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Google Tells All.

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A couple of weeks after the ‘sex on the bus’ incident as it had been named, they arrived in Oakland. Literally a couple of days later they would all be on a plane, heading towards Europe, for the second leg of the tour.

Amelia was drained of all energy in the day, but after re-fuelling on thousands of cups of coffee, by performance time came along, she was buzzing due to the wonders of caffeine. She was also pretty nervous about going to Britain, she had never been on a plane, and the prospect was very daunting.

And, to top it all off one of the three men she resided with on her bus, had stolen her eye liner, and when she exited the bus to enter the venue, she dragged her feet along mumbling incoherently about how someone was about to die soon. She cheered up slightly as she felt a pair of familiar arms snake around her waist; she could smell the smell that only he possessed. She turned her head, to gaze at him out of the corner of her tired eyes, a small smile creeping across her lips.

“Morning sugar,” Gerard whispered as he placed a kiss randomly on the side of her face. “You look pissed, ‘sup?” he questioned.

She turned around, a serious expression replacing her smile as she looked up at him, before whining: “Someone stole my eyeliner” dragging out the final word to express her annoyance yet more. Gerard snorted slightly.

“That it?” he said with a smile as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“That it? This is a disaster!?” she cried, over exaggerating, and smiling slightly as they began walking. She smiled at Mikey as he walked past.

Mikey had expressed his feelings openly, and very loudly about the ‘sex on the bus’ incident, claiming his innocence had been stolen, when Frank kindly reminded him that he had walked in on Mikey and a female in the past. Instantly, this shut Mikey up. But, he carried on the next day whining about how he could’ve had an asthma attack, Gerard laughed and said “Well, you didn’t wheezy” which had Frank, Ray and Bob in stitches, well Bob not so much, but there was a snicker.

Frank would simply make joke upon joke about the whole situation, whenever he was out of comebacks, he would always turn to it for comfort, which both Amelia and Gerard had nothing on, nothing they could say back. Little bugger.

News had quickly travelled to Milo, Zac and Sam as well. So Amelia had it from all directions, even Sam started to join in. Milo was the worst, and Zac would sometimes go too far with it, but overall it was all quite funny, and it taught them to be more discreet, more…Secretive about it.

Later that day, the show itself went well, Amelia took her chance to watch from the side. She had no idea where their boundless energy came from, but she enjoyed watching them, well she enjoyed watching Gerard.

Her and Gerard had made small internet chatter, they had been seen together and photographed by fans a couple of times which had sparked up questions and rumours but nothing solid. Then somehow, a picture of the two of them locked in a kiss that blatantly wasn’t just friendly circulated. This didn’t bother either of them, merely confused them, as to how the picture was taken.

She grinned as she heard Gerard shout his goodbyes to the screaming crowd, and her smile broadened as he walked her way, jacket undone, sweaty and tired. He didn’t say a word to her as he wrapped his arms around her waist and craned his neck down to take her lips with a hungry, passionate kiss. She snaked her arms around his neck, grabbing his short hair with one hand and gripping the back of his neck with the other.

“I don’t think you should eat each other to be honest,” Frank appeared, his face close to theirs, causing them to pull away, and Amelia to scowl at him.

“Hey, Frankie,” she whispered taking one of her hands and putting one slender finger under his chin, lifting it slightly.

“Yeah,” he said eagerly.

“Get the fuck out,” she growled, putting her whole hand over his face, and pushing him away, causing him to pout, Gerard just laughed, and claimed Amelia’s lips for a few more seconds before resting his forehead on hers.

“Stay with me tonight?” he questioned quietly, as Frank began walking away.

“Anytime, sweetness,” she said with a smile, playfully licking his nose before breaking away with a grin, and jumping on an unsuspecting Frank, he yelped.

