, content look on her face as she walked back to her seat and sat down. Gerard exited moments later to be greeted by an older stewardess.

“This isn’t a motel,” she stated sourly, her hands on her hips.

“Sure,” Gerard stated, a cocky smirk on his face. (Anyone seen ‘Red Eye?’ yeah, reference there, if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you watch it, it’s awesome!)

“I’m disowning you as a brother,” Mikey stated, a look of concern on his face.

“Shuddup Michael,” Gerard stated with a grin, as he took his seat.

“High-five me on that mother-bitch,” Frank said with a grin, holding his hand out, then pulling it back “On second thoughts, just…No,” he said.

“What is everyone’s problem? We were just reading a book,” Amelia stated, a look of seriousness on her face.

“Good book?” Milo called from his seat, amusement clear in his tone.

“Best I’ve ever read,” Amelia stated, her serious look faltering as she smirked at Gerard.

“Can I get you anything?” The Air hostess questioned her voice sickly sweet (and fake) as she walked over.

“Yeah, what happened to those drinks?” Amelia looked up at the woman who glared down at her.

“I’ll just get those,” Her voice now held a hint of malice, before she turned and walked away.

“You don’t like her, do you?” Gerard stated, more than questioned.

“She’s throwing herself at everyone like a whore, I dislike that trait in a person,” Amelia stated, “You know what, I have never craved a post sex…Um, book reading smoke, more than I do now,” she added, with a slight scowl.

“I noticed that, and yeah same,” Gerard stated.

“I really fancy some grapes,” was Frank’s only input on the conversation.

“Your drinks,” The stewardess stated bluntly, as she placed everyone’s drinks on the little tables by their chairs, before strutting off.

“I swear, her ass moves anymore and she might just pop a hip,” Amelia stated.

“Why were you looking?” Ray leaned forward and questioned.

“She swings both ways,” Zac turned around and winked, before returning to whatever it was he was doing. This gained her several looks of confusion.

“Zac!” Amelia scolded, exclaiming quite loudly as Zac snickered.

Gerard raised a sceptical eyebrow, a slight smirk on his face.

“Don’t give me that look,” Amelia stated bluntly, looking down to her bag, and pulling out her I-pod. “Seriously, quit it with the eyebrow,” she said, as he continued to look.

Then Frank joined in. She flipped them both her middle finger before securing her headphones in her ear, turning the volume up, and drowning out their idiocy with her shuffle, which had currently settled on Green Day.

Ignoring the two of them proved easier than she had first anticipated, after a few minutes they had given up, and settle to talking to each other. So, after an hour of getting lost in her music, she took the headphones out and turned off her beloved music machine.

She got up, and Gerard looked at her questioningly.

“Basic human needs, girl gotta piss,” she stated as she made her way to the bathroom.

She settled down in her seat a few minutes later and yawned, stretching out her arms making a muffled “mmm” noise as she got herself comfortable.

“So now you’re sleeping? Am I ever going to get any intelligent conversation out of you, you’re just gonna leave me with this…well, this,” Gerard remarked, beckoning to Frank at the end of his sentence.

“You did perfectly fine without me for the past thirty years, ‘that’ will have to amuse you a little longer, while I get some beauty sleep,” she stated, tilting the seat back so she was more comfortable.

“I can hear you, y’know,” Frank glared playfully at the two of them.

She heard Gerard mumble something, then kiss her gently on the forehead as she closed her eyes, before an unbroken, blissful and dreamless sleep took hold of her.

She woke up with a start as she felt her ‘pillow’ move.

“You drooled on me, you animal,” her pillow spoke and sounded remarkably like her boyfriend.

She sat up noticed she had indeed left a slight wet patch on ‘her pillow’s’ shoulder, but also noticed she had been wrapped in a rather warm fleecy white blanket. She stretched a bit, before looking around, her eyes drowsy.

“How long was sleeping?” her voice was husky, and tired sounding.

“Only about, four hours, I’ve honestly never been so bored in my life these inflight movies are terrible!” Gerard whined.

“Quit whining, why didn’t you amuse yourself by poking Frank or something?” she grumbled through a yawn.

“Poking Frank got boring about six years ago,” he stated, pouting like a child, deprived of what it wanted.

“Poking Frank got annoying six years ago,” Frank stated, poking his head out from beside Gerard.

“Amelia, can I borrow your I-pod? Mine has died a horrific and painful, yet brave and beautiful death, it will go down in history as a hero,” Sam turned around, pulling his best puppy eyes as he looked at Amelia. She couldn’t resist that face, and Sam knew it and so smiled triumphantly as Amelia ploughed through her bag and handed him her baby…Urm, I-pod.

“Break her, I break you,” she stated, no hint of any joking tone in her voice.

“Thank you Amy,” he grinned as he switched it on. He listened to much the same music as her, only he had more of a thing for older bands, where-as she tended to listen to more modern ones. Nether-the-less, she still had a massive variety, which suited his taste more than he cared to admit.

She settled herself down to a book she had purchased before they got on the plane, she had bought two books at the airport, both more different than you could imagine. One was called ‘Eragon’ she wouldn’t necessarily have struck anyone as the sort of person to read a book such as that, but the truth was, she really loved the fantasy genre, and ever since she was tiny had thought the prospect of dragons, was ‘awesome.’ The other book was called ‘Twilight’ another thing she loved, vampires, and the thought of them being intertwined into everyday society fascinated her, and so she felt she simply had to buy it.

It was the latter of the two that she settled down to reading.

Gerard looked miserable as he settled to watching another inflight movie. His bored features looked blank as he stared at the small screen in the seat before him, headphones in.

A few minutes later, Amelia looked round to him, and then smiled pulling out one of his headphones. “You look like someone slapped you in the face with a wet fish,” she stated with a giggle, folding over the page of the book she was reading and placing it in her bag.

He looked at her “are you going to talk now?” he questioned, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“I suppose I could…” she said with a playful grin.

And they chatted, aimlessly for the three or so hours that remained of the flight, Frank joined in and the people around them would occasionally have their say even Emily, the merch girl joined in at one point. They ended up playing a question game of sort, where they would have to answer truthfully, they weren’t serious questions, but funny ones, and there was a large topic of conversation that centred on Mikey, and toasters.

Amelia took in a deep breath as she exited the plane; fresh air was like the Holy Grail. But god was it cold, she had heard rumours about this tiny island, but nothing compared to actually feeling it. Well, it wasn’t too cold, but she had hoped it would be warmer than it actually was… She smiled as she remembered they were staying in a hotel that night, and she intertwined her fingers with Gerard’s as she made her way down the steps of the plane.

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