“Get off me, you’re fat!” he exclaimed, pretending to trip, and then actually falling over, face-planting the floor with an odd sort of grace. He groaned and Amelia laughed, deciding to stay on top of a whining Frank, as Gerard simply shook his head and smiled, pulling out a cigarette. They gained odd looks as the remaining members of the band joined them, staring blankly at the scene before them.

“What was that?!” Amelia playfully growled, straddling Frank’s back, and grabbing a fistful of his hair, and pulling his head up.

“OW, ow ouch. You’re not fat,” he winced.

“Good boy,” she let go of his hair, and patted his head, standing up. She was greeted by a lit cigarette; she smiled graciously at Gerard and took it.

She quickly texted her brother, informing him she wouldn’t be returning to their bus that night, then walked with Gerard and the guys toward their bus.

Amelia stole a pair of Gerard’s Boxers, and a large T-Shirt from the box of Merch stashed under the table to sleep in, it was a rather comfortable outfit she thought. She then managed to persuade Mikey to lend her his laptop for half an hour and with a constant supply of cigarettes and a bus full of amazing yet, in her mind retarded people, she was content.

She checked her Myspace, ignored most of her messages, replying only to Chrissie, and another friend. Then her emails, she replied to her mother a couple of friends, and binned the rest. Nothing interesting, then she decided to Google herself.

She was surprised to see her band now had a Wikipedia page; she looked over it then returned. But what she saw wasn’t too pleasant, there was one website with the picture of her and Gerard kissing, it had a fair few comments. Most of them however, weren’t nice; in fact the basics were ‘She’s a whore.’ Amelia accepted that she shouldn’t let it get to her, but she closed down everything in silence, handed Mikey his laptop and stood up without a word, moving into the vacant bunks and slipping into Gerard’s unmade bed, where she hugged her knees and rested her face on them, leaving in her wake five completely confused faces.

Moments later she heard the door open, she didn’t look up not even when she felt the weight on the bed shift and an arm snake around her shoulder, she just let silent tears fall.

“Sugar, there’s a reason you don’t read that shit,” came Gerard’s calm soothing voice as he stroked her arm slightly, she didn’t reply “C’mon, cheer up. They don’t know shit,” he said, leaning forward and kissing her hair. She looked up, round at him and then buried her face in his chest.

“How’d you know?” she sniffled into his chest.

“Mikey figured it was something on the laptop, and checked his history, found it straight away,” Gerard said, wrapping his other arm around her.

“I just don’t get it,” she whined slightly.

“Jealousy, I suppose I don’t really get it either, I’m not that great,” he said with a slight laugh.

“Are you kidding me, you’re amazing,” she said looking up at him.

“Thanks sugar,” he kissed her forehead. “And so are you, don’t listen to any of that bullshit,” he added.

“I shouldn’t, but you know I suppose, I’m tired and everything is just getting on top of me,” she said, wiping her face with her hands.

“Let’s go to sleep, yeah?” he questioned, receiving a nod. He released her, got up walked to the door, which he opened and poked his head through. “We’re going to bed,” he stated to the guys.

“She ok?” Mikey’s voice.
“Yeah, she’ll be fine,” Gerard said, “Please don’t make a shitload of noise when you come to bed, I’ll kill you,” he added, you could hear a smirk in his voice.

After a couple of minutes she felt him slip into the bed next to her, and his arm wrap around her waist.

“You feel any better?” he whispered into her hair, giving her a small kiss on the top of her head.

“Not really, but I’ll get over myself,” she mumbled, snuggling into his warmth.

“I’m sure there’s more good stuff than bad, I mean you and the guys are awesome. There are people out there who appreciate you for your music, loads of people,” he comforted her, speaking gently and quietly.

“Yeah,” she said slightly sleepily, closing her eyes “G’night Gee,” she said as she began to try and sleep.

“Night, sugar,” he answered.

Sorry, it’s pretty short by my standards, and kind of like a filler chapter…It’s that time at school when homework becomes a bitch, now I’m older I get yet more, and I actually need to do this, unlike in previous years. D;
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